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Orthopedic Shoes With Ankle Support

Best For Ankle Injury: New Balance Womens 928v3 Shoes

Push ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)
  • Come in a wide range of sizes


  • A bit stiff and inflexible

The New Balance shoe brand is well-known in the footwear industry for manufacturing the best shoes for ankle support widely trusted by many customers. The New Balance 928V3 Walking Shoes are among the top products of this brand that provide sufficient support for feet and ankles as well as excellent motion control and stability.

These shoes feature durable and breathable full-grain leather uppers for comfortable wearing throughout the day. They also feature enhanced technologies to improve the comfort and stability system, such as the ABZORB system. It includes shock-absorbing midsoles that help reduce stress and provide extra cushions, as well as a Rollbar stability system that helps with the motion control in the rearfoot. All of these combine with the Walking Strike Path that helps to guide wearers feet carefully through the gait cycle when walking.

Besides, The828V3 Walking Shoes have a seamless and odor-resistant liner that will keep feet comfortable and fresh all day. And finally, the sturdy NDurance rubber outsoles come with excellent traction and durability for long-lasting use.

Best For Running: Hoka Bondi 7

  • Plush collar for narrower heels


  • May not suit wider feet

Hoka shoes may look a little unconventional, but the midsole has a meta-rocker design, helping propel you forward with each step during your run, Garcia says. Compared to other Hoka shoes, the Bondi is extra supportive, giving your ankles the protection they need.

The internal cushion in the heel is another bonus, helping keep your foot locked in place. One of the last things you want is your heel slipping in and out of your sneaker mid-jog.

âBuy it: â âPrice:â $127.99

Women’s Shoes That Accommodate Afos

Wearing footwear with an AFO requires a shoe that has a wider opening to easily slide the foot in with the AFO on. Also, the shoe should have more depth in the shoe to accommodate for the additional room taken up by the AFO. Our selection of women’s shoes for AFOs provide the wide openings and extra- or double depth needed…

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Explore How To Style And Wear The Latest Styles Of Ankle Support Shoes From Kuru

If you opt for a casual look while wearing classic black or white high-top ankle supporting shoes, you can pair them with jeans and a plain white or black tee. To add more character to your look, you can wear a denim shirt instead. You can further style by wearing contrasting shirts and jeans like indigo and black and then picking contrasting shoes.

If you wear high-top ankle support shoes with shorts, create contrast through loose-fitting tees and baggy shorts. For an overall cool look and comfortable feel, select neutral colors with top-quality materials.

If low-profile shoes are your thing, a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes might be a perfect fit. Pair them with slim-fit pants, shorts, or skirts.

Best For Skateboarding: Vans Sk8

Memo Shoes. Memo Joanna Orthopedic Corrective Ankle Brace Sandal Navy ...


  • Lack of orthotic support

If you often have to suffer from foot pains or sprained ankles during physical activities, these Vans Sk8-Hi are one of the best shoes for ankle support that can help save the day. These high-top designs will provide all the support needed in the ankle and feet and the padded collars and breathable, soft Canvas uppers. They will surely comfort your feet and maintain the support and protection throughout the day.

One of the most important things about these skate shoes that will help much with the ankle problems is the padded collars. With the high topline, the collars offer a snug fit and improve the joints mobility and flexibility to allow you to move freely and naturally.

As the Vans Sk8-Hi Skate Shoes are designed for such athletic activities like skateboarding, they not only provide excellent stability and mobility but also come with strength and firmness. Plus, the Canvas uppers are super stretchy and breathable, as well as mold to the feet well that offer extra comfort for all-day wear.

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Why Trust Verywell Fit

As a running coach, personal trainer, and avid runner, Christine Luff has personally experienced ankle pain and coached athletes who need good ankle support. She recommends replacing shoes regularly since even the most supportive shoes are not effective once theyve lost their firmness and cushioning.

Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support: Asics Mens Gel Nimbus 18 Shoes

  • The toe box is a bit narrow
  • Only offer mild ankle support

These ASICS Mens Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoes are the innovative design that will provide everything you need for daily activities with sufficient support and other features of the best shoes for ankle support, whi9ch will ensure to prevent ankle injuries from physical activities. These shoes are available in two bold colors with red gamut and blue gamut. You can choose the ones that you prefer.

The upper materials of the Gel Nimbus 18 are a combination of textile and synthetic, which provide the high breathability and durability to work well on your feet all day and keep the moisture out. The uppers are also very stretchy thanks to their multi-directional stretch mesh, which will mold your feet well and make every athletic activity easier.

These shoes also feature a gel cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot that helps to reduce impacts and guide feet through walking gait cycle naturally. Moreover, the FluidRide Midsole offers superior cushions, and the heel clutching system enhances support in the heel. Plus, these shoes have a seamless interior that does not cause irritation and discomfort.

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What Are Some Of The Most Common Foot Problems Experienced By Seniors

Studies show that almost 80% of elderly patients have foot issuesand wearing inappropriate, ill-fitting shoes are a contributing factor. Here are some of the most common conditions:

Arthritis. This is inflammation and swelling of cartilage and lining of joints. It usually increases fluid in the joints, tooall of which can make your feet stiff and painful.

Bunions. A bunion refers to enlarged bone at the base of the big toe or tissue of the joint that has moved out of place. This causes the big toe to pull toward smaller toes, changing the shape of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis. This is an inflammation of the connective tissue band called the fascia that connects the heel to the base of the toes along the bottom of the foot.

Heel pain. The heel bone is the largest bone in the foot. Heel pain can have a variety of causes such as heel spurs and tendonitis.

Diabetes. This disease can cause foot-related complications, such as nerve damage and poor blood circulation, which can result in diabetic foot ulcers on the bottom of the feet.

These conditions often lead seniors to seek out footwear that can accommodate changes in their feet. Loafers, for instance, can often be too constrictive for older adults with edema, also called swelling.

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Find Out About The Difference Between An Orthotic And An Orthopedic Shoe So You Can Make A Smart Choice When Shopping For Your Next Pair

BraceAbility Orthopedic Air Walker Boot Cast for Ankle Sprains, Fractures and Achilles Tendonitis

Foot pain can come with a long list of expensesfrom doctors visits to custom orthotics. Many podiatrists also recommend supportive, comfortable orthopedic shoes for men and women to help maintain and treat a wide variety of foot conditions.

So whats the difference between orthotics and orthopedic shoes? Lets break it down.

Orthotics: Orthotics are a pre-made or custom-built shoe insert designed to relieve pain or pressure from foot conditions or gait abnormalities.

Orthopedic shoes: Orthopedic shoes are footwear designed to help support or correct the natural biomechanics of the body. Orthopedic walking shoes are made to help relieve pain, improve alignment, and offer support for foot conditions.

With KURU, you can get the best of both words in one shoe. Every pair of shoes we make comes with our signature built-in technology so you dont have to worry about spending extra money on expensive orthotics.

Youll just get Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

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Leg Length Discrepancy Due To Hip Replacement Surgery

Evenup is an orthotic shoe lift that is used for compensating temporary leg length differences. Leg length discrepancy is a common complaint after hip replacement surgery. While surgeons try to leave patients with an equal leg length, there are times when leg lengths may turn out to be different after hip replacement surgery. This can lead to back pain and discomfort. Fortunately, the Evenup shoe elevator can easily correct this situation without the need for costly orthopedic shoe levers, insoles for extra height, or heel lift inserts.

What To Look For In Ankle Support Shoes For The Elderly

  • Low heels provide for a flatter angle between your ankle and feet, which results in more stability, better traction and grip, as more of your foot area will have a feel of the surface, youre on.
  • High back shoes prevent your heel from slipping out of the shoe, as well as provide good support, a secure feel, and stability to your ankle and heel area.
  • Shoe Toe box should be roomy with enough of toe wiggle space to ensure there is no added pressure on your ankles due to constant withdrawing your toes because of the lack of space at the front of the shoe.
  • Cushioning and Shock Absoprtion ensures you have good arch support and shock absorption impact. Shoes which offer removable insoles for custom orthotic ones if need be are preferred, as well as shoes with good midsole cushioning.
  • Non slip shoes give you better traction and grip even on wet surfaces, which ensures there is less pressure on your ankles.
  • Velcro hook and loop closures provide for a snug adjustable fit while retaining your feet firmly in place providing for additional support to your ankles.
  • Lightweight and Width features put less pressure on your ankles. The width of shoes must be considered for flat or broader feet.

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Best For Men: Merrell Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boots

  • Offer extra cushions and support
  • Offer great fit and valid to size
  • Best hiking boots for long-lasting wear


  • Shoes are not entirely waterproof

As I have mentioned that hiking footwear supports well for ankles, these Merrell Mens Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boots will make it the perfect choice for your hiking purpose among the best shoes for ankle support available on the market today.

These shoes feature an aggressive look and come with a mid-rise top design to provide extra ankle support and protection to avoid ankle sprain during the outdoor activities. They are also super flexible and lightweight enough to make it easy for hikers to walk a long way without being fatigued. Plus, the molded nylon arch shank offers extra arch support.

The Merrell Mens Moab 2 Vent Boots feature a durable and breathable suede leather and mesh uppers. This combination helps keep wearers feet fresh and dry during physical activities and offers long-lasting wear all year round.

These boots come with deep lugs and outsoles with excellent traction on most surfaces for a safe hiking experience. The Vibram soles feature shock absorption that helps reduce impacts on the feet and ankle. Plus, the protective toe cap and extra padding with breathable mesh lining and removable EVA contoured footbeds ensure that you have the best comfort ever.

Don’t Let Your Orthopedic Shoes Cramp Your Style Read On To Learn How To Style Them In A Way That Still Looks Fashionable

Memo Shoes. Memo Hermes 3FD Orthopedic Corrective Ankle Brace Sandal ...

Orthopedic shoes havent historically prioritized style. While pain relief should always be the #1 priority in an orthopedic shoe, at KURU, we believe you can have both. Each one of our cute orthopedic shoes is made to relieve pain and match your own unique style.

Here are a few ways you can feel comfortable and confident in our fashionable orthopedic shoes.

Classy or casual: Our mens PACE and womens TEMPO offer a perfect blend of casual and classy, perfect for dress shoes at the office or out to dinner with friends.

Athletic: When youre ready to hit the gym, wear a high-performance shoe like ATOM or FLUX for stylish footwear that works with any activewear or athleisure outfit.

Outdoorsy: For hiking trails or gardening days, our stylish CHICANE, QUEST, or TREAD can keep you moving on uneven terrain.

Lifestyle: Our LUNA chelsea boot, ROAM court shoe, or our KALA sandal can fit a wide variety of outfits and activities for every season.

All-Day Standing: Whether youre in scrubs as a nurse or a high-class outfit as a hairstylist, the KINETIC anti-slip shoe or the TEMPO can keep you on your feet.

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Best Ankle Support Shoes For Elderly Women

  • Propet Womens Tour Walker Strap Sneaker is complete leather with Nylex lining making them really durable, along with a twin strap closure which is adjustable for a custom fit. It features a cushioned EVA midsole for stability, with herring-bone grip rubber outsole offering excellent traction, as well as exterior and interior heel counters with a changeable footbed. It also comes in 5 different widths, which is will give you that perfect fit.

Mizuno Mens Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe

Think of the movement of the wave and how the energy is concentrated on impact but then spreads out evenly as it recedes into the water.

The same imagery applies when describing some of the many great features about Mizunos Wave Inspire 13 running shoes, which disperse the impact of each foot strike while spreading it outward, so the shock is much less jarring.

The Wave Inspire 13 represents the latest update in a popular line of running shoes. While it has some new features, it retains most of what went into making the shoe so good in the first place.

The new model is heavier, for one, but the slight increase in weight comes from more ample construction that provides additional support including ankle support.

The sole of the Wave Inspire 13 is a lot like the sole of the Inspire 12, but thats a good thing. It incorporates Mizunos u4icx technology, which is lightweight and helps to provide a comfortable ride with every step.

Among the new things on the Wave Inspire 13 is its textile and synthetic rubber that bolsters the shoes breathability and flexibility without sacrificing any performance or comfort. Some users say that Inspire 13 is roomier than previous versions.

Youll like the sturdiness of the Inspire 13s heel. Its bigger than the heel on many other running shoes, but thats also a good thing, because of the stability it provides on all sorts of terrain.


  • Takes some time to break in

Bottom Line

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Tips For Buying Shoes

Shopping successfully for orthopedic shoes requires a little research and strategy.

Know your purpose and foot condition. Talk to your podiatrist. Your doctor can give you shopping guidelines on factors like heel height, width or shoe flexibility. And consider the activities youll be doing when you wear the shoe. You may be looking for orthopedic walking shoes or shoes to help with balance problems.

Buy in person or be certain of the return policy. An internet search can help you figure out where to buy orthopedic shoes in your area. But dont order online if possible. You need to try on shoes to make sure they fit properly. Ideally, you should go to a store that carries a variety of styles. But if you must order online, double-check the companys return policies before you buy. A size chart and a customer service rep can help, too, whether youre looking for casual footwear or the best walking shoes.

Shop and try on shoes in the late afternoon or evening. Feet can swell throughout the day, so its best to shop toward the end of the day. This will help avoid a tight fit.

Check the fit. Feet can grow as we age and our feet can be different sizes, too. So, its a good idea to have both feet measured each time you buy new shoes. Stand while being measured, as your body weight will make your feet expand.

Once youre trying on shoes, it pays to be nitpicky. You should have one half of an inch between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. Look for any areas that may rub.

Pioneering Patented Technology Engineered For Pain Reliefwith Superior Style

Selecting the Correct Ankle Foot Orthosis

Imagine an orthopedic shoe that doesnt look like one.

Our mission at KURU is to help eliminate foot pain to keep you doing what you lovein style.

Weve designed some of the best orthopedic shoes for women and men that feature our pain-relieving technology in every pair we make. That means you dont have to spend extra money on expensive orthotics or aftermarket inserts.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis or flat feet, need a diabetic shoe, want a supportive flip-flop, or need a wide toe box, KURUs line of stylish orthopedic shoes are made with the support and cushion to relieve pain and keep you moving.

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Best Work Shoes For Ankle Support: Propt Mens Lifewalker Strap Shoes

  • The finish is a bit dull
  • Velcro straps easy to become loosen

The Propét is famous for its footwear for medical conditions and foot problems. However, this reputable shoe brand manufactures the best shoes for ankle support and motion control as well. These Propét Life Walker Strap Walking Shoes are one of their best products, which are very comfy, cushioning, supportive, and of course, orthotic-friendly.

Feature dual hook-and-loop strap closure, the Life Walker Strap allows you to adjust the fitment freely. Their padded tongue and collars combine with durable leather uppers create a snug fit and maximum ankle protection. The double straps will help keep your feet firm with the shoes and make it convenient to put on and take off every time. Besides, there are cushioned EVA midsoles for extra comfort and a sturdy heel counter in the rearfoot that offers more stability and mobility.

Like every other footwear for medical conditions, these shoes feature removable orthotic footbeds to allow wearers to replace them with their orthotics for the needed support. Finally, non-slip rubber outsoles will provide excellent traction to keep you safe when walking on the slippery surfaces.

By the way, Ive written another article about the top 15 best shoes with orthotic footbeds, which will support your foot injuries. They are designed with custom orthotics and comfort.

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