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Lowe’s Indoor/outdoor Carpet 12 Foot Width

How Much Carpet Do I Need To Repair A Tear Or Pet Damage

All About Indoor/Outdoor Carpet | The Home Depot

Youll need enough carpet to cover the entire area of damage to avoid seams. For example, if you have a 4-inch tear in the middle of a hallway, youll want enough carpet to stretch from door to door or the next available seam. Depending on the type of carpet you have, you might be able to get a professional to do an invisible seam repair.

Carpeting By Lowes Or Home Depot Anyone Ever Use Them

  • Completely Floored

    7 years ago

    Here is the deal. I have been in the flooring business for a long time. The box stores are complete trickery. I have a hundred Home Depot and Lowes carpet quotes from customers who bring them in to see if we can beat there price. In most cases we are exactly the same but our installers are being shown as paid what they really get and deserve. My company takes a stance on this crap. It is simply a play on numbers especially if they are offering a free or 37.00 install etc… Because I am a business owner and am also in the business of educating my customers I will tell you simple facts: The box stores do not pay there installers nothing or 37.00 to install the carpet nor would we. They mark up there pad astronomically, the have a lot of “extra” charges that a lot of “professional” flooring stores do not. That’s where the low install prices are made up. The people behind the counter tell a great deal of miss-information. Not there fault but lack of training and time in the industry plays a major role. See if you have a “stocking dealer” in your area. Often they can get the install sooner if you find decent material in stock. You are welcome to send me your quote from any store, I will review and tell you if you are getting a good deal. Best of luck to you.

  • Carpet Square Foot Vs Square Yard Calculator

    Width x Length = Area

    Total Square Feet / 9 = Square Yards

    To calculate the square footage of carpet youll need, multiply the length times the width, in feet, of any space where youll install flooring. It also helps to sketch out a diagram of your homes layout. It doesnt need to look good, but make sure the measurements are accurate.

    Most retailers now sell by the square foot. However, some professionals still use the older method of square yards. To find the square yard, simply divide your square foot number by nine.

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    How To Measure Stairs For Carpet

    Width x x Number of stairs) = Area

    For a straight staircase:

  • Measure the rise and run. Add them together. Include an inch or two extra to wrap around the nose.
  • Rise: height of the step.
  • Run: length of the step.
  • Multiply that by the number of stairs.
  • Divide by 12 and round up to get the number of feet.
  • Measure the width of the stairs and round up to the nearest foot.
  • Multiply the width from step 4 by the length from step 3.
  • Add in any landings you have. Multiply the width and length of the landing. Add that number.
  • If you have an irregular, circular or unique setup, its best to hire a professional.

    For a stairwell with 13 stairs and one landing:

  • 7+7+2 = 16 inches. 7 inches for each rise and run plus two inches for the nose and overage
  • 16 inches x 13 stairs = 208 inches.
  • 208 inches/12 = 17.33 = 18 feet.
  • 4 x 18 = 72 square feet. Width is 4 feet.
  • 4 x 4 = 16 square feet for the 4-foot by 4-foot landing.
  • 72+16 = 88 total square feet.
  • Carpet Estimator By Type

    Shop 12

    The type of you choose, like the popular Berber carpet, has no impact on how youll measure your floor, only your budget and design.

    Choosing the right type of carpet for your home does mean varying costs and design choices. As part of your flooring research, look into the various types in our carpet buying guide. Then calculate carpet costs by type.

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    How Carpet Is Sold

    Retailers sell carpet in precut widths on a roll, most commonly 12 feet in width. 13.5- and 15-feet widths are also available. If you have a room 10 feet wide by 10 feet long, youll need to purchase a 12 foot by 10-foot section of the roll.

    A couple of notes to consider before purchasing:

    • Be skeptical of carpet ratings. Often, theyre rated by the manufacturer for marketing purposes, not for any standardized ratings in the industry.
    • Hide the seams in doorways. Because of the standard roll sizes, measure your home room by room to the midpoint of doorways. This leaves all seams hidden under doors.
    • Carpet remnants. These common roll widths means youll purchase more carpet than you actually need, typically about 10% to 20% more. These extra pieces are called remnants. Use them in out-of-the-way spots like closets.
    • Get it from a professional installer. When you hire a carpet professional, theyll only charge you for actual square feet installed. They usually account for a small amount of overage and waste, usually 10%.

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    Rug Binding Services In Ontario

    Rug binding is a procedure that involves modification to the edges of a carpet with any color fabric, adhesives or stitching. Moving heavy furniture over the edges of carpet fabric, normal or heavy foot traffic on a regular basis, and other damaging occurrences can build up over time, causing the edge of a once quite attractive rug to become frayed and ugly. Rug binding protects the edge of the rug from wear and tear and from unraveling. Having your brand new rug bound will increase the amount of time that you have to enjoy it by several years, preserving your investment. Rug binding is a simple, affordable yet incredibly useful and important process of rug care.

    Heavy Duty Outdoor Carpet

    watch this BEFORE buying flooring from Lowes (why I DO NOT recommend Lowes!)

    This robust outdoor carpet has a thick ribbed texture and is made of high-quality olefin-woven polypropylene with a solid heavy duty rubber backing. With a face weight of 24oz, this thick, durable outdoor carpet is made to stand up to Mother Nature, including built-in UV protection to help prevent sun damage and fading.

    Made to get wet and dry quickly, this thick ribbed outdoor carpeting is great for trapping dirt. The solid rubber waffle backing increases the durability of this outdoor carpet this heavy duty backing reinforces the strength of the carpet, increasing its resistance to wear and tear. Use this tough outdoor carpet on your wood deck, or as a patio carpet.

    Rug Street heavy duty outdoor carpet is available by the roll or the square foot in 6-foot and 12-foot widths. We do offer full-roll and multiple-roll discounts, some size restrictions may apply.

    Call us at 844.785.6773 or use our contact form and we will price out the size you need, including freight charges. We also offer custom binding for an additional charge.

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    How Much Carpet And Padding Do I Need

    Youll need equal amounts of carpet padding and carpet. Carpet padding costs$200 to $500 for the average room. However, the padding is trimmed a couple inches away from the wall on all sides to make room for tack strips. Most residential installs have padding, and professionals include this in their bids.

    Often, the best carpet for basements doesnt include a pad. Youll find this mainly in humid areas or places with a high-water table.

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    How To Figure Carpet Waste

    Total area + 10%-20%

    When you measure for carpet, expect at least 10% waste. If you have a unique layout, up that to 20%.

    With so few width options, youll likely end up with plenty of waste. However, if you simply cut up the rolled carpet to minimize waste, youd end up with a disaster of patchwork seams. Youll have higher waste with carpet than other types of flooring due to the .

    For a whole house with two 10×10 bedrooms and a 9×15 living room:

    • To Cover: 335 square feet
    • Carpeting To Purchase:
    • Bedrooms: Two 12×10 pieces. One for each
    • Living Room: One 12×15 piece.

    Total Needed: 420 square feet .

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