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Online Orthopedic Cme For Physician Assistants

Pelvic Trauma/common Sports Injuries

CAQ CME Prep Course for Physician Assistants

Select effective methods for control of hemorrhage related to pelvic fractures Recognize the importance of early management of pelvic fracture hemorrhage Recognize the signs and perform appropriate examinations to diagnose shoulder impingement, femoroacetabular impingement syndrome, and patellofemoral pain syndrome Distinguish morphologic FAI from FAI syndrome Elaborate on the importance of physical therapy and conservative care for management of shoulder impingement, FAI syndrome, and patellofemoral pain syndrome.

How To Get 100 Cme Credits As A Broke Physician Assistant

Let me guess… Your employer is not reimbursing you for CME?

Or, maybe you receive reimbursement, but your budget is limited.

You get all those mailers about fabulous CME events in exotic places at fancy hotels only to flip it over and vomit at the price tag.

With limited vacation time and limited money, maybe you are like me, and you don’t wish to spend your entire vacation budget on a CME trip to Hawaii. Yes, it could be somewhat relaxing, but it’s still not a “vacation” in the conventional sense.

Why Earn A Caq In Orthopaedic Surgery

PAs with CAQ qualifications report a variety of benefits, according to a survey by the NCCPA:

Wider Scope

60% of PAs report increased responsibilities post certification.

Better Salary

33% of CAQ earners report receiving a cash bonus, and most did or expect to get a raise.

Career Advancement

75% of CAQs report finding or believe they will find a new job. About 40% have earned promotions.


75% of CAQs find themselves more respected by other health professionals and 66% find themselves more respected by patients.

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Cme Physician Assistant Online Self

Complete your PA CME credit requirements quickly and easily Answer Physician Assistant questions and review evidence-based rationales to earn CME credits Accumulate Physician Assistant CME credits on your schedule and easily produce CME certificates on-demand Accessible 24/7, anywhere from your computer, tablet, or smartphoneEarn up to 195 NCCPA-Approved AMA Category 1 CME CreditsEarn up to 20 AAPA-approved Category 1 CME CreditsOne full year of access, plus our cost-saving super-renewal option

One full year of initial access with a low-cost-renewal option so you can earn CME credit easily every year.


Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocolsfor Orthopedic Surgery


Provide effective preoperative care, including prehabilitation to improve patients? functional capacity Avoid hypothermia and overhydration during surgery Apply ERAS protocols during the postoperative period Weigh the advantages and drawbacks to the use of epidural anesthesia ERAS orthopedic, including spinal, surgeries.

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Ekg Interpretation From A

Speaker: Eric J. Dueweke, MD, MBA, FACCThis interactive learning workshop provides a solid foundation for mastering the art of EKG interpretation, from waves to segments to complexes and more.Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and recognize proper lead placement for a 12-lead electrocardiogram
  • Determine abnormalities that require urgent and/or emergency intervention
  • Identify axis deviation, hypertrophy, and artifact\Identify ischemic changes and tachy / brady arrhythmias
  • Discuss conditions and tracings that mimic myocardial infarctions on an EKG
  • Spinal Injuries And Disability Claims In Civilian And Military Settings

    Apply the observations and conclusions of wartime studies of back pain to the civilian population Recognize the high likelihood of patients underreporting pre-existing conditions after minor trauma from a motor vehicle accident Identify socioeconomic and mental health factors that predispose individuals to present with chronic low back pain Assess the data showing that low back pain problems happen constantly and are most often not caused by minor trauma Address the concerns of patients presenting with low back pain with empathy and compassion.


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    Key Physician Assistant Cme Features:

    Detailed explanations and evidence-based rationales with every question Earn CME for Physician Assistants by answering board-style questions and cases Physician Assistant MOC questions in a board-style format including high quality images when applicable Written & maintained by top faculty contributors and board-certified, attending specialists

    The Best Place For Free Physician Assistant Cme

    The Best CME Conference for Physician Assistants

    Completing the 100 required continuing medical education hours every two years to maintain your physician assistant license can seem like a daunting task. It helps to know some of the best places for free physician assistant CME.

    This is especially true if your employer doesnt provide a stipend. Even if you have an allowance, airfare, hotels and conference fees can run in the thousands of dollars. If you do attend a large conference, you may still only earn a fraction of the CME required.

    There are many resources available that offer free continuing medical education, most of them approved for Category 1 CME Credit , which NCCPA recognizes for PAs. With most of these programs listed you can search by specialties, clinical topics, or even profession such as programs specific to PAs.

    Depending on your preference, you can choose between print, audio or even video mediums on most of these sites. Whatever your preference is, doing a few free continuing education hours a month will help keep you on track. No one wants to be scrambling in December when their NCCPA license renewal is due.

    These free CME sources can supplement your hours or be your sole source of continuing medical education if thats what youre looking for. Most require nothing more than registering with their site.

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    Start The Orthopaedic Surgery Caq Application Process

    If any of the CAQ requirements are complete , you may begin the CAQ application process. You do not need to have everything completed in order to start the process, but you may decide to wait until you have everything that you need for submission. You have six years to finish the process once you initiate the application, which includes a $100 fee.

    Submit Your Articles For Sutureline

    Sutureline is the official journal of the American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants and its purpose is to be a platform for members to communicate professionally, stay connected, and advance the surgical physician assistant profession with educational articles and research. Sutureline is published electronically in the spring, fall and winter, and access to the archive of articles is available to AASPA Members. The Editorial Board reviews clinical articles to consider for publication. For questions on submitting a clinical article, please email .

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    The Primed Medical Conference

    Web Site:

    A colleague of mine introduced me to PRIMED years ago, and I have never looked back.

    It is an excellent source of top-notch information and is good for about 35 category 1 CME credits. What’s the best part? The cost to attend the Primed Conference is about $90 for the entire four-day event!

    It is subsidized by pharmaceutical companies, and this is obvious from the start. But I find the CME to be timely and very good, the event is enormous, and the food, services, and people are wonderful.

    They have five large conferences every year covering the entirety of the United States along with several smaller “regional” meetings.

    In my opinion, it is the only conference to go to if you have to pay for CME out-of-pocket. And if you don’t? Well then, enjoy the best conference you can attend and stay at the Marriott.

    I will be thinking of you while I am at Motel 6.

    Web Site:

    If you stopped at the above two recommendations, you would be good for all your CME needs.

    I include The Prescribers Letter because it offers an incredible wealth of information and provides a lot of high-quality CME.

    I choose to subscribe to the digital edition. It keeps me up to date and has an excellent, searchable database that will make you a top-notch, better informed PA.

    I can’t recommend The Prescriber’s Letter enough for unbiased research and great clinical pearls!

    **Update for 2019-2020: the price for Prescribers Letter Gold 1-year subscription is $139

    Courses Held Throughout The Year

    Comprehensive Shoulder and Elbow Course: Current Concepts and ...

    FORE been meeting the educational needs of orthopaedic professionals for many years. Founded in 1999, we first began offering CME courses in 2006 and have continued to expand our offerings since that time. Our current schedule of events features conferences for most of the core orthopaedic specialties, including upper extremity, foot and ankle, spine, and sports medicine. Because we hold these conferences throughout the year, in destinations across the country, physician assistants and other orthopaedic professionals have the opportunity to select courses that are a good fit for their schedule and interests.

    FORE is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education . The American Academy of Physician Assistants and the American Nurses Credentialing Center accept AMA PRA Category 1 credits earned at FORE-provided courses.

    To learn more about the unique orthopaedic conferences we offer, contact the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education today at

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    Earn Continuing Medical Education Credits In Orthopaedic Surgery

    Earning a CAQ in orthopaedic surgery requires earning 75 orthopaedic surgery related CME credits within six years of beginning your CAQ application, 25 of which must be earned in the two years directly before you submit your application to take the exam. You will need to use your judgment to determine which CMEs are relevant to the study of orthopaedic surgery, according to the NCCPA Orthopaedic Surgery CAQ requirements.

    Your credits need to be Category I credits, and can also be used towards PA license renewal. You may be audited while applying for the CAQ, so make sure you can provide proof that you have earned relevant credits.

    Billing And Coding Update 2022 Thursday November 3 2022 From : 00 : 00 Pm

    Speaker: Kathryn Kugler, PA-C, MEd, DFAAPAJoin this case-based interactive workshop where you will code patient notes for billing using the updated billing requirements including shared billing changes.Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze patient visit notes to identify appropriate documentation present to meet specific levels of Evaluation and Management services.
  • Identify required documentation to qualify for a shared visit according to 2022 updated guidelines.
  • Practice use of a standard billing checklist as a tool to bill and audit your own patient documentation to achieve accurate billing of Evaluation and Management services.
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    We Created Unlimited Access To These Training

    Orthopaedic Educational Services, Inc. is the market leader in Online Orthopaedic Education for Advanced Practice Providers , offering 36 hours of AAPA-Approved Category 1 CME at an affordable price.

    We provide the practical and convenient online CME you need to care for your patients. Your time and work are invaluable which is why we created unlimited access to these trainings. You can access them from any location and at any time.

    What Is A Certificate Of Added Qualifications

    CORE CME For Physician Assistants. Evolutionary Learning.

    A CAQ from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants signifies that a PA has specialty knowledge in an area of the medical field. It is not required that PAs have a CAQ in order to specialize their practice, so the CAQ credential is a marker of a professional going above and beyond. While earning the PA degree, professionals also earn a generalist education, so this specialization is built upon a strong general foundation.

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    Orthopedic Emergency Myths/extremity Fractures/ Lower Extremity Osteomyelitis

    Provide patients with effective options for treatment of acute lower back pain and acute compartment syndrome Recognize cases in the emergency setting that require immediate orthopedic consultation and management Identify common elbow fractures in adults Assess and treat patients who have nonunion of the tibia Evaluate patients who have chronic osteomyelitis in a lower extremity

    Earn Enough Experience Working In Orthopaedic Surgery As A Pa

    As you rack up relevant continuing medical education credits, you will want to be gaining experience working in orthopaedic surgery as a physician assistant, according to the NCCPA Orthopaedic Surgery CAQ requirements. You will need to have worked 4,000 hours over the course of six years in the orthopaedic surgery specialty before attesting to the NCCPA. Make sure you have proof that you worked the required amount of hours in the orthopaedic surgery specialty.

    You will need to have a qualifying professional provide an attestation that you have the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to specialize in orthopaedic surgery, so make sure you meet all the necessary experience requirements: According to the NCCPA Orthopaedic Surgery CAQ requirements, those interested in the orthopaedic surgery CAQ need experience with the following:

    • Advanced wound management
    • Compartment pressure measurement and management
    • Needle aspiration and injections
    • Diagnostic radiography
    • Fractures and dislocations
    • Operative and perioperative care
    • Prevention, recognition, and management of the following: osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, pulmonary embolization, deep venous thrombosis

    Check with the NCCPA to make sure you are best prepared to get all the relevant experience you need.

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    We Have 50+ Lectures To Cultivate Refine And Expand Your Skills & Knowledge

    On-boarding new APPs to your Orthopaedic Practice or Urgent Care? Starting a new Orthopaedic Clinical Rotation? Working in Primary Care or Emergency Medicine and wanting to build your knowledge? OES, Inc. has 97 online lectures focused on X-Ray Imaging, Acute Pediatric Injuries, Adult Fracture Care, Orthopaedic Physical Examination, Upper and Lower Extremity Trauma and Acute Care Splinting/Casting just to name a few. To see a complete list of lectures, .

    Ankle Sprains And Common Knee Injuries


    Characterize the anatomy and biomechanics of the ankle Identify injuries of ligaments, tendons, and cartilage that can result from ankle sprain Treat ankle sprains and associated complications Diagnose common etiologies of knee and ankle pain based on physical tests and imaging Manage knee and ankle pain.

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    How To Get Cme As A Broke

    OK, so I am not exactly broke, but I used to be.

    I have two children in braces, a wife working part-time, a struggling retirement account, a car payment, a mortgage payment, and, to top it off, I don’t receive a CME stipend from my employer!

    The only good news is I don’t have any PA school loans.

    So, I am always looking to save money where I can, especially when it comes to CME, which can be very expensive.

    Also, maybe like yourself, I had to pay for my DEA license, renew my California PA license, and fork over some money to the NCCPA for the privilege of maintaining my certification.

    This has brought my total PA related bill to well over $1,200 for the year…. yikes!

    I hated to do it, but I have had to opt-out of an annual AAPA membership and my state PA chapter because I couldn’t afford it.

    Mandated Reporting Of Suspected Child Abuse: Knowing Your Role In The Protection Of Children Thursday November 3 2022 From : 00 : 00 Am

    Speaker: Gail BrownPittsburgh Action Against Rape

    People who work with or come into contact with children in the course of their employment or profession are mandated reporters. However, it is clear that people are often reluctant to report child abuse because of their own fears or misunderstanding of the law. As a mandated reporter, you play a vital role in preventing child abuse.What you will learn in this training:

  • The elements of child abuse, definitions and categories of child abuse
  • Your duties as a mandated reporter, including how to make a report and protections for those who report
  • The connection between child abuse/neglect and long-term health outcomes
  • Signs and symptoms of child abuse/neglect
  • How to respond to a disclosure of child abuse
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    Pediatric Cervical Spine And Hip

    Evaluate cervical spine injuries of congenital and sportsrelated etiologies in pediatric patients Identify conditions that affect the growing cervical spine including torticollis, Klippel-Feil syndrome, and Down syndrome Recognize risk factors for developmental dysplasia of the hip Determine whether a child requires conservative or surgical management for hip dysplasia Choose the most appropriate imaging modality to assess hip and pelvic conditions and injuries in pediatric patients.

    The Art Of Suturing Friday November 4 2022 From : 00 : 00 Am

    Orthopaedics for Physician Assistants

    Speakers: Lane Bower, MHSc, PA-C Emeritus, DFAAPA, Lisa Wetherhold, PA-C, Matthew Wetherhold, MS, PA-CThis workshop will cover the basics of suturing materials, preparation, and proper techniques for obtaining that perfect closure. A brief overview of the different types of suture material available and the proper application in various situations will be discussed. There will be plenty of direct experience to practice your newly learned basic suturing skills including basic interrupted, continuous, subcutaneous, and mattress technique closures.Learning Objectives

  • Discuss proper preparations/techniques for suturing and closures
  • Discuss basics of suture materials
  • Brief overview of different types of sutures, materials, and applications
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    The Benefits Of Attending A Fore Conference

    FOREs orthopaedic conferences can help physician assistants:

    • Identify risk reduction strategies as they pertain to patients with orthopaedic injuries
    • Become more proficient at interpreting diagnostic test results
    • Improve postoperative pain management techniques
    • Implement advanced wound care and fracture management techniques
    • Adjust therapeutic modalities to the unique needs of each patient
    • More efficiently collaborate with physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, and any other members of a patients orthopaedic treatment team
    • Expand patient education strategies

    FOREs educational courses are led by distinguished orthopaedic healthcare professionals. Each conference includes not only lectures and presentations, but also interactive opportunities such as audience question-and-answer sessions and small group discussions.

    Nonoperative Spine Care For Back Pain

    Evaluate for common spine conditions that qualify for nonoperative treatment Diagnosis common spine conditions Recommend appropriate physical therapy regimens based on disease and patient characteristics Prescribe pharmacologic interventions, such as medications and injections, to manage spine conditions Identify emerging novel techniques for management of spine issues.

    This topic has been re-issued as FP-69-44

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    Aaspa 2022 Annual Cme Meeting

    Thursday, October 13 SUNDAY, October 16, 2022Royal Sonesta Houston | Houston, TX

    AASPA is excited to have met in person again for this year’s 22nd Annual CME Meeting in Houston, Texas! This years meeting was a 3 ½ day event filled with remarkable lectures on the latest cutting-edge topics of interest to the profession! Topics include Neurosurgical Procedures, Pediatric ENT Emergencies, Trauma and Acute Care for Burns, Patient Privacy in the Digital Health Era, and Diversity and Equity. Click the button below for more details.

    View More Information

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