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Furniture At The Foot Of The Bed

How To Furnish The Area At The Foot Of The Bed

Easiest Ways to Style the Foot of Your Bed | MF Home TV

In recent times the area at the foot of the bed has started to be used again thanks to its functionality and the great variety of special furnishings available on the market.

You have almost certainly seen some film set in medieval times, in which large trunks or chests were commonly placed at the foot of the bed in the master bedrooms. However, with the passage of time this tradition has been lost.

Currently this trend is back in fashion, not only because of its functionality, but also due to the wide possibilities it offers : currently there are numerous interesting and original pieces of furniture to decorate the area at the foot of the bed.

In this article we will discuss this element and the opportunities it offers on a functional and decorative level.

Incorporate Multiple Drop Options

If setting up your footboard as a drop zone makes the most sense for your lifestyle, consider adding multiple containers for your storage needs. Situate a simple bench at the end of the bed for folded linens and blankets, place a canvas bucket on the floor for slippers, and arrange a small basket on the end of the bench for everyday odds and ends. By incorporating several drop zones, you can organize strategically as opposed to spontaneously.

What Is Furniture For The Foot Of The Bed

Coming up with a furniture definition for the foot of the bed is not easy because the term is very generic. However, in principle it is a piece of furniture that is placed in the area at the bottom of the bed.

It is an effective . At the same time, it is a functional element since its usefulness goes far beyond the aesthetic aspect. Here are some of its features:

  • Storing objects : this is the function most typically assigned to the foot of the bed. This piece of furniture can be used for storing and storing bed linen, shoes or even books.
  • Nightstand or Shelf : The furniture at the foot of the bed that acts as a shelf provides a great foothold in the bedroom, allowing you to keep essential items close at hand. For example, you can put your clothes removed in the evening on them or leave what you want to wear ready the next day. Or you can use this space to place your bag or tray with a glass of water on it.
  • Seat : the furniture for the area at the foot of the bed with a stable surface acts perfectly as a seat, useful for resting, for reading or for resting when putting on shoes.
  • Shoe rack : recently it is one of the functions most frequently assigned to the piece of furniture at the foot of the bed, in particular using bench shoe racks, equipped with some shelves in the lower part on which to place shoes.

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Foot Of The Bed Ideas

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When decorating your room, its important to create a welcoming and relaxing environment to support your rest and recovery. Sleeping in a well-ventilated, comfortable room with adequate furniture and decoration makes a world of difference and will influence every nights quality. This is why taking into account the foot of the bed is important, too.

What should you have at the foot of the bed, and what are the best ideas for decorating and allowing enough space there?

Here are 12 foot of the bed ideas:

  • Foot of the bed chest
  • Upcycled crates for storing books
  • In this guide, well give you 12 foot of the bed ideas and answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

    Find A Bedroom Bench To Add Stylish Seating And Storage

    Do you like a bench at the foot of your bed? #interiordesign by ...

    Your bedroom is supposed to be a place where you can comfortably spend time and wind down from a long, difficult day full of work and errands. That’s why Pottery Barn aims to make finding bedroom furniture you love simple and easy. With a bedroom bench from our collection, you can find a look you like and add a functional piece of furniture to your setup.

    Use this guide to learn more about finding the perfect bedroom bench for your room. We’ve got dozens of styles that are ready for master bedroom suites, guest rooms and even those spaces that do double-duty like a combination home office and guest room.

    Why Shop for Benches?

    Benches bring form and function to any bedroom, ranging from the most modest space to ornately decorated master bedrooms. Here are a few reasons why you should look to add a bench to your bedroom:

    • Benches add style to your room. Depending on the model you pick, you can add a sleek look with a modern bench, or an elegant style with an upholstered, decorative bench.
    • Benches help tie different elements of your decor together. Blend your bedding with your rugs, accessories and window treatments by adding furniture that combines elements of all of them. Benches that match your home’s style are a great way to do this.
    • Some models come with built-in storage. Storage benches give you a new place to store everything from out of season clothing to extra blankets for super-chilly evenings. You can also keep extra pillows and throws handy.

    Find Your Look

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    Choosing A Bedroom Layout

    Now that youve chosen your foundational pieces, youll need to consider how you want to arrange them within your space. To help avoid any frustrations later, start by choosing a spot for the biggest piece of furniture going in your bedroom: the bed. Look for a windowless wall , or a large enough spot between two windows. If you have enough space, you could try putting your bed in a corner and extend it diagonally into the room. A diagonal bed is unique, but more difficult to decorate around.

    If your headboard is flush against a wall you can fit more furniture into the surrounding area. Nightstands will fit easily on either side of the bed, or on one side depending on the width of the wall. A dresser is much easier to place diagonally, especially if its a tall armoire. Angling tall pieces wont take up as much additional horizontal room and it will add interesting lines to your arrangement. If youre in a tight space, a small dresser could double as a nightstand on one side of the bed. Additional pieces like a trunk or bench could be placed at the foot of the bed for extra storage and seating. The possibilities are endless! You just need to measure the amount of space you have and think about your daily routines to make the form fit the function.

    Great Furniture Ideas For The Space At The Foot Of Your Bed

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

    For many of us, the bedroom is a room that’s just large enough to hold the bed and space for a few clothes. This is especially true for rentals or railroad style homes. But if you find yourself among those fortunate enough to have a bedroom large enough to place a piece of furniture at the end of your bed, the question you have to ask is, “What do I put there?”

    Whether you’re looking for beauty or function, there are lots of ways to use this found space. You can find interesting pieces at tag sales or flea markets or choose a special piece for your room.

    Depending on the amount of space you have, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to put at the end of a bed by following these tips and ideas:

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    Furnish The Area At The Foot Of The Bed In The Latest Fashion

    The latest trend in this area is to create a composition with a mixture of elements. In practice, you will have to create a mini-environment at the foot of the bed

    An example? Two upholstered chairs and a coffee table. Without a doubt, this is a purely aesthetic option. The advantage is creating a functional space in which to have tea or coffee, perhaps while reading a book. The disadvantage is that you will need a large strangle to be able to arrange all these elements without being tight.

    Add A Pair Of Ottomans To The End Of Your Bed

    The Bed Boss: Foot end not working on your Maximize 604? Try this!

    Place a pair of ottomans at the end of the bed to add instant glamour to your bedroom.

    A popular bedroom design idea with most interior designers, ottomans are usually lower than a chair or sofa and can be a great multi-functional piece of bedroom furniture.

    The example above is from my oldest daughters bedroom.

    I went with Moroccan poufs, which are often a more affordable option.

    Since this room is so white, I chose an accent color from the room to give it more visual interest.

    You can use an ottoman as a table, stool, footstool or to store extra bedding, books, and magazines.

    Speaking of storing extra books

    Image via Wayfair

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    Mix And Match For Custom Style

    Whether your style leans more coastal, you tilt towards Boho or youre known for your country roots, you can still mix and match pieces to create a unique, personalized bedroom. Your foundational pieces may be considered rustic bedroom furniture, but that doesnt mean you have to stick with similar accents. For example, if youre feeling adventurous, try pairing glam bedding with your rustic furniture for an exciting and unexpected combination. If youve selected a more traditional bedroom set, try using contemporary accents in your space. A sleek lamp in the corner or on the nightstand can give your traditional room a slightly modern edge while keeping the decor current.

    The main takeaway: You shouldnt feel stuck in any one style. The foundation of your room will most likely fit a general style, but your accents can take you in different design directions. And the best part? You can transform your entire room just by switching out accents. Leave the essential bedroom furniture alone and try out a trendy rug in the middle of the room, or a patterned accent chair in the corner. Mixing and matching different styles can help you invent a new design genre thats all yours.

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    Low Cabinet Chest Or Trunk

    While a long, low piece may look better in most rooms, even a taller piece will work well. The drawers are great for linen storage, books, or craft supplies that you might use in your bedroom. A trunk can hold extra blankets and pillows. A nice piece of wood furniture gives a good balance to a bedroom’s upholstered look.

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    Low Levels Create Laid

    Looking to add a casual, cozy vibe to your sleeping space? Establish low-lying levels throughout the room. For example, the easygoing atmosphere of this space is made possible by a platform-style bed under the room’s eaves and an ultra-low bench at the foot of the bed. By hugging the floor, the furniture practically invites you to flop down and rest awhile.

    Feast At Your Footboard

    Foot Of Bed Furniture

    There are no rules for footboard styling, so feel free to get creative when laying down your own decorative law in the bedroom. Whether you choose to create a reading nook or even an eating areaâas is the case in this luxurious master retreatâthe layout is limited only by your imagination. Ditch those pesky preconceived notions, and think outside the box with your functional planning.

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    + Foot Of Bed Furniture

    10+ Foot Of Bed Furniture. Shop wayfair for the best foot of bed chest. Foot of bed furniture i recommend anybody this site where you can get the best furniture at great price, with varied choices for your home helping you

    20++ small space sofa for small living room june 24, 2022 in about home. Shop wayfair for the best foot of bed chest. Buy the best and latest foot of bed furniture on offer the quality foot of bed furniture on sale with worldwide free shipping.


    Blackband design 949.872.2234 home design/build by: You can place a larger one for additional storage.


    20++ couch at foot of bed june 6, 2022 in about home. Root bench for bath foot of bed outdoor indoor patio porch bedroom settee loveseat play room rustic boho country live edge root cabin farm.


    20++ brown leather mid century sofa august 6, 2022 in about home. A wooden bench, vintage chest, baskets, or wood boxes are suitable items for decorating country bedrooms.


    Emotional design is an integral element in our philosophy, she explains. 28 lovely foot of the bed ideas godfather style luxury bedroom master bedroom design contemporary bedroom.


    A piece of equipment that provides storage space, comfortable seat and attractive appearance in neutral colour. Get it as soon as wed, aug 31.


    Chief_pedant january 31, 2010, 12:23am #14. Its size is quite large , so the storage space is also large.

    Source: Source:

    Trunks Are The Best Storage Decor

    This is probably one of our favorite foot of the bed furniture ideas. Vintage trunks are becoming super popular in bedroom decor. They make any space feel like grandmas house, and also give off a charming vibe.

    Theyre also very practical for rooms without much space. Besides being decorative, they also give you a place to store your things. You can fit a million things inside them. For example, you could use a trunk to store pillows, sheets, or even just your bathroom towels.

    You can also put decorations on top of the trunk itself, like sheets or a quilt. If you fold them or roll them up on top, it will give the space a very casual look. Or, you could put books or an indoor plant on top of it.

    But trunks arent the only thing people use. It has also become common to see the foot of the bed decorated with suitcases, chests, and even books. The only limits are your imagination and your desire to innovate.

    At the end of the day, trunks are a great accessory thanks to that vintage look and can work well in just about any room. You can also find lots of them at the store, in all sizes and with all kinds of patterns and designs.

    If you like DIY projects, you could re-use an old trunk or suitcase you have lying around the house. Let your imagination loose and customize it however you like. If you feel like it, you can even stack some on top of each other.

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    Two Chairs With An Accent Table

    Theres nothing quite like a lazy Sunday morning when you can finally enjoy a lie-in, drink coffee in bed, and just take it easy.

    So, why not incorporate this concept into bedroom design by adding two matching chairs and a small accent table at the end of the bed.

    This look will draw the eye directly to your bed and ooze elegance.

    Tufted bench at the foot of our bed.

    How Much Space Should Be At The Foot Of The Bed

    DIY Platform Bed Made from ONLY 2×4’s!! | Modern Builds

    Most people dont have a lot of space to spare in their bedroom, especially if youre renting. However, its nice to have a bit of additional room so the bedroom doesnt feel crammed and to avoid feeling like the walls are closing in on you when you go to sleep. In fact, some people may experience feelings of anxiety or claustrophobia if the bed is placed right up against a wall.

    According to interior designers, two to three feet is the best amount of space to leave at the foot of the bed. Ideally, you should have 22 inches of walking around space on either side of the bed and at its foot.

    Another good tip when considering the space around the bed is that most bedroom doors open into the room, so take that into account before placing your bed too close to the door!

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    A Chic And Simple Bench

    A simple, good looking bench is almost always what I choose to put at the foot of our own bed, which is a king size.

    The image above is from our beach house. Since our bed is a large canopy bed, I chose a coordinating bench with a clean design.

    Also worth noting, since the bed is wooden and upholstered, I went with a gold metallic leg and textured tufting for this bench this gives it a bit of interest and sets it apart from the bed.

    Just a few things to think about when choosing which piece to place at the foot of your bed.

    Mid Century Modern Settee Bench

    Tips For Making The Right Choice

    The main thing to keep in mind is to meet functional needs, if you need them. In a nutshell: do you need a trunk, a shoe cabinet, a bedside table?

    Furthermore, it is important that the furniture at the foot of the bed harmonizes with the decorative style of the room : overall the bedroom must be balanced.

    Finally, remember that it is always possible to reuse existing elements and transform them into the perfect furniture for the area at the foot of the bed!

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    The Best End Of The Bed Interior Design Ideas

    What should I put at the end of my bed?

    If youre in need of some end of the bed interior design ideas, todays post is for you.

    A popular design question and a recent request Im happy to answer today.

    These end of the bed interior design ideas will enhance the look and feel of your bedrooms overall style, regardless if youre working with a small room or not.

    The bench at the foot of the bed in our primary bedroom. It provides the perfect focal point, which is why its almost always a great ideato place one there.Similar ceiling light fixture.

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