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When Can I Return To Daily Activities

Testimonial: Ireland Jeffrey — Texas Health Orthopedic Specialists

You can resume performing normal activities as soon as your orthopedic conditions heal. Orthopedic specialists of Dallas usually suggest variable timelines for these. Thats because healing times vary case by case. For example, a patient with a serious leg fracture needs 5 to 8 months, whereas a patient undergoing routine physical therapies for back and neck pain can resume physical activities even within a month.

What Is Ortho Pain & What Are Symptoms Of Orthopedics

Ortho pain is a feeling of severe discomfort, inflammation, grinding and friction within bones, joints and other skeletal muscles. Depending on a persons or patients orthopedic condition or current bone health, ortho pain can last from anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months, or even longer upto 3 years in case of injuries, accidents or trauma.3 common symptoms of orthopedics include:

  • Severe pain and/or inflammation in joints and bones
  • Joint or bone swelling, stiffness or enlargement
  • Difficulty or continual discomfort during physical movement
  • If you have any of these symptoms, it is high time to either see a bone specialist near you, or consult an orthopedic surgeon if you have a history in orthopedics.

    Orthopaedic Specialists Of Dallas

    • 1301 Summer Lee, Rockwall, TX 75032
    • 731 Woodbridge Pkwy, #100, Wylie, TX 75098
    • 325 N FM 548 #100, Forney, TX 75126
    • Dr. Burney is fantastic. I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of care. He preformed surgery on a broken bone. He is professional and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.-KP

    To be the most trusted and advanced community based multi-specialty orthopedic practice providing compassionate evidence-based care.

    We serve all peoples orthopedic needs through a shared decision-making process incorporating the latest technologies and guidelines. We provide empathetic and accessible care in the communities we serve.

    • Dr. Umar BurneyOrthopaedic Surgeon

      Dr Umar Burney was born in Madison, Wisconsin. His parents were both in teaching profession and they inculcated an importance for learning and education. Dr Umar Burney attended Saint George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada and as voted member Iota Epsilon Alpha International medical honors society his sophomore year. He then completed his internship and orthopaedic surgical residency at Louisiana State University Shreveport, where he received several awards for excellence in Basic Science Research and Anatomy.

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  • Dr. Dan VolpiniOrthopaedic Surgeon
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    Whats Causing My Neck Pain And Arm Pain

    A common cause of neck and arm pain is a pinched nerve, also known as cervical radiculopathy. Several structures in the cervical spine can cause pressure on a nerve as it branches from the spinal cord to travel down your arm where it provides motor and sensory function.

    Two of the most common culprits behind a pinched nerve are herniated discs and bone spurs. Hereâs what you need to know about these causes of neck and arm pain â and when to consult an orthopedic specialist for help.

    About Our Orthopedics Services

    Baylor Scott &  White Sports and Orthopedic Center

    The orthopedic doctors in Dallas, TX, can help protect and restore your orthopedic musculoskeletal movement. We offer many orthopedic services and features to help you move better. From joint wellness, back and neck care and reducing or eliminating upper and lower extremity pain to sports medicine, strengthening exercises and even clinical trials, the orthopedic doctors in Dallas on the medical staff of a Baylor Scott & White medical center will compassionately care for you and your loved ones.

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    What Causes Cricks In The Neck

    Do you ever wake up in the morning with a stiff neck and hear popping or cracking noises? Whether you slept like a rock in a contorted position or uncomfortably tossed and turned all night, waking up with neck pain can be debilitating to everyday life. As an orthopedic specialist, patients will often visit my office to ask whether their neck pain is normal and where it is coming from.

    • Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute 12222 North Central Expressway,

    Our Trained Medical Practitioners And Orthopedic Surgeons In Dallas Will Be Able To Help You If You Wish To:

  • Improve your overall bone and muscle health
  • Reduce and then eliminate back, spine and neck pain
  • Enhance your physical movement
  • Boost your sports performance
  • Prevent and/or treat injuries
  • Dr. K. Nimr Ikram is a Board Certified physician in the specialty of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Ikram graduated from Jackson High School, Jackson, MI in 1988 and received his undergraduate Degree from The University of Michigan in 1992.

    In simplest forms, well help you reclaim your physical freedom, with flexibility, increased strength and smooth mobility so you live your life to the fullest like its meant to be!

    We have an alpha team of the best orthopedic specialists of Dallas. They are board-certified medical professionals including general ortho care consultants, nurses, bone specialists, osteoarthritis specialists and orthopedic surgeons in Dallas. This is to ensure that everyone contacting our clinic, whether a patient or their loved one, receives the necessary, comprehensive care they deserve.


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    Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic Associates Of Dallas Orthopedic Surgery

    When patients in the Dallas area need advanced orthopedic care, they need to call only one numberâBaylor Scott & White Orthopedic Associates of Dallas. With 18 physicians and four locations, Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic Associates of Dallas has you coveredâfrom your neck to your feet. Because each physician specializes in different orthopedic specialties, patients receive quality, expert care for a variety of issues, all within a single network of skilled physicians.

    Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic Associates of Dallas is among the oldest and most experienced orthopedic practices in Dallas, treating patients for more than 60 years. All the physicians and surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained, allowing patients to be seen by doctors who have devoted years of their lives to the study and treatment of all types of musculoskeletal conditions. They are widely recognized as leaders in their respective fields for their expertise and unwavering commitment to patient care. As a result, the physicians teach and mentor future orthopedic physicians and surgeons through the Baylor University Medical Center Orthopedic Surgery residency program. “It’s important for us to help train the next generation of physicians:” Dr. Jennifer Chu says. “We are all involved in this program, which is our way of giving back and a testament to our dedication to quality patient care.”

    Trusted Orthopedic Care Clinic In Plano And Mesquite

    Texas Orthopedics Sports & Rehabilitation Associates: A Division of OrthoLoneStar

    Meet advanced orthopedics specialists for bone and joint related medical services across Dallas, Plano and Mesquite.

    Sports Medicine

    We offer total joint replacement for patients who feel it is their best option for pain relief.

    Fill this quick form and we will get back to you, ASAP!

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    Surgeons Use Augmented Reality In The Operating Room

    The augmented reality device can help doctors during complicated spine surgeries, according to surgeons in Frisco

    Doctors in Frisco are using three dimensional technology to ease back pain. Theyâre the first in the state to use augmented reality during spine surgery and their patient told NBC 5 health reporter Bianca Castro heâs now able to get back to life before back problems.

    “It was getting worse and worse by the day. I’d get sharp pains in the back of my thighs like someone was stabbing me with a knife,” said Guy.

    Doctors determined that slipped discs in his spine were putting pressure on his nerves and he needed a spinal fusion to correct the problem.

    “It’s called augmented reality. This technology actually allows us to see the bony anatomy in real-time, in a 3-D model that we can see while we are placing the screws, improving our ability to safely place the screws in the patient’s bones,” said orthopedic spine surgeon at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Frisco Dr. Ishaq Syed.

    Centers Offering Augmented Reality

    The xvision Spine augmented reality system, launched by Chicago-based startup Augmedics in December, allows for real-time 3D visualization of the spinal anatomy during surgery.

    The system costs about $179,000 and features a headset that helps surgeons accurately place implants without having to look away from the operative table.

    Here are six centers using the technology that Becker’s Spine Review has reported on since its launch:

  • Neurosurgeons Daniel Sciubba, MD, and Timothy Witham, MD, debuted the technology at Johns Hopkins in Medicine in June.
  • Frank Phillips, MD, performed a pair of minimally invasive AR-assisted spine surgeries with the Augmedics device at Midwest Orthopaedics in Chicago in June.
  • James Lynch, MD, was among the first private practice surgeons in the U.S. to perform a spinal fusion with the device at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nev.
  • Christopher Good, MD, performed surgery at Reston Hospital Center with the technology, which he said will “elevate” the hospital’s spine program.
  • Ishaq Syed, MD, is one of a few surgeons at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center â Frisco to offer AR-assisted spine surgery with the Augmedics system.
  • John Keller, MD, performed his first AR-assisted spine surgery at Metro Health-University of Michigan Health in Wyoming, Mich., in September.
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    Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Frisco Becomes First Hospital In Texas To Deploy New Technology To Enhance Patient Safety During Spine Surgery

    Ishaq Y. Syed, MD – news.bswhealth.com

    FRISCO, Texas â Baylor Scott & White Medical Center â Frisco has added an innovative operating room technology aimed at improving patient safety during spine surgery.

    The new, FDA-cleared surgical guidance system allows a surgeon to use augmented reality to see a patientâs 3-dimensional spinal anatomy, giving the surgeon better visualization, which can lead to easier, faster and safer surgeries.

    “We continuously evaluate opportunities to improve the safety and quality of the care we provide to our patients,” said Trevor Castaneda, CEO of Baylor Scott & White â Frisco. “This addition to our orthopedic surgical suite will help the surgeons on our medical staff visualize the target of the surgery, adding an extra layer of precision to give our patients better outcomes.”

    Total Joint Replacement Surgeons

    Baylor Scott &  White Sports and Orthopaedic Center

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    Orthopedic Associates Of Dallas

    Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic Associates of Dallas is one of the most experienced orthopedic practices in the Dallas area, treating patients for over 60 years.

    Our 18 fellowship-trained surgeons have devoted years of their lives to the study and treatment of all types of musculoskeletal conditions and are supported by a compassionate team of highly trained physician assistants. Our physicians are widely recognized as leaders in their fields, thanks to the longevity of our practice, our expertise, and dedication to patients.

    For information please visit www.dallasortho.com

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