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Women’s Orthopedic Slip On Shoes

Find Out About The Difference Between An Orthotic And An Orthopedic Shoe So You Can Make A Smart Choice When Shopping For Your Next Pair

Women’s orthopedic slip on shoes

Foot pain can come with a long list of expensesfrom doctors visits to custom orthotics. Many podiatrists also recommend supportive, comfortable orthopedic shoes for men and women to help maintain and treat a wide variety of foot conditions.

So whats the difference between orthotics and orthopedic shoes? Lets break it down.

Orthotics: Orthotics are a pre-made or custom-built shoe insert designed to relieve pain or pressure from foot conditions or gait abnormalities.

Orthopedic shoes: Orthopedic shoes are footwear designed to help support or correct the natural biomechanics of the body. Orthopedic walking shoes are made to help relieve pain, improve alignment, and offer support for foot conditions.

With KURU, you can get the best of both words in one shoe. Every pair of shoes we make comes with our signature built-in technology so you dont have to worry about spending extra money on expensive orthotics.

Youll just get Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

How Do You Know If You Need Orthopedic Shoes

“The most common reason we prescribe orthopedic shoes is for foot deformity or ‘at risk’ feet,” explains holistic podiatrist Robert Kornfeld, DPM. “Patients with diabetes and non-diabetics with peripheral vascular disease and peripheral neuropathy are considered at risk.”

Still, even if those conditions don’t apply to you, you may want to consider a pair of shoes that is designed to offer support and alleviate pain. Or you might simply need a pair that can accommodate a custom orthotic, which is an insert that works to bring your foot into alignment.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of off-the-shelf shoes out there that label themselves as orthopedic but might not be a total fit for your needs. “An authentic orthopedic shoe is fabricated off a cast of the patient, so all of the anatomy and contour is considered in the construction of the shoe,” Kornfeld explains. “There are companies who claim to make ‘orthopedic shoes’ that supposedly put the foot in its proper anatomical position for function, but there are too many variations in foot structure and function for me to feel confident that they would be fine for my patients.”

The orthopedic shoes on our list are a great starting point for addressing foot pain on their own or with the help of an orthotic insert. But if you’re hoping to get a better understanding of your own specific footwear needs, it’s best to see a podiatrist to get to the root of the problemespecially if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Womens Orthopedic Sneakers & Walking Shoes

Ames Walker offers a large assortment of womens orthopedic sneakers and walking shoes created specifically for proper foot health. Our low-price selection features shoes designed by trusted leading brands for advanced support, made with the highest quality materials. From orthopedic tennis shoes to slip-on slide shoes, youll find a multitude of styles in a wide range of sizes and widths. Our orthopedic sneakers for women offer features like deep toe-boxes, cushioning, and protective padding for maximum comfort. Whether you have diabetic feet, heel spurs, swollen feet, or other conditions, dont let that keep you from doing what you love. From walking in the park to running a marathon, take the next step in your journey to healthy, happy feet with our womens orthopedic walking shoes and running shoes.

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How Do I Choose Orthopedic Shoes

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing orthopedic shoes. The most important factor is the level of support the shoes provide. If you have high arches or require more support than standard shoes, then you may want to look for orthopedic shoes. Additionally, it’s important to choose shoes that fit well and provide adequate support. If your feet are too wide or too small for standard shoes, then you may want to try orthopedic shoes.

Orthofeet Womens Sierra Shoes


Best Orthopedic Shoes for Ankle Pain

  • Sizes: 5 to 12, regular to extra wide
  • Special Features: Arch support, gel cushioning, removable insert for custom orthotics, ankle support

These Orthofeet orthopedic shoes provide arch support, gel cushioning and extra foam padding. Covered in a wool blend material, they are great for colder temps. If you do have a custom insert, you can add them to these shoes, since the insoles are removable. Fits great, comfortable for bunions and great arch support. Wore all day lots of time on feet and walking end of day feet did not hurt! And, not only comfortable, but really attractive footwear well constructed and good material used for uppers and soles, writes one reviewer.

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Five Signs You Need Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes may be needed if you experience the following signs:

1. You have swelling or pain in either foot: This may be experienced from doing simple everyday activities such as standing or walking.

2. You feel a sharp pain in your heel: This is especially true if you feel sharp heel pain first thing in the morning, which may indicate plantar fasciitis.

3. You have a high arch or flat foot: People who suffer from these conditions may experience inward rolling feet as well as arch pain.

4. You have problems with balance: Having collapsed arches may occur in older adults, leading to problems in balance.

5. You notice that your shoes are uneven when worn: The soles of your ortho shoes are more worn on one side or the other.

What To Look For In Orthopedic Shoes

Both men and women can benefit from a pair of orthopedic shoes. Below are features to look out for in a good pair:

1. Ensure that there is at least a quarter to half an inch of space between the end of the shoe and your longest toe.

2. Ensure that there is enough room in the toe box that your feet arent rubbing against the inside of the shoe, but also that theyre not too loose and slip off.

3. Look for a pair that matches your level of comfort.

4. Inspect the inside of the shoes to see if there are any materials, seams, or tags that could irritate the foot, and look for a pair that will care for your feet.

5. Examine the soles of the shoe and ensure that they are sturdy enough to protect you from sharp objects.

Be sure to look for a pair that suits your needs and feels comfortable, rather than trusting the measurements, especially since one foot can be bigger than the other.

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Pioneering Patented Technology Engineered For Pain Reliefwith Superior Style

Imagine an orthopedic shoe that doesnt look like one.

Our mission at KURU is to help eliminate foot pain to keep you doing what you lovein style.

Weve designed some of the best orthopedic shoes for women and men that feature our pain-relieving technology in every pair we make. That means you dont have to spend extra money on expensive orthotics or aftermarket inserts.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis or flat feet, need a diabetic shoe, want a supportive flip-flop, or need a wide toe box, KURUs line of stylish orthopedic shoes are made with the support and cushion to relieve pain and keep you moving.

Fernlern Steel Toe Safety Shoe

Spenco Orthotic Leather Slip-On Shoes – Malibu on QVC

Best Womens Orthopedic Safety Shoes

  • Colors: 14 color options
  • Special Features: Steel toe offers protection, ultra cushioned, shock-absorbing sole, ankle support

These slip-on steel toe shoes are one of the top-selling safety shoes on Amazon. Not only do they offer protection, but meet ASTM standards for impact. They also feature an ultra cushioned, shock-absorbing sole and ankle support. One of the many fans on Amazon writes that the shoes cured her plantar fasciitis. I thought I had it from walking on concrete floors for all these years, but after wearing these I havent had any pain since! They are so comfortable and easy to put on. I am shocked at how good these are for the price.

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The Difference Between Slip

Sure, skipping shoelaces saves a few seconds in your daybut slip-on sneakers arent just convenient. For some people, having an easier, more accessible shoe is important. For example, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 58.5 million people in the U.S. live with arthritis, slip-on footwear can make life a little simpler. As Leo Krawetz, DPM, FACFAS, president of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, FL, tells The Healthy @Readers Digest: Slip-on shoes are a good option for someone who cant bend down, someone with arthritis, or a busy mombecause theyre easy to get on.

Were here for that ease when its time to get out the door. Andy Brief, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Ridgewood, NJ, adds: Convenience and practicality are the name of the name game here, Dr. Brief says. Slip-on shoes eliminate the potential risk of tripping on unwound laces, and afford the benefit of easy-on, easy-off.

But, of course, the shoes need to offer convenience, as well as comfort and greater foot health. So heres the question: are slip-on sneakers as supportive as a traditional sneaker? Traditionally, slip-on sneakers had been made by manufacturers with perhaps less attention being paid to structure and support, Dr. Brief explainsquickly adding how thats changed: But as the market share for slip-on shoes has grown, more attention has been paid to proper arch and heel support in these products.

Propet Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Diabetics

  • Sizes: 5 to 12, narrow to 3X wide
  • Colors: 6 color combinations
  • Special Features: Made specifically for diabetics, removable insert for custom orthotics, cushioned midsole, velcro straps

These 100% leather shoes from Propet are Medicare/HCPCS coded as a diabetic shoe. They offer a cushioned Eva midsole for comfort, herringbone tread rubber outsole to avoid slips and falls, and a removable footbed for custom orthotics. Other great features include a perforated upper for breathability and velcro straps, making it easy to get them on and off. I have several health issues, diabetes and arthritis being two, and these shoes are far more comfortable and better fitting than any diabetic shoe I have ever had. Correct support and a snug, but not tight, fit. Easy to put on and the straps make it easier to adjust to the needed fit, writes one reviewer.

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Best For Walking: Vionic Walker Classic

Clove shoes are extremely popular among healthcare workers but you dont need to be a medical professional to rock your own pair. These shoes are lace-free and super supportiveagain, designed for healthcare workers who are on their feet all day. They also have plenty of room for custom orthotics if needed. The outer material is water-resistant and wipeable, and the insole is odor-resistant and machine washable, too. Something else we love? Clove has donated more than $300,000 worth of shoes to front-line healthcare professionals across the country since March 2020.

What Customers Say:

With nearly 1,000 reviews on the Clove website, these shoes have a staggering 4.9 out of 5-star rating. One reviewer who uses custom orthotics says, So comfortable, I can walk 12 hours without any problem. So easy to put on. Most people recommend sizing up a half-size with these shoes, so keep that in mind if youre in between sizes or prefer a more wide toe box. And while they have a lot of fun colors and patterns available, the wipe-clean material might not be for everyone.

Why Do Orthopedic Shoes Hurt My Feet


There are a few potential reasons why orthopedic shoes might hurt your feet. One is that the shoes were not properly fitted or designed if they were, they would be designed to protect your feet from blisters, not to cause them. Another reason is that the Orthotics may be too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, they could cause pain and inflammation in your feet.

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Asics Noosa Tri 13 Sneakers

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Running

  • Colors: 7 color options
  • Special Features: Breathable material, dual-density midsole, extra tread on outsole

Nothing beats the total foot protection and stability offered by a well-fitting sneaker. These highly-reviewed Asics Noosa Tri 13 sneakers come in a range of bright shades to fit fashions current colorful mood, but comfort is their main attraction. The breathable, soft interior fabric keeps skin from feeling irritated, while the dual-density midsole is built to position your foot properly and reduce the impact of each step. The shoes get bonus points for featuring extra tread on the rubber outsole in areas that tend to wear down the quickest. One reviewer bought the shoes for a Disney trip, averaging over 20,000 steps a day, maintaining they experienced zero foot pain. Im prone to heal spurs or blisters from shoes. Ive tried numerous sneakers, walking shoes nothing compares at all for long distance walking/power walking. The arch support, shock absorbance I wish they would make a million other shoes that could feel like these!! they wrote.

Best Orthopedic Sandal with Heel

  • Sizes: 4 to 12, narrow, regular, wide
  • Colors: Black, silver, nude
  • Special Features: Contoured footbed, adjustable buckle closure, non-slip, flexible outsole for stability
  • Colors: Black and metallic brown
  • Special Features: Ample arch support, contoured footbed, stylish wedge heel, removable insole can be replaced with custom orthotics

What To Look For In Slip

The doctors say there are two key features to look for in a slip-on sneaker : arch support and proper heel cushioning. Dont be on the lookout for a bargain with slip-on shoes, says Dr. Brief. You usually get what you pay for, so if it seems too cheap, it probably is priced accordingly.

Balance and stability are also crucial, adds Dr. Krawetz. Foot stability in a closed-in shoe is important to prevent heel and arch pain, tendonitis, and stress fractures, he says.

Want to try a pair of slip-on shoes? To help take the guesswork out of the equation, Dr. Brief and Dr. Krawetz share the best slip-on sneakers for women that are on the market right now.

This slip-on sneaker from Altra is comfortable and stylish for walking, running errands and chilling at home, featuring a memory foam insole that adapts to the wearers foot. Altra shoes are known for having wide toe boxesa shoe with a huge benefit for individualsand athleteswith a wide forefoot, says Dr. Brief.

Dr. Krawetz agrees, adding that the wide toe box is helpful for those with hammertoe as well. Plus? If you have a bunion or bunionette, which is a bunion on your small toe, or 5th metatarsal, this is a good shoe to look into, he says.

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Comfortable & Stylish Shoes For Men And Women

Whether youre shopping for mens shoes or womens shoes, comfortable stylish shoes that keep up with the current style trends should be a priority. What if you could have all that, with supportive arch support technology to relieve aching feet and pain from plantar fasciitis or heel pain? At Vionic, our shoes for women and men provide arch support technology in the most up to date styles. Made with high quality and breathable materials such as durable leather and soft suede, our footwear is created for all-day wear so that your feet can be comfortable no matter where you are going. Walk in comfort when you slip into a comfortable pair of shoes with arch support from Vionic. Read more…

No matter what shoes youre wearing, you should feel great and your feet should be comfortable, too. Whether youre looking for lightweight sandals or shoes to wear on vacation, dress shoes for work or boots for those cold winter months, Vionic has versatile shoes no matter the occasion or the season. For women, our stylish loafers and comfortable flats are perfect for a casual work day while our heels and wedges are great for going from your day at work to a night on the town. For men, find a pair of sneakers that can be worn anywhere and anytime or a pair of comfortable mens dress shoes made to impress at the office. We even have supportive shoes for medical professionals or comfortable shoes for teachers who are constantly on their feet all day.

Free Shipping & Exchanges

Spenco Orthotic Suede Slip-On Shoes – Siesta Via on QVC

At HealthFeetStore.com, we want to provide an excellent shopping experience with us. Thats why we offer free shipping on all orders as well as free exchanges. We want to ensure that you find the perfect shoes for your unique needs! Shop our selection today and experience comfortable footwear for all aspects of your life.

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Orthotic Inserts Vs Orthopedic Shoes

Orthotics are shoe or heel inserts that can be custom-made specifically for you or purchased over-the-counter. Sometimes, you may need a prescription from a podiatrist explains Dr. Schaeffer. They are a good, cheaper, and often beneficial alternative to orthopedic shoes, he says. Right now, only 12% of consumers own an insert, yet so many more people suffer from back and lower body pain.

You can even purchase custom-fit orthotics in Dr. Scholls stores. This variety is clinically proven to provide 5-in-1 pain relief from lower back, knees, achy feet and plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Theyre matched for your unique foot geometry at the in-store kiosk. Each insert has three customized layers: the cushion layer which reduces shock, the 3D arch support designed for your arch shape and foot length that allows you to move pain free throughout your day, finished with the soft top cloth layer for the all-day comfort.

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