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Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For Senior Dogs

An Overstuffed Sofa Thatll Keep Your Canine Off The Floor


Grandin Road

This dog bed looks so luxurious, youll be tempted to snuggle up in it yourself. The Grandin Road bed is an orthopedic bed to give your pooch extra support. Its nice and plump, so your dog wont end up touching the floor thanks to shifting stuffing. Padded walls help make your dog feel secure and provide plenty of options for support and positioning. The microsuede cover, which comes in a range of pretty shades, is machine washable in case of spills and accidents. Choose from a variety of sizes, too.

What Is A Calming Dog Bed

You may have heard the term calming dog bed, but rest assured, its nothing more than marketing jargon used to convince pet owners to buy a particular bed. Any bed that helps your pup relax can be considered a calming dog bed. In general, bolster, cuddler, or nester beds are synonymous with calming beds. They all feature the same raised sides that act as pillows for a dog to rest their head on. And the slightly enclosed style may be reassuring to some dogshence the calming effect. Weve tested several of these types of beds, and we consider the Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bedour pick for best dog bed overallto be the best calming dog bed.

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Best Cheap Memory Foam Bed

The last choice on our list is the most affordable option: the Brindle Memory Foam dog bed. Perfect if you’re looking for a dog bed on a budget, this orthopedic dog bed offers the most bang for its buck.

Coming in three sizes, it ranges from the small at 22 x 16 inches, to the medium at 34 by 22 inches and the large at 46 x 28 inches. Each size comes with a 4-inch cushion.

Despite its lower price, the Brindle Solid Memory Foam dog bed offers useful cleaning features like being hypoallergenic, waterproof and resistant to dust mites.

Unlike the oval shape from the last example, the rectangular shape allows it to fit in most spaces and crates. This is the best option if you are looking for a short-term dog bed for the most affordable price.

Also great for doggies without a home, every day Brindle donates a dog bed to the Humane Society that the furry recipient can take with them when adopted.

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Best Dog Beds For Older Dogs

The Plush Sofa Dog Bed by Furhaven is available in small, medium, large, and three other size variations. Apart from that, this high-quality orthopedic bed also offers the comforts of an egg-crate foam suitable for pets with joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc.

The bed is designed to provide comfort and support for cuddlers and headresters, and the sleep surface is lined with plush faux fur to help your doggo ward off the chill. The cover is zippered and easy to remove, along with being machine washable.

Last but not least, you can also look forward to Furhavens 90-day limited coverage program designed to provide customers with protection against material defects.

The Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed by Big Barker is ideal for extra-large and large breeds. But heres what makes this entry one of the best orthopedic dog beds on the market the products therapeutic foam is clinically proven to improve mobility in older dogs in just 28 days.

The micro-suede removable cover is soft enough to provide you doggo with ample comfort, and its also machine washable. Finally, the beds foam comes equipped with a whopping 10-year warranty against flattening. Impressive, right?

If youre on the hunt for warming beds that are suitable for small dogs, then say hello to the OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler by Best Friends. The item is available in four sizes and is ideal for canines that like to curl up as they sleep.

Are Elevated Dog Beds Good For Arthritis


We wouldnt recommend elevated dog beds for pooches suffering from arthritis because climbing up and down from an elevated bed can put extra pressure on your canines joints. Elevated beds are suitable for your dog in terms of even weight distribution, but theyre not suitable for conditions like joint inflammation.

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No More Joint Pain The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds Of 2022

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While you can find many dog beds on the market, nothing surpasses the best orthopedic dog bed. Its more comfortable and provides support for your dogs bones and joints, which is crucial for elderly dogs.

Every manufacturer advertises its beds as heavenly and restorative, but only a few can truly live up to that claim. So, without further ado, lets look at how amazing these beds are.

The 21 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For 2022

Searching for the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds? We researched for over 100+ hours to bring you the final list of the 21 best orthopedic dog beds of 2022, to support the well-being of your dog.

Some of the most common hip and joint problems dogs suffer include Hip Dysplasia and Osteoarthritis. These can occur hereditarily, through accidents, or even due to developmental complications.

These issues can leave your dog whimpering and whining with joint pain walking with scathing joints can turn them irritable and uninviting.

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Best Small Orthopedic Dog Bed: Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed Orthopedic Memory Foam Review

PetFusions Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed is an ideal combination of affordability and solid orthopedic support for small to medium-sized dogs. The solid, certified, high-density memory foam and stuffed bolster provide comfort and relief from aching joints. And dogs can nestle their heads and legs under the bolster.

The bed is also available in larger sizes for bigger breeds. The cover is waterproof and easy to remove for the washing machine.


Personal Experience

Kimberly, a writer for Canine Journal, has the large bed for her 60-pound hound mix, Sally.

Sally loves lounging on this bed. Sometimes she is all sprawled out on it, and other times she is curled up in a tiny ball. Its one of her favorite places in the house.

Kimberly A., Canine Journal

  • Small: : $68.96
  • Sizes: Small, Large, and X-Large
  • Colors: Chocolate and Slate Gray

If you buy this bed, you may also want this replacement cover, especially if your dog has a destructive nature.

What Is The Best Dog Bed For Older Dogs

Best Dog Beds for Senior Arthritic Dogs REVIEW 2020

Theres no one perfect dog bed thatll suit older canines of all sizes and breeds. However, to make sure your pup gets the very best of life , look for an orthopedic dog bed with a non-toxic filling.

Generally, experts recommend a memory foam mattress that offers exceptional support for aching joints and muscles. Its also a good idea to opt for self-warming beds that consist of a plushy fabric that promotes and aids body temperature regulation.

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Petmaker Orthopedic Sherpa Top Pet Bed Budget

If you need a more affordable choice, the Petmaker Orthopedic Sherpa Top Pet Bed is a great alternative to our top pick.

The one thing this product does really well is fit your expectations and act as a bridge between your desired quality as well as the budget.

This orthopedic dog bed has been made with polyester material that efficiently keeps water or moisture from seeping in and keep your pooch fresh and happy!

  • 100% polyester microsuede with sherpa top
  • Can be machine-washed or lightly vacuumed
  • Made with orthopedic memory foam

Our rating: 4.9/5

The high-density foam in this product makes sure it sticks by your side for the longest time possible, giving you durability and quality!

You also have memory foam here that maintains the comfort and temperature of your dogs body seamlessly. The non-skid base adds to the products advantages. This is also one of the best affordable dog beds on the list.

The product is flat through-and-through and there are no cushioned bolsters for your pooch to lay their head-on.

This can come across as a problem for old dogs who need to rest and relax their necks. Alternatively, You can check our unique picks for best dog beds for older dogs only.

Faqs About Dog Beds For Older Dogs

Is memory foam suitable for senior dogs?

Yes. Memory foams beds and highly recommended for senior dogs. They can provide a balance between support and cushioning which is really important when purchasing a dog bed for older dogs.Most of these beds come wither water-repellent covers which can keep the bed fresh and clean for longer hours. However, it is important to note that memory foam beds may not be suitable for heavy or aggressive chewers.

How often should you clean the dog bed?

As a thumb rule, you should wash and clean your dogs bed every once in a week. Some of the best washable dog beds are completely washable, while some arrive with removable and machine-washable covers.Always use your common sense and clean the bed if it starts emitting a bad or foul smell. The idea is to keep your old guys bed dry and fresh as much as possible.

How much does a bed for older dogs cost?

A decent dog bed for older dogs can cost you anywhere between 30 to 100 USD. There are many factors that influence the difference in price namely size, material, brand, and reputation of the product in the market.

Which is the best bed for older dogs?

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The Right Research Approach For The Top Shelf Orthopedic Dog Beds

Our best orthopedic dog bed reviews need substantial evaluation criteria to help you reach a decision. Heres how we choose the finest dog beds:


If the material doesnt sink your dog into eternal coziness its not the right bed for your pal. Fabrics like faux fur, plush, and sherpa fleece provide the perfect heat and comfort, while polyester could be noisy upon movement. Companies usually had at least four color options for each bed, which we love. After all, its nice if the bed complements your interior decor.

Quality & Durability

Most beds are double stitched to provide more stable positioning and last longer. Many had chew-proof zippers, which is great news for the owners of chewers. But we also found customer complaints that some beds can arrive in bad shape due to improper packaging.


The best orthopedic dog bed review would also comment on the bonus features. For example, one of the beds we found comes with a toy, while another has a replaceable middle. Still, the bolsters are the most typical extra feature. Also, all of them featured non-slip bottoms.

Warranty & Refund Guarantee

Many companies, but not all, offer guarantees and refunds to back up the quality of their products. A few even came with a 20-year guarantee. The remaining warranties range between one to three years.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Customer Reviews

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds for Older Dogs (Keeping Your Companion Comfy)


The high-end Big Barker bed shows that orthopedic dog beds come in all sizes and can even accommodate the biggest dogs out there. This allows breeds like Great Danes, Dobermans, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and Huskies to lounge comfortably.

Its size range categorizes the bed into large, extra large and XXL options. The respective size dimensions for each are 48 x 30 inches, followed by 52 x 36 inches and 60 x 48 inches. Each option has a 7-inch cushion and is offered in burgundy, charcoal gray, chocolate or khaki colors.

However, don’t be too quick to rule out Big Barker if you have a small or medium-sized dog. The great thing about this bed is that it also comes in mini options. The small measures 27 x 18 inches, the medium 33 x 21 inches and the large 39 x 25.5 inches with the same color options and a 4-inch cushion.

Big Barker dog beds stray away from typical China-made memory foam options. Their orthopedic dog bed combines two layers of two-inch comfort foam with a middle three-inch layer of dense support foam. This provides pressure point relief for your aging dog’s joints while still supporting your pup from sinking too deeply into the bed.

The company prides themselves on American-made foam that is resistant to flattening and backs their products with a 10-year warranty. This is important for relieving your dog’s painful pressure points and protecting your investment.

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Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed

Brindle seems to be the top orthopedic dog bed for senior dogs or those with joint problems. Its filled with base and memory foam, and the velour covers are machine washable. The bed is also waterproof and doesnt collect dirt or hair. Comes in three sizes and six colors.

Brindle is a rectangular 4 high pet bed. It has a layer of dense support foam and memory foam. So it could be the best orthopedic memory foam dog bed for achy joints and displaced hips.

Brindle comes in three sizes: S , M , and L . The insides are protected with waterproof polyurethane. Also, the bed is covered in a soft velour that comes in six colors . Its dirt and hair-resistant. You can remove the cover and machine wash it.

Product Specifics:

Factors To Consider When Buying An Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dog bed orthopedic options can make a world of difference for your dog, whether youve got senior dogs or younger ones. The size and weight of your dog are important to keep in mind when shopping for a dog bed. The bed should be large enough to fit your pet comfortably. It is important to know the type of dog bed you want before you start shopping. Beds can come in various shapes, such as pillow or donut shaped.

The materials used are also important. They should be durable and easy to clean. Cotton and polyester are good options. The material used will also affect the attractiveness of the bed however, you should ultimately choose a bed for its comfort rather than its appearance.

It is important to look for an orthopedic dog bed that hasgood firmness and support. This will make sure that the dog does not sink to the floor. You should look for high-quality beds with good structure. Materials that provide ample support include memory foam and orthotic foam.

To help you narrow down exactly what youre looking for in a dog bed, take a look at this video from Top Dog Tips:

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Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Orthopedic Round Cuddle Nest

If you are looking for something to warm your old dog at night, then this orthopedic cuddler is going to be your favorite! The product has a very soft touch to it and is made with a smooth suede fabric which does not harm your poochs skin.

Senior dogs can fall prey to cold easily as their body temperature plummets at night, this round dog bed comes with a blanket top so you can avoid a trip to vet clinics.

  • Cooling gel top mattress with microgel beads to keep your pet feeling cool
  • Relieves joint pressures and provides support with memory foam filling
  • Made with soft and comfortable suede fabric
  • Comes with a machine-washable cover

Our rating: 4.2/5

The cooling gel dog bed with the blanket top provides a ventilated, fresh, and regulated temperature which maintains your dogs bodily health. The product comes with a washable cover which you can toss in the machine weekly or after every accident.

This product is not suitable for old dogs who have aggressive chewing problems. It is not going to last a single day with heavy biting and gnawing.

But no worries! There are other products mentioned in this curation that are indestructible and chew-proof, you can also check out our special curated list of the best indestructible dog beds.

Joyelf Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dog Bed: Best Dog Beds (Buying Guide)

With breathable cotton inside, JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed can easily regulate the temperature of your dog.

This is important as your canine will spend most of their time on the lounger and you do not want it to disrupt their environment. Apart from that, a water-proof inner lining, as well as a machine-washable cover, has been included.

  • Solid Memory Foam base for ultimate comfort
  • Water-proof internal liner to save bed from liquids
  • Machine-washable removable cover

Our rating: 4.5/5

The bed can easily accommodate any pooch up to 70 pounds, this covers most medium dogs and some large ones as well. With a sturdy memory foam base, you can ease your dogs hip and joint pains.

Some buyers have shared about the overpowering smell of the foam. So you may want to watch out there!

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Who Needs An Orthopedic Dog Bed

An orthopedic dog mattress can be immensely beneficial if you have housed a pooch with joint or obesity issues.

Similar to the benefits it bestows upon humans, orthopedic dog beds can relive stiff joints and back. They are also a wonderful preventive measure against joint problems such as Hip Dysplasia, or arthritis.

If you have been observing your dog having restless nights for several days in a row, then your first step toward solving their insomnia needs to be changing their mattress and getting him or her an Orthopedic Dog Bed.

How Much Are Dog Beds For Older Dogs

How much a dog bed for an older dog costs will mostly depend on the features it offers. Orthopedic dog beds with good quality medical-grade or memory foam will generally be a little pricier than their cotton padding counterparts. However, a maximum of $250 will get you a top-tier dog bed with all the necessary features and an incredible warranty like Big Barker.

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