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Women’s Orthopedic Sandals On Sale

Orthotic Sandals Our Top 8 Picks

Vionic Orthotic Sandals – Bella II on QVC

Naot Papaki orthotic-friendly sandal

The Naot Papaki features a removable cork-latex footbed and an enclosed heel which helps to conceal and secure anorthotic insert. The Papaki comes from Naots Koru collection of casual shoes and sandals with removable footbeds to accommodate orthotics that best fit medium width feet.

A satisfied Zappos customer wrote a helpful review about the Papaki:

I not only wear a difficult to fit size , but I have sensitive areas, namely, my outer right arch on my right foot and my tendency to pronate. This she controlled the pronation due to a very good arch plus a slightly negative heel. I put an orthotic in it and it did not slip. Be aware, however, that an insert in the heel will lift your foot so that there may be some slippage. it was still more comfortable than no orthotic. Without the orthotic, there was too much pressure on my toes due to a softer footbed than some of their other sandals. Beautiful, well-made shoe.

The Naot Papaki is available for $175 from Zappos and Nordstrom, $152-175 at .

Naot Yarrow. Photo: Sole Addiction Grande Prairie

The boho-chic Naot Yarrow doesnt look orthopedic in the least, yet offers a removable cork/latex footbed and enclosed heel to fit an orthotic. The ghillie lace system provides a customized fit for slightly narrow to wide feet. Zappos customer Lauren says this about the Yarrow sandal:

Find the Naot Yarrow in euro sizes 35-42 for $120-169 from Zappos, and Nordstrom.

Finn Comfort Sausalito

Wolky Jewel

Vionic Womens Tide Ii

If you are looking for good Orthaheel orthopedic flip-flops for women that provide all-day comfort and support, the Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Tide II would be a perfect match for you.

You may choose to wear these shoes around the house if you need arch support and they are most effective for people with foot problems.

The sandals leather and nylon webbing upper comes in a wide array of colors to choose from. The outsole is made of durable rubber.


Below is a detailed list explaining why you should include this stylish orthopedic sandal to your wardrobe:

  • The outdoor sandal has biomechanical orthotic footbed.
  • The deep heel cup supports and realigns feet and legs back to their natural position.
  • The sandals medium-density EVA midsole absorbs shock, and in turn reduces stress on the ankles, knees, and feet.
  • The design has received APMA Seal of Acceptance and is highly recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil.
  • This outdoor fashionable orthopedic sandal helps to prevent shin splints and knee problems.
  • Its good for any other physical conditions which cause over-pronation.
  • It has a great fit and offers comfort.
  • The upper part is composed of polyurethane upper and has a stylish leather trim.
  • The strap is lined with foam, so you can enjoy a comfortable fit throughout the day.
  • It is also available in 15 different colors allowing you to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.
  • It weighs only 6 ounces, making it a great choice for everyday wear.


Sas Womens Nudu Sandal And Slide

This sandal has so much comfort packed into it youre not going to want to take it off at the end of the day.

The Nudu is made with an amazing leather upper and youll love the detailing of the stitching throughout the upper. This really adds a nice touch of style to it.

Youve got an adjustable strap over the top of the foot and a hook-and-loop closure as well.

Theres an amazing strap that wraps around the back of your foot for added security. This strap is adjustable with a sturdy buckle on the side.

The footbed is nice and wide and offers tons of room for your toes. The footbed has a ton of squish that youre going to feel like youre walking on air with every step you take.

Youve got added support underneath all the pressure points of the foot thanks to that TRIPAD technology.

The outsole has a nice wide base, which is really great for stability and confidence in every step. Its flexible and incredibly lightweight.

The Nudu by SAS has comfort and style built right into it.

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Here’s What Our Happy Customers Are Saying


These offer the ultimate in long-lasting comfort. I used to have pain in my heels and balls of my feet but no more. I have a bunion, hammertoes, wide front foot and narrow heel, low arches but none of that matters with the construction of these shoes.


I struggle with plantar fasciitis, and I could hardly believe how comfortable and supportive these shoes are. I don’t think there’s a better brand on the market. I will not have to look anywhere else for shoes again.


I have been using Orthofeet footwear and orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes and arthritis. These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. My patients love them, and in fact I wear them myself daily, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Propet Womens Pedic Walker Women

This is a very sturdy sandal made by Propet, a company that makes some of the best orthopedic sandals for walking.

The Pedic Walker is a great sandal for a number of reasons. When you pick it up, you feel automatically how lightweight it is.

It really offers a lot of the support and protective features of a shoe but at the same time, youre getting a sandal.

The back area actually feels and looks like a shoe. Its got a lot of support through the heel and a lot of protection.

The Pedic Walker is very adjustable thanks to the two hook-and-loop straps.

As soon as you get around to the front, you have the open-toe style in case you want to have the air of a sandal.

Also, if youre dealing with some sort of sensitivity in the toe area and you just want an open-toe style, its a good solution either way.

Again, the Propet Pedic Walker has great arch support and its made for walking.

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Skechers Mens Louden Sandals

Best Orthotic Walking Sandals

Contrary to popular belief, its possible to walk a significant distance in sandals without pain. The key is to be securely strapped in, as with Skechers Mens Louden sandal, so the foot stays in proper position. High-rebound memory foam ensures a cushy, comfortable ride, while a moisture-wicking insole guarantees breathability. Available in regular and wide widths to help you achieve the perfect fit, theyre hailed as superb walking sandals by thousands of Amazon reviewers.

Orthopedic & Diabetic Sandals For Women

From flip-flop to back-strap sandals, our womens orthopedic sandal selection offers all the therapeutic benefits to keep you comfortable. A supportive sandal is a top choice for women with diabetes or heel pain from plantar fasciitis because of its breathability and anatomically designed inserts. We carry styles from top brands to provide…

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The Trusted Supplier Of Orthotic Sandals For Women

Put foot pain and discomfort behind you with a range of premium orthotic sandals made for women.

These sandals offer unbeatable support, comfort, and cushioning, and help to protect the back and knees from damage that can be caused when wearing flat or unsupported footwear.

To learn more about the lasting benefits of our orthotic sandals and our other available footwear items, contact the Footlogics team today.

Stylish Orthotic Sandals For Women Summer Spirit Extra Comfort

Vionic Orthotic Sandals – Bella II on QVC

Youve tried the new built-in orthotic sandals such as Vionic and Abeo, but the support isnt customized enough for your feet and your doctor insists that you wear your custom orthotics. Youve experienced enough frustration trying to fit them in your shoes, let alone sandals, and summer is coming. No, you dont have to wear your tennis shoes all summer long, open-air options do exist! However, just because a sandal description states that it is orthotic-friendly, doesnt necessarily mean itll be friendly to each and every orthotic it meets. You may find that you have to trim your orthotics to get a good fit. See this video for tips on how to do so.

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Benefits Of Orthopedic Shoes

The more abnormal your foot mechanics are, the more likely you will require orthopedic shoes.

Orthopedic shoes are shoes that support or accommodate the mechanics and structure of the foot, ankle, and leg and are specifically designed to support or accommodate a particular condition.

They have a number of beneficial features and functions that separate them from everyday footwear including:

  • a torsionally strong well-rockered midsole and outsole to help you walk normally. This means the sole shouldnt bend easily and should preferably have a rounded sole
  • a removable sock liner to accommodate orthotics
  • a variety of widths to ensure a proper fit for a variety of foot shapes

As people age, parts of the body begin to break down. Often, older people will require orthopedic shoes.

However, orthopedic shoes can be recommended for people of all ages as poor foot mechanics can affect everyone, young and old.

Today, fortunately, orthopedic shoes and sandals dont have to be ugly and clunky. There are a number of relatively stylish options available for people of all ages and fashion tastes.

When it comes to selecting your orthopedic footwear, consult a certified pedorthist. A pedorthist will conduct a full assessment of your lower limbs and tell you if orthopedic shoes will help you.

The pedorthist will also measure your feet properly and let you know which orthopedic features are required for your foot type and condition.

Walk Comfortably & Pain Free Or Your Money Back

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Therapeutic shoe design helps alleviate Achilles tendonitis symptoms
  • Soft, padded collars featured in all Orthofeet shoes for tendonitis cradle the heel, working wonders to alleviate pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  • Premium orthotic insoles with superior arch support align the foot and ankle and help alleviate tendonitis pain.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic soles with a mild rocker and extra cushioning soften impacts and enhance comfort.

Walking on Air. I wish I had known about these shoes a long time ago. I have bone spurs in the Achilles tendon area, so the extra cushion and support these shoes provide are amazing. In the week I have been wearing them the pain has been significantly reduced when I walk, allowing me to walk more often and for longer distances.”

Thomas Brothers

Biomechanical footwear design creates the best shoes for swollen feet and edema

First, plantar fasciitis in both feet and now swelling in my right metatarsal joint, and PAIN. It has been impossible to find a 12 hr shoe, and now my doc tells me I really need a wide box for my toes. These Ortho shoes have definitely improved my foot pain and have lots of room for my toes to spread out. Great shoe, thanks.

Elizabeth Smith

How Orthofeet shoes work to help alleviate pain associated with gout in the foot

Kathleen Cargill

How Orthofeet shoes work to help alleviate pain associated with heel spurs

Brenda Helander

Judy Hawley

How Orthofeet Shoes Help Ease Back Pain

Prudy De Salvo

Monica Johns

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Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis then wearing sandals may not be a possibility. But thanks to Footlogics that can all change.

We are proud to be a sought-after name when it comes to the supply of the best sandals for Plantar Fasciitis treatment. With our sandals, customers will be able to walk comfortably and without the risk of increasing inflammation. They will be able to wear the footwear they love and wont have to worry about pain or discomfort holding them back.

What Are Orthopedic Sandals

Womens Orthopedic Correction Sandals

Orthopedic sandals dont fall into one singular category or style there are tons of different orthopedic elements that a pair of sandals can have that boost their supreme comfort level. Here are a few of the characteristics that we searched for when shopping for the absolute best pairs:

  • Arch Support: Flat sandals just will not do! We wanted to make sure that the soles of these shoes are curved to fit the natural arches and curves of the foot, which help make the shoe all the more comfortable.
  • High-Quality Materials: Each of the sandals we found are made from materials designed to help your feet absorb shock while walking.
  • Supportive and Comfortable Design: We made sure that the straps on these shoes wont pinch your toes and provide the proper amount of ankle support if thats what you need from your footwear!

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Cute Sandals For Women

Stay on trend when closed-toe is optional by exploring our latest women’s fashion sandals. Strappy gladiator sandals never go out of style. Heeled sandals or wedges are bound to make a fashion statement, while sparkly sandals take summer style up a notch so you can look cool on special summer nights.

Find the sandals you love from Madden Girl, Skechers and more. With big savings around every corner, you can stock up on all the open toe shoes you need at Shoe Carnival!

What Makes Viomotion Technology Different

Designed with your style needs in mind, our orthotic sandals scientificallyproven foot support allows you to walk through your day without pain. The podiatristdesigned contours are built right into summer footwear to create a firstoftheirkind orthotic sandals. With more than 30 years of podiatric medical success and research to support this innovative technology, Vionic brings you the best orthotic sandals. Whether youre looking for mens flip flops or womens supportive sandals, our shoes are designed with your style needs in mind, so you can walk through your day looking good and feeling good too.

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The Different Types Of Orthopedic Sandals

Athletic Sandals: If you plan to do any type of walking or light hiking in a sandal, select one with a heel strap, advises pedorthist Michael Fishkin of Northern Illinois Foot and Ankle Specialists. This reduces heel slippage, increases stability and reduces the necessity for the toes to grip to keep the sandal on the foot, he explains. In the long run, this can also prevent injury.

Slides: Slides are ideal for lounging poolside or running errands when you want to easily slip your sandals on and off. While these styles arent typically pedorthist- and podiatrist- approved, not all slides are created equally. Look for pairs with cushioned footbeds and arch support to avoid foot fatigue.

Wedge Sandals: When formal events are calling and you desire a heel, a wedge provides much more support than a skinny heel, helping to distribute weight evenly. Some of the most comfortable pairs have soft textile uppers that can accommodate bunions and cork outsoles for natural shock-absorption.

Flip-flops: With minimal material, flip-flops can cause toes to grip, therefore putting extra pressure on the arch. Some pairs have been designed with ergonomic comfort features, however, and are your best bet for summertime.

Drew Mens Warren Sandal

Spenco Orthotic Thong Sandals – Yumi Fruitopia on QVC

This great orthopedic walking sandal is going to bring the perfect combination of comfort and support. Once you pick it up, youll notice the sandal is really well-built and solid.

The straps are made of premium leather. The three straps are fully adjustable so you can really fine-tune the fit.

The footbed is removable and is made of very shock-absorbing material. It has actual Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners to really secure it inside the sandal.

Pull the footbed out and you can see it offers a ton of cushioning and it also leaves room for your own orthotic.

This sandal comes really flexible right out of the box. It has this aggressive outdoor tread down at the bottom with a steel shank in the heel for added stability.

The Drew Warrens going to make sure you get through warm weather incredibly comfortable.

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What To Look For In The Best Orthopedic Sandals

First, consider the type of activity youll need them for. Opt for athletic styles if youll be standing on your feet all day or doing lots of walking. Supportive slides and thong sandals are better suited for lunch or walking around town, Fishkin says.

No matter what type of sandal youre shopping for, he notes the best orthopedic sandals offer gentle arch support and a cushioned footbed. And as with any orthopedic shoes you buy, the right pair of orthopedic sandals should offer the right fit so dont hesitate to get your feet measured before shopping, he suggests. Many pairs also come in regular and wide widths to help you find your perfect match.

Keep in mind that sandals should be replaced about once a year, as the perspiration builds up from the foot, Fishkin says.

That could mean its time for you to select some amazing new styles. Start here with the 15 best orthopedic sandals on the market.

A Quality Range Of Orthotic Sandals With Arch Support

Dont settle for generic orthotic sandals when it comes to treating persistent foot, ankle, or knee pain and discomfort. Turn to Footlogics for a comprehensive and unbeatable range of orthotic sandals that are designed to deliver lasting and effective treatment.

We offer a wide range of orthotic sandals, allowing customers to find the product that best suits their given condition. That means they will never have to settle for short-term pain relief again, and can enjoy getting back on their feet and staying there with a pair of comfortable and supportive sandals.

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