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What Insurances Is Accepted At The Clinic In Lakewood Ranch

ANNOUNCEMENT: Orthopaedic Associates of St. Augustine Joins Southeast Orthopedic Specialists

Florida Surgery currently accepts six different types of insurances listed below. If you are in network with some of these insurances we can help you, but if you are out of network with us we can still help you. Please call our billing department at 888-411-6824 to see if you can come see us even if you do not have one of the insurances listed below.

Benefits Of Going To An Outpatient Surgery Center

Our outpatient surgery centers have been designed specifically to get our patients back on their feet and back to better health as fast as possible. Our surgeons specialize in procedures that are efficient and result shorter recovery times. Many patients dont even have to stay overnight. We understand that our patients want to be able to recover at home and they save a lot of money not having to stay overnight in a hospital.

Patients also find the whole experience that much more calming at an outpatient surgery center. Unlike a hospital, we offer convenient parking and things are going to feel a lot less overwhelming when you walk in the door.

Active Horse Rider Jane 57 Is Pain Free For The First Time In Years 3 Weeks After Minimally Invasive Surgery For Grade 2 Spondylolisthesis Plus Severe Stenosis With Prof Arun Ranganathan

Prof Arun Ranganathan speaking on Sky Sports
Operation Live

To book an appointment or to talk to Professor Ranganathans team:

Professor Arun Ranganathan:

MBBS, MRCS, PGDip , DM, FRCS Consultant Adult and Paediatric Spinal Surgeon

Expert reviewer for several international journals including Spine.

Reliability of Quantitative MRI Methods in the Assessment of Spinal Canal Stenosis and Cord Compression in Cervical Myelopathy Karpova A, Ranganathan A, Davis AM, Kulkarni AV, Mikulis DJ, Sooyong C, Rabin D, Craciunas S, Smith SR, Hansen MA, George J, Fehlings MG.Spine . 2012 Jul 4.

New treatments and imaging strategies in degenerative disease of the intervertebral disks. Lotz JC, Haughton V, Boden SD, An HS, Kang JD, Masuda K, Freemont A, Berven S, Sengupta DK, Tanenbaum L, Maurer P, Ranganathan A, Alavi A, Marinelli NL. Radiology. 2012 Jul 264:6-19.

ISSLS Prize Winner 2009 : What is the effect of a sustained Load on Diffusion of Solutes in Human Intervertebral Discs ? Lead article in Spine Vol 34, Oct 1 2009, pp 2324 2337. PMID: 19755934R Arun, BJC Freeman, BE Scammell, DS McNally, P Gowland.

ISSLS Prize Winner 2004: A Study of Diffusion in Human Lumbar Discs: A Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study Documenting the Effect of Endplate on Diffusion in Normal and Degenerate Discs. S. Rajasekaran, JN Babu, R Arun, AP Shetty, S Murugan.Spine , Number 23,Dec.1, 2004, pp 2654-2667. PMID: 15564914

Current Papers under submission



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About Professor Arun Ranganathan

Professor Ranganathan is, by nature, an analytical and conservative practitioner who specialises in minimal access and keyhole surgery because it offers the best chance of quick and effective recovery. His experience in all forms of adult and paediatric spinal deformity including osteotomies, complex spinal reconstructions and tumour surgery is second to none. A firm believer in the value of adopting a multi-disciplinary team approach and, with this ethos in mind, he established London Spine Care, a collective of the best surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths and pain experts to deliver holistic care for all spinal problems. In April 2019, he carried out spine straightening scoliosis surgery on Operation Live, a Channel 5 programme, nominated for a BAFTA in the category best live event in June 2020. This live surgery was a world first and is now used to inform and educate patients about the surgery itself.

His exceptional talent was recognised at the relatively young age for a complex spinal surgeon, when, at 35, he was selected to set up the paediatric service and the new adult spinal service at Barts Health NHS Trust.

He is one of only a handful of UK spinal surgeons to be in receipt of a National Institute of Health Sciences Research Grant and worked as chief investigator of PRESTO a multi-centre national trial looking into the treatment of thoracolumbar spine fractures.

Professor Arun Ranganathan:

Latest reviews from Top Doctors:

Latest reviews from Doctify:

What Insurances Is Accepted At The Clinic In Ocala

How to Prepare For a Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Florida Surgery currently accepts six different types of insurances listed below. If you are in network with some of these insurances we can help you, but if you are out of network with us we can still help you. Please call our billing department at 888-411-6824 to see if you can come see us even if you do not have one of the insurances listed below.

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Our Surgical Outcomes Speak For Themselves

Florida Surgery Consultants is a team of Board Certified Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons who are trained in diagnosing and treating patients who are in need of surgery. Our doctors also perform minimally invasive procedures as well as the most complex procedures. Schedule a consultation with the best spine surgeons, back pain doctors, orthopedic doctors in Florida.

We offer 5 convenient locations in Tampa, Ocala, Gainesville, Lakeland and Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch. Our team of specialists is now accepting new patients. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule your first consultation with our neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons.

Suffering From Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common problems today. If you are suffering from back pain and want to get solutions call and consult with the top spine surgeons. Our team of board certified Neurosurgeons specialize in an extensive range of back pain procedures and are here to help. Our Spine Surgeons are located in all our clinics throughout Florida. (Tampa, Bradenton, Ocala, Gainesville and Lakeland

Traumatic Brain Injury?

Are you or a loved one suffering for a Traumatic Brain Injury? We are here to help. Our Neurosurgeon Dr. Surbhi Jain specializes in treating patients that have traumatic brain injuries.

Knee, Shoulder, or Hip Issues?

Schedule A Surgical Consultation In Lakeland

We are a group of Spine Surgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons located in Lakeland, Florida. Our Neurosurgeon are spine specialists that have done thousands of spine procedures to treat patients that have back pain as well as neck pain. Most of our procedures are minimally invasive, meaning there is less than a 1 inch incision or sometimes no incision. The Neurosurgeons can also see patients that have the most complex spine cases and do the complex procedures required to fix the issues.

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Our Orthopedic Surgeons In Ocala

Doctor Richard Katz is one of the best when it comes to outcomes. All of his patients praise him on how well his bedside manner is and also how well he fixes shoulder and knee problems. Being a board certified orthopedic surgeon, he is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Florida.

Our Orthopedic Surgeons In Lakewood Ranch

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbar Spine Conditions – Florida Orthopaedic Institute

As for orthopedic surgery for the knees and shoulders, Dr. Katz is the top in the state of Florida. He handles a lot of professional athlete cases as well as high school athletes. Dr. Katz is a highly capable surgeon that has some of the best outcomes when it comes to post surgery. Below is a link to his CV.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Neurosurgeon In Gainesville Fl

At Florida Surgery Consultants, we have a Traumatic Brain Injury specialist that is able to diagnose and treat patients that suffer from brain injuries. Many of the patients we see suffer from these injuries due to a car accident or work related incident. If you or a loved one is suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury, schedule a consultation with Dr. Surbhi Jain, Neurosurgeon specializing in Traumatic Brain Injuries, today.

Board Certified Surgeons In Lakeland Fl

If you are looking for a neurosurgeon that has years of experience with the spine, Florida Surgery has the best of the best. We also have some of the best orthopedic surgeons that specialize in knees, shoulders, and hips.

We are now officially opened and we are looking forward to serving Polk County with our team of Spine and Orthopedic Surgeons. Our office address is 604 Robin Road Suite 1 Lakeland, FL 33811.

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Neurological Procedures In Florida

Thanks to significant advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques, more neurological procedures are being performed in outpatient surgical centers. For people with significant back problems, they may need spine surgery in order to treat their condition.

Most back problems can be addressed with non-surgical forms of treatment. That being said, if you have been attempting to alleviate your symptoms through physical therapy and medication without success, we do recommend that you schedule a surgical consultation with us. We currently have 6 outpatient surgery centers in Florida.

What To Expect From Your Surgical Consultation In Ocala

Florida Surgery Consultants

Florida Surgery Consultants only hires the best. When it comes to our nursing staff, medical staff, and surgeons we make sure that they are all at the utmost quality in order for our patients to have the best experience. Communication is key and our staff does it extremely well.

Seeking a consultation here are some of the things that you should have answered:

  • What are the benefits of this procedure?
  • Are there any options besides this procedure?
  • How long will I be in pain for after this procedure?
  • How bad are the effects if I do not follow through with this procedure?
  • What will my life be like if I go through with this procedure?
  • Can you list all the complications of this procedure?

Scheduling a consultation with one of our surgeons is easy. Here are two ways you can schedule your consultation, you can call 421-2532 or use our contact form to the right to schedule a consultation.

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Our Neurosurgeons In Gainesville Florida

Here is a list of our Neurosurgeons that work in our Gainesville office. These Neurosurgeons are board certified and at the top when it comes to steady hands and surgery. Our Spine Surgeon in Gainesville is Dr. Donna Saatman. She is a spine surgeon in Gainesville, Florida. Below is links to our doctors resumes.

Dr Hall Your Tampa Spine Surgeon

Dr. Jonathan Hall is one of the top board certified spine surgeons in Tampa. He specializes in treating back, neck, and spinal conditions and focuses his practice based off of a minimally invasive approach to his procedures. Dr. Jonathan Hall currently visits three of our offices throughout Florida including Lakeland, Bradenton, and Tampa where his main practice is.

Dr. Hall performs many different spinal procedures, both minimally invasive and non-invasive. He is one of less than only four thousand board certified neurosurgeons in the U.S. and he is considered one of the best in Florida!

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Orthopedic Procedures In Florida

Again thanks to advancements in modern medical technology, we are able to perform a significant number of orthopedic procedures at our outpatient surgery centers in Florida. Not long ago, these surgeries could only be performed in a traditional hospital setting. Our team of orthopedic surgeons and treatment specialists use the latest anesthesia techniques, advanced pain management and joint replacement technology.

Best Neurosurgeons In Gainesville Fl

Conventional and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – Florida Orthopaedic Institute

3 Best Neurosurgeons in Gainesville, FL DONNA SAATMAN, MD – FLORIDA SURGERY CONSULTANTS 3760 NorthWest 83 Street, Suite 3, Gainesville, FL 32606 DIRECTIONS CALL EMAIL Since 1997 Heres The Deal: Dr. Donna Saatman is a board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in treating patients who suffer from back pain and neck

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How Are Spinal Conditions Treated

The most appropriate treatments for a given spinal condition will vary depending on a complex set of factors. Fortunately, Florida Surgery Consultants employs a team of board certified spine surgeons and orthopedic specialists capable of treating any spinal condition our patients are suffering from.

Combining advanced diagnostic tools with extensive medical experience, our Florida clinics are well equipped to handle your case if you are suffering from chronic neck or back pain. Looking for the best spine treatment program in your area? Schedule a consultation with our spine specialists and we will show you the difference.

For severe spinal conditions, neurological spine procedures can yield significant results. However, we take the time with each patient to thoroughly review their treatment options. From injections, to minimally invasive spine procedures to spinal fusions, we can provide you with the very best form of treatment for your back pain symptoms.

Why Choose Florida Surgery Consultants In Ocala

In May 2019 we opened our office in Ocala, Florida to help patients that have been suffering from back pain. At Florida Surgery Consultants we have the best doctors that can treat your back pain symptoms. The Neurosurgeons on our team are Neurological Spine Surgeons, the top of the food chain when it comes to surgery. These doctors have done brain surgery and thousands of back procedures. They can perform the most complex procedures as well as the most minimally invasive procedures. Popular spine procedure they perform is a TLIF, SI Joint Fusion, or a ACDF. Popular minimally invasive spine procedures they perform are Percutaneous Laser Decompression, Microdiscectomy, and Foraminotomy.

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Minimally Invasive Vs Open Neurosurgery

For spine surgery in particular, traditionally neurosurgeons would perform an open surgery. This approach involves a big incision, more risk to the surrounding muscle of the spine and longer recovery times. Fortunately, modern medical technology has made it so that more spine conditions can be treated with minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally invasive spine surgery has several benefits compared to open surgery. These include:

  • Small incisions = small scar
  • Less risk to the muscles surrounding the spine
  • Shorter operating time

What Are People Saying About Florida Surgery Consultants

Florida Surgery Consultants

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Dr. Jonathan S. Hall, was absolutely outstanding. I cannot express the thankfulness of the bedside manner and the time he took to explain everything to myself and my wife. He eased my mind on so many concerns and I look forward to my procedures going forward.Can’t say enough about the staff so courteous and kind.Thank you again Dr. Hall for being so kind.”

“Dr Jonathan Hall is been treating my back problems for the passed 3 years. He is very professional and informative. His treatment is outstanding. His stuff is attentive, caring and accommodative. Tampa office is very beautiful and relaxing.”

“Great place. They are all friendly and very helpful. Fast service almost no waiting. Dr Hall is great with giving the injections.”

“I am pleased with the way everyone listens to my problems and takes care of my needs. All the doctors really listen and I feel confident with their assessments.”

“Great friendly and knowledgeable staff! The office is very comfortable and professional. I would highly recommend anyone needing their services.”

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Schedule A Surgical Consultation In Gainesville

Do you have a spine disorder or back pain? Come see a neurosurgeon when it comes to your spinal issues. They are considered the top surgeons having operated on the brain and spine.

Our office in Gainesville is located right off of NW 39th Ave by the Sante Fe College. We are in the medical plaza across the street from Gator BTW.

What Insurance Is Accepted At The Clinic In Gainesville Florida

Florida Surgery currently accepts six different types of insurances listed below. If you are in network with some of these insurances we can help you, but if you are out of network with us we can still help you. Please call our billing department at 888-411-6824 to see if you can come see us even if you do not have one of the insurances listed below.

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Advocate For Patient Education

In his practice, Dr. Highsmith takes an active role in educating his patients about spinal disorders and treatment options. He authored The Complete Idiots Guide to Back Pain. Furthermore, he serves as the Medical and Technology advisor to, a well-respected and peer-reviewed web site offering a wealth of spine information. Dr. Highsmith also serves on the SpineUniverse Editorial Board.

World Leaders In Spinal Treatment +

Fellowship Programs – Florida Orthopaedic Institute

Spine & Orthopedic Center has become Floridas number one orthopedic and spine care center! We have helped thousands of patients suffering from neck and back pain. Hundreds of others, from around the world, visit our different offices throughout South Florida seeking for spinal treatment.

Our team of renowned and awarded physicians, lead by our spine surgeon Dr. Ashish Sahai, has successfully bridged the gap between spine surgery and interventional pain management to provide our patients with even less invasive spine treatment options, less discomfort and a life in full motion.

From pain management and physical therapy to minimally invasive and complex spine surgery, we have the best possible team of doctors and specialists in order to provide exceptional patient care and the optimum outcomes.

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What Are The Benefits Of Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is performed with the primary goals of relieving pain in that joint and restoring lost mobility. Studies have shown that the average hip or knee replacement will last for at least 2 decades, giving patients plenty of time to enjoy their favorite activities pain free.

Going to an outpatient surgery center for joint replacement surgery offers some key benefits compared to going to a hospital. For patients that come to Florida Surgery Consultants for joint replacement surgery, we offer a comprehensive experience. From initial consultation and evaluation to rehabilitation. Please note that certain factors like age, overall health and weight can prohibit someone from qualifying for this type of procedure at an outpatient surgery center. Please call us at # if you have any questions.

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