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Orthopedic Foot And Ankle Specialists

How To Choose Between An Orthopaedic Surgeon Or Podiatrist

Ankle Sprains with Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Specialist, B. Collier Watson, DO

MAY 23, 2018

The foot is one of the most complex parts of the skeletal system with 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your foot alone contains almost 25% of all bones in your body.

Both orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists specialize in foot and ankle care. If you have a problem with your foot or ankle, you may be wondering who you should see for treatment. How can you determine who is best for you?

Conveniently, the new Foot and Ankle Center of Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians in Dedham brings together orthopaedic and podiatric experts all under one roof. Here, our specialists collaborate on your care to give you a more complete diagnosis and access to a wider range of treatments.

Read below for an overview of each specialty.

Should You See A Podiatrist Or An Orthopedist

Determining whether you need to see an orthopedic physician or a podiatrist can be a little confusing. As a general guideline, if you have an injury, condition, or symptoms affecting your foot or ankle health, its best to see a podiatrist. If you have an injury, condition, or symptoms affecting any other part of your musculoskeletal system, its best to see an orthopedic physician. Additionally, if you have been recommended to get foot or ankle surgery, see a podiatrist. While other orthopedic physicians may be able to perform such procedures, a podiatrist is a better expert than an orthopedic physician in terms of foot and ankle health, and when it comes to surgery, you should not take a chance on an inexperienced surgeon.

When To See A Foot & Ankle Specialist

The foot and ankle are highly specialized structures that are integral to human locomotion. The combination of mobile and stable joints allows us to adapt to any surface form. By supporting the weight of your body, the feet undergo a lot of wear and tear in the course of a normal lifetime and the complex interaction of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and bones make this area highly susceptible to injuries.

When an injury occurs or these structures become weakened from chronic overuse or disease, its important to see a qualified orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon promptly to evaluate and treat the condition.

Schedule an appointment to explore what treatment path is right for you.

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Six Tips To Maintain Healthy Feet

  • Replace your shoes: Replace your walking or exercise shoes every six months or 500 miles whichever comes first. This will help you avoid foot pain as your shoes begin to wear down and lose support.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Maintain a healthy weight by eating right and regular physical activity. Excess weight puts more pressure on your feet, which can lead to foot pain.
  • Stretch your feet: Stretch out your feet, ankles, and lower legs before and after exercising to avoid injury. This can help avoid other injuries such as shin splints and stress fractures as well.
  • Keep blood flowing: Keep the blood flowing to your feet to reduce circulation problems. Wiggle your toes, move your ankles, and avoid sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time.
  • Keep feet dry: Keep your feet dry. Wear socks that wick away moisture and let your feet breathe. Always dry your feet well after getting them wet, especially between the toes where fungal infections can develop.
  • Trim toenails: Trim your toenails regularly and cut straight across the nail rather than into the corners this is how ingrown toenails often develop.
  • The Expertise To Keep You On Your Feet

    Best Orthopaedic Foot Surgeons in CT

    If you suffer from foot or ankle pain, the simplest and most important daily activities can range from uncomfortable to excruciating. The foot and ankle specialists at Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are dedicated to helping you live with less pain and more mobility.

    The specialists at Houston Methodist lead and adopt the latest advancements in treatment, including minimally invasive approaches for tendon ruptures and rehabilitation. Our specialists are also involved in research around surgical techniques and prosthesis design through the Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education . For example, Kevin Varner, MD, invented a metal plate to help provide more stability in the repair of certain foot and ankle fractures a technique now being used nationwide.

    Our research and innovation means we provide our patients the most advanced and personalized foot and ankle treatments available.

    Houston Methodist meets the highest standard of care for professional sports teams and performing arts organizations. Because we solve the foot and ankle challenges of world-class athletes, we are at the forefront of innovation and bring that same elite level of care to all of our patients.

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    Foot & Ankle Surgeons

  • Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Vice Chair, Academic Affairs, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Immediate Past President, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society
  • Director, Foot & Ankle Fellowship Program
  • Vice-Chair , Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Newton-Wellesley Hospital
  • Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Director, Foot & Ankle Sports Medicine
  • Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Instructor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Canadian Orthopaedic Foot And Ankle Society


    The Canadian Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society was formed in June of 2002 at the combined meeting of the Canadian and American Orthopaedic Associations. Since then, COFAS has fostered numerous initiatives related to education, research and advocacy related to surgical foot and ankle care.


    The COFAS is a group of orthopaedic surgeons who aim to promote excellence in clinical foot and ankle care in Canada by:

    • Serving as the primary organization dedicated to foot and ankle clinical care, education and research in Canada.
    • Functioning as the leading resource for education of the Canadian public, orthopaedic surgeons, the general medical community, government, and industry on foot and ankle care.
    • Promoting research in foot and ankle care.
    • Serving the members as a forum for discussion of problems unique to foot and ankle care in Canada.
    • Developing resources that will help Canadian orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons in addressing local practice-related issues such as quality improvement, coding, reimbursement, legislation, cost of care and access to care.

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    Foot & Ankle Specialists

    At The Center, our orthopedic physicians are experienced in all facets of foot and ankle injuries and degenerative conditions. If you have a foot or ankle problem and are deciding which type of provider to see, read this blog about the difference between a podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon. Treatments for foot and ankle problems can range from a simple change of footwear to surgical repair of damaged bones or tendons.

    What Our Patients Say

    Why patients should choose an orthopedic foot & ankle specialist

    So thankful for Dr. Cutticas expertise and everyone I have interacted with up to and including my surgery and postop appointments. Ive recommended this practice to so many people.

    Verified Patient

    Dr. Sanders was informative, listens, answers all questions, and stays with you until you feel you have all you need. Excellent care.

    Verified Patient

    Dr. Neufeld is fantastic and his personality/bedside manner is stellar. The entire process was a breeze and very enjoyable. I am thrilled with the results and how quickly it all went.

    Verified Patient

    Dr. Black was thorough and very considerate! I didn’t feel any discomfort during the quick procedure I’ll definitely be back for any other foot and ankle needs.

    Verified Patient

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    Our Comprehensive Approach To Foot And Ankle Care

    Foot and ankle injuries are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. If you have an injury thats keeping you off your feet, our team of highly trained specialists has a 50-year history of accurately diagnosing and treating foot and ankle conditions. We provide both surgical and nonsurgical approaches, so we can personalize a plan to best diagnose and treat your ailment.

    When it comes to treatment, we make everything as convenient as possible. We offer in-house testing for Connecticut patients seeking a foot doctor or an ankle doctor, including in-office digital X-Rays and three MRI centers. Many same-day procedures take place at our Surgical Center, including many arthroscopic procedures of the ankle. Additionally, our 12 Physical Therapy centers are staffed by highly qualified physical and occupational therapists with years of experience in foot and ankle rehabilitation.

    At Connecticut Orthopaedics, we work together with you to get the best recovery results. Contact us today for an appointment and youll meet with one of the best orthopaedic foot surgeons in Connecticut who will help you get back to moving forward with your life.

    Foot And Ankle Specialists Located In Sarasota Fl

    For new patients, please use the Online Booking Tool Here

    What sets Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center apart from other practices in the area? We offer individualized, state of the art compassionate treatment.

    At Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center , the team of board-certified specialists care for men, women and children in and around Sarasota, Florida and strive to provide the best foot, ankle and leg care on the Gulf Coast. From routine foot care to state-of-the-art total ankle replacement, their patients receive individualized, compassionate care in an office equipped with the most innovative technologies in lower extremity surgery.

    Founder Dr. James Cottom, FACFAS and his team provide treatment for a full range of foot and ankle conditions and ailments. The fellowship-trained team cares for sprains, strains, fractures, sports injuries, and trauma injuries of the foot, ankle and leg.

    Along with traditional podiatry services, the FLOFAC team provides cutting-edge regenerative treatments like platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy. The doctors specialize in trauma and reconstructive surgery, offering a variety of advanced arthroscopic procedures, joint replacements, ligament and tendon repairs, and deformity correction surgeries.

    With an inviting, family-friendly environment, and a practice that treats its patients time with as much respect as their own, it’s time to schedule with the team at Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center.


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    Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat

    Foot pain has many causes, from fractures and sprains to damage to the nerves. Whether the cause is injury, deformity or is the side effect of another health condition, our specialists treat all foot and ankle conditions, including:

    • Sports injuries: Achilles tendon, heel spurs, fractures, sprains
    • Fractures: joint, metatarsal bone, sesamoid bone, toe
    • Diabetes-related foot conditions

    Foot And Ankle Surgery

    Whatâs the Difference Between an Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Specialist ...

    Our foot and ankle experts use cutting-edge science and technology to treat a wide range of muscle, bone, ligament and tendon conditions affecting the foot and ankle. Our experienced team also partners with other Johns Hopkins specialists, including physical therapists, pain management specialists, radiologists and oncologists when necessary to provide quality, personalized treatment plans for every patient.

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    Meet Dr Kohringfoot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Helping patients return to the activities they love to do, whether its playing golf, hiking, skiing, or walking their dog, is the best part of what I do.

    Dr. Kohring is a fellowship-trained, board-certified Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon. She sees patients at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists Spokane Valley, Downtown, and South Hill clinics.

    As an athlete herself, Dr. Kohring bases her experiences in orthopaedic care on her belief that the human body is best experienced on the move. Dr. Kohring works to heal and enhance her patients foot and ankle range of motion, comfort, and stability, so no matter what their interests or physical abilities, they can achieve their best performance possible.

    My experience with Dr. Kohring has been wonderful. She is patient and clearly explained the diagnosis and process to be expected through surgery and post op. Its a delight to meet someone as professional as well as empathic and friendly as she. Doreen I.

    Duke Division Of Foot And Ankle Team

    The Duke Foot and Ankle surgeons are among the worlds most experienced. They are trained to treat even the most complex foot and ankle conditions. They have pioneered ankle replacement surgery, as well as other novel techniques to repair cartilage, tendons, and fractures in the ankle bone and ankle joint.

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    Spokane Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Specialist

    Dr. Jessica M. Kohring is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, fellowship-trained in Foot & Ankle Surgery. She specializes in the treatment of all conditions below the knee, including sports medicine, foot and ankle arthroscopy, fracture care, arthritis, and deformity.

    As a lover of the outdoors, Dr. Kohring enjoys spending her free time outside the office running, mountain biking, skiing, and road biking. Her goal is to help each of her patients return to the activities they enjoy.

    Find A Foot & Ankle Specialist

    Miller Orthopedic Specialists
    • 2196 NC Highway 42 WClayton, NC 27520

    • 160 River Bend Suite CGranite Falls, NC 28630

    • Orthopedic Urgent Care – OPEN: 8:00am to 1:00pm

    • 2000 Brabham Avenue, Suite 100Jacksonville, NC 28546

    • Phone: Physical Therapy 332-3828

      Fax: 251-0421

    • Phone: Physical Therapy 332-3828

      Fax: 251-0421

    • 9 Haywood Office Park, Ste 102 & 103Waynesville, NC 28785

    • 1803 Forest Hills Road WWilson, NC 27893

      9:00AM – 3:00PM

    EmergeOrtho is full of wonderful doctors! They make sure they go over every little thing and explain stuff so that you understand. I have 4 different doctors here and have been pleased with them all.

    Michelle M


    They treat you with respect take the time to understand what your needs are and work toward that gold of fixing the problem. Very professional in everything they do I love going there for treatment can’t say that about many healthcare systems. I recommend EmergeOrtho to everyone I see.

    Ronnie W


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    Ny Orthopedics Foot & Ankle Treatment & Surgery Center

    Each day, you take thousands of steps steps that are made possible by the hundreds of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles seamlessly working together in your feet and ankles. The foot and ankle form a complex structure containing more than 30 joints. They not only enable you to walk, but also facilitate basic movements like standing and flexing the foot as well as more technical movements like running and jumping. When an injury or condition disturbs the normal functioning of any of these joints, it can result in pain, muscle weakness and limited mobility.

    Given the complex nature of the foot and ankle, personalized care and expertise are especially important when dealing with any related injury or condition. At NY Orthopedics, our multidisciplinary orthopedic Foot & Ankle surgery center in NYC is home to a team of top specialty-trained orthopedic foot and ankle specialists who are dedicated to examining, diagnosing and tailoring treatment plans to meet the individual needs of our patients. Our goal is to restore both mobility and function to get you back on your feet, pain-free.

    Foot And Ankle Specialists: Why Choose Henry Ford

    People across southeast and central Michigan choose us because we offer:

    • Experienced team: Our orthopedic surgeons, podiatric surgeons and podiatrists work together to get you an accurate diagnosis and the care you need. Learn more about our foot and ankle team.
    • Coverage for all needs: We treat a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, from congenital issues at birth, to injuries and degenerative problems later in life. Whether its common or complex we can help. Learn about the foot and ankle conditions we treat.
    • Range of innovative treatments: We offer a full range of treatments, so you can find an option that fits your needs. We offer the latest ultrasound-guided injections and regenerative therapies, as well as arthroscopic surgeries. Our minimally invasive procedures get you back on your feet quickly. Learn about our non-surgical treatment options and our foot and ankle surgery.
    • Complete care: Sometimes foot and ankle care calls for additional expertise. Our foot and ankle specialists collaborate with plastic surgeons, arthritis specialists, wound care experts and physical therapists across the Henry Ford network. You get all the specialized care you need from one trusted source.
    • Easy access: Henry Ford has several foot and ankle clinics throughout the region. We offer virtual care options, and guarantee appointments within 24 business hours. Find a location near you.

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    Words From Our Patients

    • “I went with Dr. Cottom because he took the time to explain every aspect and possible outcomes – of my ankle replacements.”

      Bob K.

    • “James Cottom is a great doctor. He has operated on my two Achilles Tendons and now they are better than they were originally. I recommend Dr. Cottom completely.”

      David G.

    • “Dr. Cottom has provided excellent medical service to my family over the past three years. Scheduling appointments has been easy with minimal waiting.”


    • “Dr. Cottom’s office is great! Dr. Cottom was very nice and explained everything to me. The office was very nice. I would recommend anyone to see him.”

      Luis E.

    • “Dr. Cottom and the staff accommodated my time and needs. Very satisfied with the bed side manner and efficiency of my care!”

      Petrine C.

    • “Dr. Cottom and his team are simply amazing!! I was referred there and have been under great orthopedic care with them.”

      Charity M.

    • “Dr. Cottom was very caring, spending time with my family to understand what was going be replaced and what to expect for recovery time.”

      Barbara V.

    • “I went today to Florida Orthopedic Foot and Ankle on Bee Ridge and everyone was so nice, from the front desk to the doctors.”

      Connie S.

    • “My experience with Dr. Cottom has been nothing but exceptional. I have been through a total of five ankle surgeries… I would without a doubt recommend him!!”

      Nina K.

    • “They saw me on the same day I called because I had a painful toe. It turned out to be fractured. I was very grateful he saw me that day.”

      Verified Patient

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