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Northshore Orthopedic – Glenbrook Ambulatory Care Center

Preventing And Responding To Patient Harm

NorthShore doctor plays the piano for hospital staff and guests

Hospitals should have a never events policy that includes all nine actions that should occur following a never event, which includes apologizing to the patient and not charging for costs associated with the never event.

Hospitals Progress
Specially Trained Doctors Care for Critical Care Patients

Hospitals should have intensivists present on-site at least eight hours a day, seven days per week or have intensivists present via 24/7 telemedicine with some on-site intensivist presence. When not in the ICU, the intensivist immediately responds to calls and has another physician or trained clinician who can immediately reach the patient.

This hospital achieved the standard using on-site intensivist coverage.

Northshore Orthopedic & Spine Institute

Northshore Orthopedic & Spine Institute-Skokie Hospital is located in Skokie, IL. The Northshore University Health System is comprised of four hospitals, 2500 Physicians, 46 operating rooms, and nearly 40,000 cases per year. The Skokie hospital is dedicated to musculoskeletal care and involves surgeries for orthopedic joint and the spine. Our residents refine their regional skills at Northshore and are exposed to a high volume, incredibly efficient, and high turnover private practice model. This rotation is offered to our residents during the CA3 year.

Complex Adult And Pediatric Surgery

Hospitals Progress
Elective Outpatient Surgery Recovery Staffing – Adult

Hospitals should ensure that a specially certified clinician and at least one physician or nurse anesthetist are present and immediately available while an adult patient is present until discharge.

Elective Outpatient Surgery Recovery Staffing – Pediatric

Hospitals should ensure that a specially certified clinician and at least one physician or nurse anesthetist are present and immediately available while a pediatric patient is present until discharge.

Safe Surgery Checklist – Elective Outpatient Surgery

Hospitals should go through all the elements of a complete safe surgery checklist on all patients every time a procedure is performed.

Experience of Patients Undergoing Elective Outpatient Surgery

Hospitals should perform better than most on four areas including: facilities and staff communication about the procedure, patients overall rating of the facility, and patients willingness to recommend the facility.

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A Center Of Excellence

Recognizing the national trend toward a Center of Excellence approach for complex health problems, Dr. Ravi Bashyal brings the latest in ultra-minimally invasive joint procedures to hip and knee replacement surgery. Dr. Bashyal is a Harvard trained Orthopedic Surgeon providing his patients with the latest treatment options in an environment of compassionate and collaborative care. Dr. Bashyal carefully listens to each of his patients with the intent of providing them with individualized and customized care options for joint pain.

Keeping Patients Safe During Covid

Patient Education: Knee and Hip Replacement Recovery

The health and safety of patients, doctors, and staff remains our primary concern. Our healthcare system can now accommodate addressing both COVID-19 concerns and patients suffering from joint pain. We have six key safety measures to keep people safe:

  • Screening of Staff and Visitors: limited entry points ensure that all staff, patients and visitors are screened before entering the facility everyone must pass both a symptom and temperature evaluation.
  • Social Distancing Safeguards: This includes spaced seating, floor markings, signage and limited visitor policies.
  • Adjusted Scheduling/Virtual Check-Ins: Staggered appointment times and electronic check in to reduce traffic and minimize unneeded contact.
  • Face Coverings/Masks For All: Staff wear face masks and eye protection and patients are asked to wear face coverings masks will be provided if needed.
  • Rigorous Cleaning Protocols in All Areas: Cleaning protocols meet all recommended guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  • Hand Hygiene: We are committed to safe hand hygiene practices Every Patient, Every Time.
  • We continue to monitor COVID-19 to ensure patient safety. Our orthopaedic-only hospital in Skokie was shut down early in the COVID-19 crisis and has remained COVID-19 free throughout the pandemic.

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    Northshore University Healthsystem Nationally Ranked Inus News & World Reports Annual Best Hospitals Listing

    Orthopaedic & Spine Institute Climbs in Ranking as Diabetes & Endocrinology and also Urology Earn Recognition

    NorthShore University HealthSystem , including Northwest Community Healthcare , is among the top 50 hospitals in the country for Orthopedics, Diabetes & Endocrinology and Urology in U.S. News & World Reports annual Best Hospitals survey for 2022-23. Additionally, the report ranked NorthShore as the #4 health system in both Illinois and the Chicago metro area.

    We are honored to be recognized and grateful for the hard work of our team members who demonstrate clinical excellence across a broad spectrum of specialties that includes the most complex, high-risk conditions, said Sean OGrady, President North Region & Institutes. These rankings also reflect our organizations steadfast commitment to safe, seamless and personal care for our patients and communities.

    NorthShore also ranked nationally in Diabetes & Endocrinology at #18, and NCH came in at #46 in Urology.

    The annual Best Hospitals rankings, now in its 33rd year, recognize hospitals that excel in treating patients with the most challenging medical conditions. More than 4,500 hospitals nationwide were analyzed and ranked in 15 specialties and 20 procedures and conditions.

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