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What Doctor For Back Pain

New Technology For Spine Surgery

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Orthopedists. Orthopedic doctors and surgeons are trained experts in the healing functions relative to the musculoskeletal system. This type of doctor is board certified and can help to treat any issues you may have with pain in the neck, spine, disc-related pain, and other common back pain complaints.

Bone Joint And Muscle Pain Can Be Debilitating

Whether your pain is caused by arthritis, injury or overuse, you need an expert orthopedics team on your side.Here at Mount Sinai, our orthopedic specialists provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for conditions affecting the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow or spine. Our surgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained, but just as importantly, they bring a personal, compassionate, individualized approach to every patient they treat.

We know that in the New York City area, you have many choices for orthopedic care. But at Mount Sinai, we offer something other orthopedic programs dont: a personalized experience that makes our patients feel special. Naturally, our goal is to provide the best possible care. But we also want you to feel comfortable, safe and exceptionally well taken care of while youre with us. We want you to come to Mount Sinai as a patient but leave as a friend.

We serve adults and children facing a range of orthopedic conditions, from arthritis to sports injuries. Our specialists are leaders in their field for surgery, clinical research and the development of new, innovative techniques. Our orthopedics program is ranked 8th in the country, according toU.S. News & World Report. And the nationally recognized Mount Sinai Joint Replacement Center is so well respected that the National Football League hand-selected it to provide retired players with joint replacement surgery.

Sciatica: Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Amputation of the hip is a serious health condition that can affect up to 15% of the population in their lifetime. It is most commonly caused by a herniation of a disc in the low back, but it can also be caused by a slipped disc in the neck, a tumor, or a nucleus pulposus . The sciatic nerve runs through the back of the leg and then into the ankle to exit. It can be caused by a variety of factors, the most common of which is a herniation in the lower back. Damage to the sciatic nerve can also be caused by a slipped disc in the neck, a tumor, or a herniated nucleus pulposus . If the sciatic nerve is damaged, it can cause a wide range of symptoms, including pain in the back of the leg, buttock pain, thigh pain, and calf pain. If you are suffering from sciatica, you should seek immediate medical attention. Medication, physical therapy, and surgery are all options for treating the condition. If you have a difficult time recovering from a surgery, it is critical to consult with your healthcare provider about what options are available to you.

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Board Certification And Training

When looking for a back pain doctor, it is important to select a pain specialist who is qualified and has the appropriate background training. Board Certification in Pain Medicine is a key qualification to look for. Board Certification requires extensive specialty-specific training and ongoing education to stay current on the most recent advances in pain medicine. Choose a physician who has completed advanced fellowship training to learn the safest, most effective, and most sophisticated techniques to target back pain. At VIP Medical Groups Pain Treatment Clinics, all of our back pain doctors are Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology, meaning that they adhere to the highest medical standards. In addition, all of our physicians did an advanced fellowship specializing in Pain Medicine at Harvard before joining our pain center team.

Back Conditions Treated By Orthopedic Doctors/back Doctors

Best Orthopedic Spine Surgeons in Orange County, CA

How do you know if you require services from a back specialist? If you are experiencing any type of back pain or functional concerns, our team of back doctors is here to help.

Back doctors can assist with a variety of spinal disorders, including:

  • Herniated discs
  • Congenital abnormalities

The first step is to identify the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort. Then, we create a personalized treatment plan to offer immediate relief and long-term results.

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V Inflammatory Lower Back Pain

Although comparatively few patients have low back pain due to inflammation, the problem can be life long and can impair function significantly. The good news is that treatments can help essentially all patients, and can lead to major improvements.

Seronegative spondyloarthropathies are a group of inflammatory diseases that begin at a young age, with gradual onset. Like other inflammatory joint diseases, they are associated with morning stiffness that gets better with exercise. Sometimes fusion of vertebrae in the cervical or lumbar regions of the spine occurs. Drugs called TNF-alpha blocking agents, which are used for rheumatoid arthritis, are also used to treat the stiffness, pain, and swelling of spondyloarthropathy, when the cases are severe and not responsive to traditional medications.

People who have spondyloarthropathy have stiffness that is generally worst in the morning, and have decreased motion of the spine. They also can have decreased ability to take a deep breath due to loss of motion of the chest wall. Its important for the physician to look for problems with chest wall expansion in patients with spondyloarthropathy.

Reactive arthritis syndrome is one of the forms of spondyloarthropathy. It is a form of arthritis that occurs in reaction to an infection somewhere in the body, and it carries its own set of signs and symptoms. The doctor will look for:

With Columbia Doctors And A World

Pain in one area can be a symptom of a broad range of different orthopedic disorders. Thats why it is important to be evaluated and treated by experienced practitioners. Our award-winning team of orthopedists, surgeons, physiologists, and rehabilitation specialists are committed to helping people live a full life free of pain.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital our physicians, including surgeons from Columbia, work with a team of experts to treat a range of orthopedic conditions. Our staff includes nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, and athletic trainers who are skilled at providing excellent orthopedic care.

Our Approach to Care

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Do Pinched Nerves Go Away On Their Own

Have you ever been seated with your legs crossed for too long and noticed your foot has fallen asleep? That tingling, numb sensation is a classic example of a pinched nerve. It is rather common to experience a mild example of a pinched nerve like this and usually repositioning your body is all it takes for the pressure on the nerve to ease and for normal feeling to return. However, there are other types of pinched nerves that do not resolve as quickly and may require you to seek medical treatment from an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic doctors and surgeons specialize in the spine and joints, which affect the whole body, so they are highly skilled in addressing pinched nerves and their effects on various parts of the body.

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When To See A Doctor For Back Pain

Back Pain: Causes, Relief and Treatment – Best Back Pain Doctors India

How do you find a doctor for your back pain? If you suddenly feel a sudden surge of pain, discomfort, weakness, or numbness, it is critical that you consult a doctor. The bladderâs function has been compromised. A high fever has developed. If you have back pain that does not fit any of the above symptoms, it may be time to see a doctor. Back pain can be the result of a more serious condition, such as a herniation or a spinal cord injury.

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How Can I Book An Appointment Online With A Doctor For Illness

Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find doctors for Illness and book appointments instantly. You can search for doctors for Illness or any other visit reason. Then, enter your desired appointment location and choose your insurance plan. Based on that information, youll see a list of providers who meet your search criteria, along with their available appointment slots.

When To See A Doctor

Most back pain only lasts a few days and can be simply treated with rest, cold compress , and/or common pain relievers such as ibuprofen or Tylenol. However, if these self-treatment remedies fail to relieve your pain, it may warrant a trip to the doctor.

If youre not sure whether your back pain is a temporary ailment or a symptom of a more serious problem, here are some guidelines on when you should consult a physician such as when the back pain:

  • follows a traumatic event, such as after a car accident or a fall
  • is constant and is getting worse instead of better
  • continues for more than a few weeks
  • is severe and doesnt improve within a few days despite the self-treatment remedies mentioned above
  • is accompanied by swelling or redness on your back
  • is more intense at night when most back pain tends to lessen due to rest
  • is severe enough to keep you awake at night
  • is accompanied by abdominal pain
  • spreads down one or both of your legs especially if it extends below your knee
  • includes numbness in your upper inner thighs, groin area, buttocks or genital area
  • Is accompanied by neurological problems such as weakness, numbness or a tingling sensation in your legs or arms

Any or all of these are signs of possible injury or damage to your back, and should be promptly diagnosed by an orthopedic doctor.

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Orthopedic And Sports Medicine Services

Our orthopedic programs offer the full spectrum of adult and pediatric care, from conservative management of orthopedic conditions to advanced surgical treatments.

Our sports medicine specialists have extraordinary expertise in caring for athletes, from elite professionals to weekend enthusiasts.

Our orthopedics programs are supported by the depth of resources available at NewYork-Presbyterian, including on-site radiology, neurology, physical therapy, and rheumatology, enabling patients to receive comprehensive care beyond their orthopedic concerns.

At the foundation of our orthopedic programs are major research endeavors to identify new surgical techniques focusing on minimally invasive approaches and biologic therapies that are advancing treatment for joint diseases and injuries.

Patients who come to our programs find a comprehensive approach to care, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

Orthopedics Learn what you need to know from NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Does joint pain affect your quality of life? Are injuries keeping you from training at your best? When should your child see an orthopedist?

Join us as experts in pediatric orthopedics, sports medicine, upper body, and more will discuss their specialties, the integrated practice, and comprehensive surgical and non-surgical services now on offer for children and adults.


What Kind Of Doctor Should I See For Back Pain

General Neck &  Back Pain

Orthopedists. Orthopedic doctors and surgeons are trained experts in the healing functions relative to the musculoskeletal system. This type of doctor is board certified and can help to treat any issues you may have with pain in the neck, spine, disc-related pain, and other common back pain complaints.

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Orthopedic Surgeons Located In Midtown Manhattan New York Astoria & Brooklyn Ny

Nearly everyone experiences back pain at some point, but the pain in your lower back that radiates into your leg may be a sign of lumbar radiculopathy, also known as sciatica. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist Vikas V. Varma, MD, provides nonsurgical and surgical treatments for back pain at Manhattan Orthopedics, located in Midtown Manhattan as well as in Astoria and Brooklyn in New York. To find relief from your back pain, call our office or schedule an appointment online today.

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Ix Referred Pain To The Lumbar Spine

Pain in the area of the lumbar spine may be due to important problems that are actually unrelated to the back.Referred pain occurs when a problem in one place in the body causes pain in another place. The pain travels down a nerve. For example, a pinched nerve in the neck may cause pain that is felt in the arm or hand. Sources of referred pain may include abdominal aneurysm , tubal pregnancy, kidney stones, pancreatitis, and colon cancer. Clues to these maladies include pain that waxes and wanes over a short period, with frequent peaks of intense pain, weight loss, abnormalities found during abdominal exam, and trace amounts of blood in the urine.

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When Back Pain Should Be Evaluated By An Orthopedic Doctor

Back pain is so common that we often ignore it or neglect it. But without proper treatment, it can develop into a more severe and chronic condition.

An orthopedic doctor specializes in the musculoskeletal system, so this type of physician can diagnose and treat your back pain in a way that works for you. Lets talk about the signs of back pain which indicate that you need to see an orthopedic doctor in order to prevent the condition from becoming worse indeed, you may be able to reverse course and eliminate the pain altogether.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Family Doctor for Back Pain

Pain in the lumbar spine can often be challenging. However, that does not necessarily signal a serious issue, as there are a number of reasons why you might be contending with discomfort in this area of your back.

Many people who are dealing with lower back pain have experienced a strain to either the muscles or ligaments in this area. Heavy lifting or overstretching can cause both strains and sprains, which are also possible through extreme physical exertion, or a fall.

Muscle spasms can also occur in the aftermath of involvement in sports such as football or golf, along with a number of recreational activities. If your abdominal muscles are not particularly strong, this will further increase the chances of experiencing these spasms.

Arthritis can also impact the lower area of your back, as can bulging or ruptured discs. Osteoporosis can also create pain if your vertebrae eventually develop compression fractures or your bones become brittle.

Your risk of dealing with a lower back issue also increases if you do not exercise regularly, or are carrying excess body weight. Smoking can also be a factor, as can failing to use your legs when you are lifting. Anxiety and aging can also make it more likely that you will have issues in your lower back.

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Sports Injuries And Joint Pain Treatments

Joints are a common area for chronic pain and sports injuries. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons and medical support team are experts in relieving joint pain and repairing joint injuries. From joint injections to resolve pain and inflammation to total joint replacement procedures, you can trust our team to restore joint mobility at our Peachtree Corners, GA facility.

You do not need to live with chronic neck, back or joint pain any longer. If you live near Peachtree Corners, GA, and need orthopedic treatment, contact our team at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians. We can schedule a pain relief consultation at our medical center near you.

Peachtree Corners, GA
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Surgery was a success my left knee is fully functional again. Langer and his staff was very helpful through this entire process they assigned me a top physical therapist Cara which was great at helping me to improve now just up to me to continue to condition myself back to the way I was physically before the injury and hopefully I never have to endure any future injuries that lead to surgery. Overall a great help and experience after surgery was completed. Thank You to Langer and his staff.

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The Morrow location was a great experience for me. The staff was nothing less than perfect to me. I’m glad I chose this location.

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Everyone was friendly, hospitable and very professional. It was a very positive experience. We worked together for a common goal, getting me better!

What Can An Orthopedic Doctor Do For Back Pain

Thinking you might need to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor so you can find the back pain relief you need? If your back pain is in any way related to your musculoskeletal system, then it is definitely worth your while to see what a doctor who specializes in orthopedics can do for you. When you are suffering from back pain, it can be difficult for you to get through the day. Even if your back pain is minimal, it still has the potential to make it so you are not living life to the fullest.

Before meeting with an orthopedic doctor, making an appointment with your general doctor is recommended.

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Pain Around Ribs And Lower Back Symptoms

The most common symptom of a problem with the ribs is pain. The pain may be sharp, dull, or achy and can occur anywhere in the area of the ribs. It is often worse with deep breaths, coughing, or laughing. The pain may also radiate to the back or the abdomen. Other symptoms may include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or a feeling of fullness in the chest.

It is not uncommon for rib cage pain to cause minor tenderness, cramps, or a burning sensation. Even if chest and abdomen pain is more intense, rib pain is frequently caused by a spine issue. Low back pain is typically caused by a lumbar muscle strain or sprain. A thoracic spine injury can result in fractures or displaced ribs as a result of a traumatic event. When a rib is pushed, it can cause cramps in the rib muscles between it and the muscles in the back or front. From the herniation site along the rib in the upper back, the pain, tingling, and numbness can radiate to the chest or abdomen.

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