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Windber Orthopedic Walk In Clinic

Benefits Of Visiting Our Orthopedic Walk

We provide on-site services including digital x-rays, durable medical equipment, casting, splinting, bracing, injections, and a workers compensation pharmacy. While many walk-ins offer general care, The Orthopedic Clinics Walk-In Clinic provides care that is entirely dedicated to orthopedic injuries. Were staffed with orthopedic experts, and orthopedics is all that we do.

Our orthopedic walk-in clinics help you get an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment while:

  • Saving you time by skipping multiple trips and wait times
  • Saving you money by seeing a specialist at a lower out-of-pocket cost
  • Saving the day with extended evening hours that fit your schedule

Cssmcw Now Offering Early Intervention Physical Therapy Services To Children From Birth To Age Three

In July, Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber began offering Early Intervention services to provide support to families with children from birth to age three who have developmental delays and disabilities. A qualified provider delivers physical therapy services to patients for free in their home or a community location, such as a park, library,

Visit Our Orthopedic Walk

At The Orthopedic Clinic, we want you to live your life in full motion. The sooner you receive proper treatment for an injury, the faster youll be back to your active self. Thats why our team of professionals specialize in providing quality care. Just walk right in, and an orthopedic specialist will be ready to help you get on the road to recovery. Visit our orthopedic walk-in care clinics to see our team in action.

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What To Expect From Oips Walk

When you visit our walk-in clinics in Camp Hill and Harrisburg, OIPs knowledgeable team will first diagnose your problem. This may include taking x-rays and doing other examinations. After a diagnosis is made, well suggest a treatment plan. While youre at OIPs injury clinic, you may also need to see one of our orthopedic specialists.

Instead of going to the emergency room at a hospital for your orthopedic injury, OIPs orthopedic quick care works to make the process more convenient for you:

  • The waiting period is typically much shorter at OIP than at emergency rooms.
  • If you need to see an orthopedic specialist, you can.
  • Our co-pays are usually lower than the co-pays for ERs.
  • We can offer comprehensive care onsite, including casting, splinting, braces, orthotics and x-rays.
  • We have the lowest cost of any orthopedic walk-in injury clinic facility in central PA.

Why go anywhere else? Its time to rethink how you treat your orthopedic emergency situations. Visit OIPs Orthopedic Injury Clinic today! Walk-ins Welcome.

For 24/7 orthopedic advice and care, call us at 855-OUCH-OIP .

Why Cssmcw Orthopedic Walk

Chan Soon
  • Immediate Access We offer convenient same day, walk-in visits. Youll typically experience shorter wait times than an emergency room or urgent care.
  • Specialty Care Be seen by an orthopedic specialist for a fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Lower Cost CSSMCW Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic bills as a specialty office visit, not as an urgent care or emergency room visit, saving you money.
  • Onsite Access to Additional Services X-ray, MRI, casting/bracing services, and same-day physical therapy evaluations are available onsite.
  • Please note: Casting/bracing services are billed with clinic visit. X-ray, MRI, and physical therapy evaluations are billed separately through the hospital.
  • In Network Coverage We accept most major insurance plans.
  • Please note: Insurance card and photo IDs are required for registration.
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    Physical Therapy Clinics In Windber Pennsylvania

    419 Park Pl, Windber, PA 15963 814-509-6089 888-650-1005 Physical Therapy Clinic Physical therapist

      No Orthopedic Surgeon is available in Windber, PA.

    Orthopedic Surgeons deals with patients having disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.They treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions, like fractures and dislocations torn ligaments, sprains, and strains tendon injuries, pulled muscles, bursitis ruptured disks, sciatica, low back pain, scoliosis knock knees, bow legs, bunions, hammer toes arthritis and osteoporosis bone tumors, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy club foot and unequal leg length abnormalities & growth of the fingers and toes.Patients can choose Orthopedic Surgeons subspeciality from below:

    Leading Orthopedic Specialists You Can Rely On

    If theres a reason you arent as active as you want or need to be because of a bone, joint, muscle, tendon and/or ligament problem, the specialists at Western PA Orthopedics are here to help.

    Our dedicated physicians are among the best trained, most experienced specialists in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. In fact, a number of our patients travel from large, urban areas where there are many options for orthopedic providers just to be seen by us. We have become a destination for people looking for the best possible orthopedic care.

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    Physical Therapy In Windber For Walking

    While walking is an Olympic sport for some, for most of us it is simply a mode of transportation used to get us relatively short distances. Walking, however, can be more than just a form of transport. If you get your heartrate up while you walk then it is an excellent form of exercise that can be used to remain active, keep fit, and keep your weight in check.Walking as an exercise can be done outdoors, on an indoor track, or on a treadmill in the comfort of your own home or gym. Many people even walk for exercise indoors at their local shopping centre if the weather is too inclement to head out. Both indoor and outdoor walking can be excellent forms of fitness and can be modified in order to give you the type of workout you desire. This part of our website is designed to assist you in preventing injuries due to walking by preparing your body for the activity, helping you to choose the right walking gear and by making you aware of the most common injuries that might occur from walking. Get those feet on the ground and try fitness walking! After all, these boots were made for walking, right?

    Windber Home Health & Windber Hospice Earn 2021 Shpbest Patient Satisfaction Awards

    Strategic Healthcare Programs has announced their award recipients for the 2021 calendar year. Windber Home Health has been recognized as a Premier Performer for achieving an overall patient satisfaction score that ranked in the top 5% of all eligible SHP clients. Windber Hospice has been recognized as a Superior Performer for achieving

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    Ophthalmologist Joins Medical Staff At Cssmcw

    Tim Arlow, MD, PhD has joined the medical staff at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber . He is an experienced board-certified ophthalmologist and surgeon who specializes in cataract surgery, astigmatism and refractive lens options, glaucoma lasers and surgeries, and eyelid surgeries including cosmetic procedures.

    Although Dr. Arlow was born in Maryland, his grandfather was born

    Athletes Love Our Central Pa Sports Injury Clinic

    Weekend warriors and other recreational athletes have also discovered that OIP sports injury clinic is a place where they can get back on the court, in the game or to the gym. Many of our staff members are involved in regular physical activities, so they understand the athletic mindset. Well listen to what you want, and work to get you healthy again. Our goal is to have you feeling strong, and to keep your body moving. Contact our team today to learn more about our orthopedic injury services!

    What Are Orthopedic Injuries and Why Do They Happen?

    Orthopedic injuries encompass a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders impacting an overextended, overused body. Some injuries may involve stress fractures, or tiny cracks in bones used repetitively in a forceful manner. Shinbones of active athletes commonly experience stress fractures. The symptoms due to stress fractures frequently occur before any xray findings are revealed. For that reason, it is important that you be evaluated by an orthopedic specialist when you are worried about stress fractures. Our Camp Hill orthopedic emergency care providers may treat stress fractures by suggesting an individualized therapy program concentrating on strength training exercises to prevent excessive forces from reaching the bone.

    Other kinds of injuries we commonly treat include:

    • ACL tears

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