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Center For Orthopedics And Movement

Coverage For Assistive Devices:

Center for Orthopedics and Movement Overview, Exeter Hospital and Core Physicians

The Assistive Devices Program generally pays for up to 75% of the cost of approved assistive devices. In some cases, the Assistive Devices Program pays a fixed amount for a device or provides grants directly to a person for supplies. The Ontario Disability Support Program can help with some of the costs that are not covered by the Assistive Devices Program.

The Campaign For Orthopedic Care

Being mobile and pain-free is a great blessing one that means even more if youve suffered debilitating bone and joint pain.

That pain can come from injuries during athletic pursuits, accidents around the house and yard, even from work not to mention the inevitable wear and tear of aging. Few of us escape some level of bone, muscle and joint discomfort. Chances are good that you or someone you know has wrestled with an injury, arthritis, or other damage that eventually requires therapy, medication and, sometimes, surgery.

Atrium Medical Center plans to create a better experience for our patients who have bone, joint and spine challenges. We will:

  • Make therapy more accessible
  • Add new surgical and rehabilitation technologies
  • Support patients in need
  • Create endowments

Your gift to the Joy of Movement campaign will help to restore the joy of movement for all who suffer with bone and joint pain here in Southwest Ohio.

Learn more about the Joy of Movement campaign:

  • The need for enhanced orthopedic and related services at Atrium Medical Center
  • How the Foundation will use the funds to improve orthopedic and related care
  • Give now to enhance orthopedic care at Atrium

Center For Orthopedics And Movement Opens

EXETER The Center for Orthopedics and Movement is now open on the campus of Exeter Hospital.

The new musculoskeletal center brings multiple practices together to enable collaboration, convenience and patient-centered care. It promises team-based care at one convenient location.

The center is open for patients of Core Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Core Rheumatology, Core Podiatry and Core Physiatry, Exeter Hospitals Rehabilitation Services and massage therapy, Core Neurology, Coastal NH Neurosurgeons, Aquatic Rehabilitation and Core Acupuncture.

Loree Hazard, director of Heath Systems Planning for Exeter Health Resources, said the center has been in the planning stages for many years.

When I came here, 10 years ago, there was a dream and vision to have a centralized place for patients to go for all of these services, Hazard said. The initial focus on joint replacement quickly developed into a lot of sub-specialties and the goal was to provide an integrated services delivery system. We started planning the building based on the pathways patients take through here. We knew that Rockingham County had an aging population and needed joint replacement services, but we also have an equally vibrant sports and fitness related group of people, too. We explored what kind of services we wanted to deliver to our patients. The result is this destination-based center where all the needs can be met in one place, offering better outcomes and convenience for our patients.

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Exeter Hospital Center For Orthopedics & Movement Exeter Nh 03833

Exeter Hospital Center for Orthopedics & Movement is located at 7 Alumni Drive in the Exeter neighborhood, NH, Exeter, 03833. The Class B Office building was completed in 1998 and features a total of 40,095 SF.

There are 4 office spaces for lease in the Exeter neighborhood, totaling 67,298 SF of available office space. The office space availability for the 03833 zip code is 67,298 SF, in 4 office spaces. The average asking office rent per SF in Exeter is $18/SF/YR. For Class A office buildings the average office rate is $25/SF/YR, for Class B office buildings the average office rate is $14.5/SF/YR.

In Exeter, there are 5 class B office buildings. At zip code level, there are 13 commercial properties, of which 3 are office buildings over 50,000 square feet.

Our Focus On Orthopedics Is At The Core Of What We Do And Movementis At The Core Of Your Physical Health

Synergy Physical Therapy

At Pain & Movement Solutions, we are focused on your ability to be your best! Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will utilize a whole body approach to address not only your pain, but the of your movement dysfunction.

Our clinicians have advanced training and specializations, which gives them expertise to treat all parts of the body. You will receive hands-on treatment customized to your specific needs aimed at reducing pain, reinforcing healthy function and movement and preventing further injury.

Whether youre trying to get back to everyday life, your job or your sport We can help you reach your goals!

Your experience and care will focus on:

  • Restoring functional joint movement and appropriate health of the muscle and tendon tissues through various manual techniques, including high-thrust mobilization techniques.
  • Education on performing home exercises and guidance on incorporating healthy movement into your daily life.
  • Tailoring programs to each individuals needs

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