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Why Penske Is Our Number One

Penske has the best prices for long-distance moves and large loads

If youre moving long-distance or you need a really big truck, Penske is your best option. We gathered over a hundred different quotes from the companies on this list, and Penske had the best average price for moves over a hundred miles, but just barely. Penskes average price for all moves over 100 miles was about $1,944 while U-Hauls was $1,945.

Penskes value really shined through with its pricing for moves over 1,000 miles and moves that required larger trucks.

For moves between 1,000 and 2,000 miles, Penskes average was $2,471 while U-Hauls was $2,684, a difference of over $200. Similarly, for moves out of homes with 3 to 5 bedrooms, Penskes average was $2,141 while U-Hauls was $2,225.

Though Penskes average for local moves was higher than its competition during our research, we have seen the company offer the best price available for a local move. Even if youre moving locally, getting a quote from Penske is still worth your time.

Penske has plenty of discounts

Beyond just having low prices, Penske also offers a healthy selection of discounts, including:

  • AAA discounts12% or more off truck rental
  • Military discounts10% off truck rental
  • College student discounts10% off truck rental
  • Seasonal/promotional discountsvaried savings2

Penske offers every service you could want for a truck rental move

Data as of April 20, 2021.

Box Trucks For Sale By Penske

  • Cabover City Delivery Trucks

Cabover delivery trucks are also commonly known as Cab Over Engines. This truck is commonly used to run deliveries in urban areas. However, it has more diverse uses like its occasional feature as a pest control vehicle.

One unique feature of this truck is its ability to very easily manoeuver between tight spaces which makes it very popular in urban environment.

Dimensions: 16, 74, 7

Maximum load: 5,000 to 10,000 lbs.

Gas Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

Other features include auto transmission, cargo rails, lift gate, translucent roof etc.


  • The Cabover city truck boasts of its easy maneuverability, one of its major features. The flat nose of the Cabover truck distinguishes it from other trucks, making it very easy to drive through tight or challenging positions.
  • This truck has great visibility afforded to it by its large windscreen. The windscreen fills almost the entire front part of the truck thereby allowing the driver a clear view.
  • The Cabover truck is easy to maintain and repair due to the easy accessibility of its engine. The engine is located under the cab.
  • The Cabover truck is very noisy and this is because of its engine location. With the engine located under the cab between the driver and passenger, it can get very noisy inside the truck.
  • Another demerit of this truck is its difficult accessibility to the sleeper bunk. To arrive at its location, the driver is required to crawl through an opening which is often inconvenient.



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Moving Best Moving Truck Rentals Faq

The difference between an in-town truck rental and a long-distance truck rental mainly comes down to price. Long-distance truck rentals are usually priced using a flat rate based off of truck size, the date of your move, and your starting and ending locations. You will be charged extra if you exceed the estimated mileage or planned number of days you’ll have the truck.

In-town rentals, though, are usually charged by the mile and rates can vary depending on the truck size and the day of the week.

Remember: not all truck rental companies offer both in-town and long-distance rentals, so you’ll want to confirm with your company in advance.

In order to be able to rent and operate a rented truck, you need to be at least 18 years old and possess up to two forms of identification, like a driver’s license, military ID, passport, credit card, and/or phone bill.

Note: Any additional drivers will also need to provide up to two forms of ID!

No, rental trucks are not considered commercial vehicles, so you don’t need a special license to drive one. That means that the maximum weight that you can carry on your rental truck is 26,000 pounds. Most rental trucks cannot carry this weight to begin with. The top rental trucks can carry between 1,897 to 10,000 pounds.

You should probably try to reserve your moving truck as soon as you know when you’re going to move. In a perfect scenario, this would be at least 2 months before your move for the best chance to get the right size truck.

What’s The Difference Between Hiring Moving Help From A Truck Rental Company And Hiring Professional Movers

GMC 5500 26ft Box Truck w/ Ramp and side door  EquipMap

Full-service van lines will send professional movers to assist you with your move. These professionals will be vetted by the van line, so you can expect the same level of service from any mover sent by your chosen van line. If you encounter problems with the movers, you can go directly to your moving company to address and resolve them.

When you hire moving help in addition to your truck rental , the truck rental companies are connecting you with a local agency to hire laborers to assist. These are still professional movers, just not ones hired specifically by the truck rental company. Therefore, you wont be able to hold truck rental companies liable if the movers mess up.

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What Is The Largest Moving Truck I Can Rent

Planning for a DIY move? If the relocation involves moving multiple bedrooms, heavy furnishings, and a heck of a lot of boxes, youre going to need to rent a large moving truck. If youre moving a long distance, youll also want to rent a truck from a company that has a return center located near your new home.

After taking into account the weight of your belongings, distance of your move, overall budget and various moving needs, begin assessing truck rental company options in your neighborhood. If your move requires the largest moving truck that money can rent, I suggest searching for a 26 ft. box truck rental.

Tip: a 26 ft. truck is the largest moving truck that a customer can rent for a residential move in todays truck rental market. For reference, the majority of 26 ft. moving trucks get up to 10 miles per gallon and can hold around 10,000 pounds of cargo . Typically, they are capable of seating three adults and come with towing capacity as well. However, moving trucks differ from company to company, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

Fortunately, you shouldnt have any trouble finding a large truck rental. Here are five well-known truck rental companies that offer 26 ft. moving trucks to customers.

Compare Moving Truck Sizes

58 rooms, 3-bed home and larger

Data as of April 21, 2021.

One other thing to consider when choosing a specific truck size is gas mileage. Larger trucks may be less efficient over long distances, so take care not to overestimate how much space you’ll need. Also, ask whether different sizes require regular gas or diesel fuel, which may be more expensive. Use a gas mileage calculator to factor in gas costs for your trip.


If youre looking into renting a moving truck, its safe to assume youre trying to save money. We know its tempting to choose the cheapest rental company you can find, but we find movers are more satisfied with companies that have transparent pricing rather than low pricing.

Unlimited mileage

Rental truck companies have varying mileage policies, and only Penske offers unlimited mileage on one-way moves. Home Depot also does unlimited miles, but only for its Load ‘N Go truck rentals.

U-Haul, Penske, Enterprise, and Budget have a per-mile fee for local moves. Additionally, U-Haul and Budget also have mileage limits for long-distance movesyoull pay for any additional distance you drive beyond that cap.

Depending on your move distance, unlimited mileage may not matter much to you. But if you want the flexibility to make a dozen trips back and forth on your local move or to stop at those wacky roadside attractions on your long-distance trip, you may want to compare unlimited mileage policies.

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‘ Box Truck With Lift Gate

Enterprise Truck Rental has the transportation solutions you need to help your job runs smoothly. Our commercially-equipped, medium-duty 26 box trucks are perfect for long-term projects, seasonal work and everything in between. They come with a lift gate to make loading, hauling and moving heavy, bulky items with ease. Theyre designed with a payload capacity of up to 10,000 lbs., tuck-under lift gate and are dock height with reinforced body helping your operation run smoothly. Lets get to work. Start your reservation now.


  • up to 10,000 lbs. payload*
  • 3 person seating
  • 26’x 102″ x 102″ box dimensions*
  • Tuck-under lift gate
  • Rear roll-up door, wood tie-slats and E-track to help secure your cargo
  • Diesel engine – EPA-compliant, economical, fewer refueling stops
  • Dock high with reinforced body
  • State or provincial law may require a certain class or category of license. Check with your state or province for details.

Standard Features

Why We Recommend U

Penske Truck Rental: 22 Foot and 26 Foot Truck Features (01-22)

U-Haul has more locations than any other truck rental company

With a network of over 21,000 locations, U-Haul has more availability than any other moving truck company. Wherever you are, theres probably at least one location near you. This is a big deal for two important reasons: pricing and convenience.

How U-Hauls availability can save you money

Prices for moving are largely determined by supply and demand. Some services have fixed rates, but moving equipment rental prices can fluctuate drastically. This is especially true when a lot of people are moving as less equipment is available.

Because of this, a company with lots of locations and trucks can usually offer the lowest prices. And while U-Haul didnt have the very best rates for local rentals or one-way moves, its rates came in second place in both categories.

We just wish U-Haul had more discounts.

Renting a moving truck from U-Haul is cheaper than hiring a full-service mover, but not by as much as you probably think. Additionally, Moving with a U-Haul entails a lot of heavy lifting, long hours of driving, and a few extra costs like gas and hotels. To get the full breakdown, check out our guide where we compare renting a U-Haul to hiring a full-service mover.

Why U-Hauls availability equals convenience

It also means that if your nearest U-Haul location doesnt have the truck size you need, you can likely rent it from another nearby location.

U-Haul offers the most services

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Why Are 26 Foot Truck For Sale So Popular

The 26ft truck is one of the most popular trucks available for sale at Penske. This is majorly because of its large capacity which makes it suitable for families who want to move. The truck can usually accommodate loads from a three-bedroom home.

With families needing to acquire this truck to move, it puts it on the top of the popularity charts.

How Big Is A 26′ Truck

  • Inside Dimensions: 26’2″ x 8’1″ x 8’3″
  • Mom’s Attic: 2’7″ x 8’1″ x 3’3″
  • Door Opening: 7’9″ x 6’10”
  • Loading Ramp Width: 2′ 7″
  • Max Load: 12,859 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 25,999 lbs. max.
  • Empty Weight: 13,140 lbs.
  • Towing Capacity: Up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Volume: 1,682 cu. ft.
  • Inside Dimensions: 26’2″ x 8’1″ x 8’3″
  • Mom’s Attic: 2’7″ x 8’1″ x 3’3″
  • Door Opening: 7’9″ x 6’10”
  • Loading Ramp Width: 2′ 7″
  • Max Load: 12,859 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 25,999 lbs. max.
  • Empty Weight: 13,140 lbs.

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Why We Recommend Home Depot

Home Depots Load N Go Rentals can save you money on quick local moves

Home Depots rates were almost identical to Penskes for the moves we got quotes for. This was because all of the quotes we got were for the Penske trucks that Home Depot partners with Penske to provide.

However, Home Depot can be much more affordable than Penskeor really any other company weve listedif your move is going to be both local and quick. This is because Home Depots Load N Go trucks for local projects are available for unbeatable 75-minute rates, and they all include unlimited mileage.

Load N Go rental rates
Truck size

Data as of April 21, 2021. Exact pricing will be determined at the store.

If you dont have a lot of stuff to move and you can do the job in a few hours, you can save a lot of money by renting from Home Depot instead of another company. This makes Home Depot the best option for moving out of a dorm or studio apartment.

That said, its not guaranteed that your local Home Depot location will have a truck available when you need it.

Additionally, Home Depots largest moving truck is only about as big as the smallest box trucks offered by other rental companies, so if you need to move a lot of bulky furniture, youre probably better off renting from Budget for your local move.

Home Depot offers one-stop shopping convenience

Home Depot also offers a healthy selection of moving boxes and other packing supplies you can pick up when you get your truck.

The 5 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies Of 2022

Truck Rentals


Our top picks: If youre moving long-distance, Penskes combination of reliable trucks, first-rate services, and low prices make it our number one choice. If youre moving locally, Budget is your most affordable and dependable option.

  • : Best for quick moves

Theres more to moving than getting your belongings from A to B. If setting up insurance, internet, utilities, or home security services while planning your move makes you hyperventilate, weve got an answer for you! offers a free, all-in-one solution that provides you with a personal concierge who will assist you in setting up all those services . From finding the best mover in your area, to forwarding your mail to your new address, our moving concierge removes the hassle of self setup and helps you save money.

Is your budget your biggest concern? See how these rental truck companies prices stack up on our list of the best cheap truck rental companies.

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Why Rent From Trucksmart Isuzu

  • We are family owned and operated. We understand that renting a truck when youre in a pinch can be a daunting task, were here to make this a simple process
  • Our prices beat all the big rental companies
  • Modern reliable trucks that are there for you to get the job done!
  • Roadside Assistance
  • We have a fleet of trucks to fit all your needs
  • New Isuzu commercial trucks

Capabilities And Dimensions Of Penske 26 Foot Moving Truck

The 26 foot Penske truck is 25 11 long, 8 1 wide, and 8 1 high. It is a pretty massive truck. The total loading space is 1,700 cubic feet and it has a 10,000-pound loading capacity.

What Penske 26 foot truck dimensions tell us is that it is big enough to move most three or even five bedroom homes.

One more thing you need to know is that it has a 50 gallon diesel tank and it can do 10 miles per gallon. For a truck of this massive size, 10 mpg is definitely not bad. It means you can go for quite a distance before needing to fill up this truck.

In other words, you can complete a local or regional move without having to think about running out of fuel in this truck.

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Penske Moving Truck Rentals

Amazing Spaces is an award winning Penske location and we are glad to help assist you with your move. We offer truck rentals for both one way and local rentals as well as logistic solutions for commercial businesses. Please contact one of our properties to set up your rental and confirm your equipment.

Penskes 26 truck comfortably moves 6 to 8 rooms, and includes a 1,500 lb. capacity loading ramp to make loading easier.*
26 truck specifications:
  • Interior dimensions of 254L x 78W x 7H
  • 50 gallon diesel fuel tank
Penskes 22 truck comfortably moves 4 to 5 rooms, and includes a 1,500 lb. capacity loading ramp to make loading easier.*
22 truck specifications:
  • Interior dimensions of 214L x 78W x 7H
  • A 50 gallon diesel fuel tank
Penskes 16 truck comfortably moves 2 to 3 rooms, and includes a 1,500 lb. capacity loading ramp to make loading easier.**
16 truck specifications:
  • Interior dimensions of 166 L x 8 W x 6 6 H
  • 35 gallon gasoline fuel tank
Penskes 12 truck comfortably moves 1 to 2 rooms.**
12 truck specifications:
  • Interior dimensions of 114L x 65W x 61H
  • 35 gallon gasoline fuel tank

*All 22 and 26 Penske trucks have the following:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Diesel power to save money
  • Anti-lock brakes for safer stops
  • Air conditioning
  • Dual faced mirrors for better vision

**All 12 and 16 Penske trucks have the following:

What Price To Hire Penske 26 Foot Truck With Lift Gate

HOw We Pay Only $500 For Commercial Insurance For a 26ft Box Truck

All Penske trucks come with a lift gate. Therefore, you do not have to pay an extra amount of money to hire a Penske 26 foot box truck with liftgate rental!

On average, it will cost you between $200 and $1,000 to rent a 26 ft truck from Penske depending mainly on distance. Read how liftgate work for your need!

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