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Best Ankle Support For Basketball

Why Use An Ankle Brace For Basketball

The Best Ankle Braces For Basketball, Tennis And Other Court Sports

Understanding exactly why youre going to be using an ankle brace is critically important. This is because different options are better in certain areas.

For example, if youre prone to rolling your ankle, youll want to prioritize stability and youll need something durable which will last for a long time. On the other hand, if youre just looking to heal from a one-off strain, you might want something a little more comfortable, which you can adjust to give you a little more freedom of movement as your injury heals.

Ankle braces dont just help you heal though. Theyre also fantastic at reducing pain. If you pick up an ankle injury at the beginning of the finals series, youll want a brace thatll enable you to run, jump, and turn with complete confidence.

Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace For Pttd And Plantar Fascittis

Equipped with strong velcro and double strapping, this ankle brace offers a great versatility with supportive functions for both inversion, eversion, and plantar flexion movements. Its also specifically designed for treating ankle sprains and relieving pain from plantar fasciitis and tibial tendon dysfunction PTTD.

As for user friendliness, the absence of laces makes the Bioskin Trilok tricky to take on and off. It comes in three components and requires a bit of training to use. This is by far the worst part of this brace, youll likely need a video the first handful of times putting the brace on to make sure its on correctly. Check out the video below for an explanation

This is a somewhat pricey ankle brace, however, you get what you pay for and this is definitely a high-quality product targeting athletes. If youre suffering from PTTD or plantar fasciitis this brace is worth giving a try.

One note the companies return policy isnt very friendly so if the brace doesnt work for you, you might be out of luck on the return.

What To Consider When Looking For An Ankle Brace

  • Suitable for your intended purpose
  • You must first make sure that you have a clear view of the concern you are trying to address. Once you have this information then you will be able to determine the most appropriate type of ankle brace using the previous list.

  • Fit and comfort
  • Ensure that you follow the measurement guidelines provided by the manufacturer to determine the most appropriate size. An ankle brace is meant to be snug however, it should not be too tight to the point where it cuts off the circulation from your foot.

    If you are intending to play basketball with an ankle brace then you definitely need one that still allows a good range of motion. The ankle braces included in this review are from the first four types which can be worn while playing basketball.

  • Your doctors recommendation
  • If you suffer from chronic instability or had a severe injury then you will likely need to take a break from playing basketball in order to fully recover and strengthen your ankle. Make sure that you are working with a doctor to determine the best type of treatment and ankle brace that you will need for your specific condition.

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    Basketball Ankle Injury Treatment

    When you encounter an ankle sprain, there are certain routines you should follow to to quicken the healing process and to allow your ankle optimal recovery.

    The first 24-48 hours after the injury are usually referred to as the acute stage.

    During this stage, your main priority should be to minimize swelling and reduce pain and soreness around the ankle joint.

    One of the most commonly practised treatments are the RICE process: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

    This is a standard procedure which may be used by any athlete whos suffered an ankle sprain, regardless of sport. Weve outlined this in a number of other articles and the procedure is the same regardless of the injury.

    Nike Max Air: A Lightweight And Durable Shoe For Basketball

    Best Ankle Braces for Basketball Player 2021 Buyer

    Anyone looking for a lightweight and durable shoe for basketball should consider the Nike Max Air. The React footbed in the Max Air provides cushion and support, while the Zoom Air provides cushion and responsiveness on the forefoot.

    Josef Castillo is a basketball coach and the owner of a basketball blog called He writes about about basketball news, tips, NBA teams and more.

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    Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support 2022 7 Tested Products

    I am a basketball fanatic, and I have been playing this game since my childhood. Throughout my basketball career, I have got my ankle broken twice which compelled me to stay out of the court for three months Of course, I could have not expected anything worse than missing the court I used to share with my friends, but it happened due to my ankle injury. That was the time when I realized the importance of dedicated shoes specially made for ankle support. What I have experienced with my ankle, I do not want to happen the same with you, so here I am with some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

    Do remember, sprains and ankle injuries are a somehow inevitable part of the game that would certainly hurt you now or later, however using appropriate shoes to protect your ankles might bring the chances of any serious injury to negligible. These shoes offer better stability to your feet and ankle when you land back on the ground which considerably reduces the chances of sprain or any severe ankle injury.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Ii Whats The Best Ankle Brace For Basketball

    Not so fast different braces are for different scenarios

    While it might sound quite obvious, not all ankle braces are made for one single purpose. You have to look at this from an athletes point of view and where youre at in terms of your physical condition, time of the season , and your history of ankle injuries.

    Thats exactly why not all braces feel, cost and look the same. Obvious, right?

    Well, let me explain.


    Some of the braces out there are very basic and offer a base level of compression, as well as keep your foot comfortable inside the shoe. A lot of the more minimal, sleeve-like braces are just that theyre just sleeves for your ankle.

    Other variants include the use of straps, TPU inserts, or even their own lace-up constructions for better lockdown. Well talk about the specifics of different ankle braces a bit later. For now, be aware that you shouldnt look at them as just this one thing that protects an ankle from rolling.

    Some of em are specifically engineered to provide a comfortable, confidence-boosting feel for your ankles and that might just be enough for a casual hooper who perhaps had a slight sprain a few days ago.

    While more structured braces are for added protection in case youre playing long hours in the park and have a tendency to roll an ankle. Much like I use em for.

    Before getting an ankle brace, ask yourself what you need it for. This will be your first step in choosing the right one for the job.

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    Supple Support To Your Ankle

    You must be very nimble on the basketball court. A little indolence you show in the court, and you are out of the game. For this, you must look for high shaft shoes with good ankle support. Whatever the level of skill you are attaining, you cannot reach its sublimity until you get this support to your ankle.

    This support you will feel when you will spin the stance of your foot during a powerful action. When you twist your foot suddenly, the entire burden of generating equilibrium to your body goes on your ankle. The ankle support of the shoes manages it in an immense way.

    Why Trust Verywell Health

    Top Basketball Shoes for ANKLE SUPPORT!

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  • The 10 Best Ankle Braces for Supporting Injuries. Men’s Health.

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    Nike Hyperdunk Tb Best For Value

    Nikes Hyperdunk shoes have the widest range of colors and designs to match any outfit. Made with fibers that allow great breathability, they can keep your feet cool even on the hottest summer days.

    The Nike Men Hyperdunk TB is our ultimate pick for the best high top basketball shoes for ankle support and forefoot protection. Comfort, cushioning, and stability are all rolled into one with the legendary design. Thats what these remarkable high-tops provide.

    Theyre a fantastic pair of high-top basketball shoes to provide any player feet support and comfort by protecting their feet and ankles during play.

    So fast, so agile the court belongs to you. You can do anything: turns, twists, high-flying dives, knowing that the shoes will protect you from one of the most common injuries, an ankle injury, during every moment of action.

    The lacing system is an engineering gem, lacing up your foot without any pressure at all with a reassuring snap of the lace lock. When buying the best high top shoes for ankle support, always take this feature into account.

    Shoes have to breathe to be comfortable, and thats why these shoes are so great. Because of their breathable design, these shoes can be worn during any season.

    Not only do they provide excellent support while engaging in a wide variety of activities like a game of basketball, but they also help keep your feet dry and comfortable.

    Best Ankle Brace For Basketball Support For Torn Ligaments

    Playing Basketball sport puts a lot of pressure on the ankle as well as knee joints because of sudden movements like cutting inside-outside, vertical jumping, and landings. Amateurs are more like to experience injuries such as ankle sprain, and more than 70% chance to re sustain if they have suffered before. Evidently, no athlete would like to sacrifice their ankles health. So, we recommend using the best ankle brace for basketball in 2022 to your ankle joints against injuries and increase comfort around your ankles.

    This game depends on joint strength and stability speaking of my 15 years of professional basketball playing experience. Its true that high-ankle basketball shoes actually stabilize the ankle, but the ankle braces absorb the impact and provide maximum support for torn ligaments. So here, we will review the best-selling top-rated ankle braces for professional and non-professional basketball players from cheap sleeves to high-performance braces that are being used in NBA. Pick the one you feel is the best for you and stop worrying about sprained ankles.

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    What Do I Get If I Pay A Little More

    Some things just arent worth spending a lot of money on. Who exactly needs a $500 kitchen knife?

    When choosing an ankle brace though, its definitely worth picking up a premium option. Why is this?

    • Cheap braces often begin to fall apart very quickly. Whats worse: they get really smelly, and can be difficult to clean nicer options generally have anti-microbial technology.
    • Premium braces are more comfortable, more ergonomic, and offer greater support.
    • The best ankle braces out there dont actually cost much at all. Getting a good-quality option will only set you back $40 or so average braces normally cost around $15-$20.

    Best Ankle Braces For Basketball To Support Your Foot In 2022

    What is the Best Ankle Brace for Basketball: Reviews and Guide 2021 ...

    Ankle sprains are among the most popular injuries you could experience while playing basketball. Ankles are extremely important in every sport that involves using your feet, but all the sudden stops, jumps, and turns make them even more important in basketball.

    On the other hand, once you develop an ankle sprain, you are 500% more likely to experience another one. Your ankle will develop some sensitivity, so recurrent injuries are just as common. With these thoughts in mind, it makes perfect sense to look for the best ankle brace for basketball.

    Whether you want an ankle brace for injury prevention or to ensure your sensitive ankle is kept in the right position, there are lots of good choices out there. Choosing the right one depends mostly on your personal needs nothing to worry about, I am here to give you a hand.



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    Adidas Dame 5 Best Stylish

    We also checked Reddit for the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Reddit users on r/Basketball, a community of passionate players and lovers of the sport, highly recommend the Adidas Mens Dame 5. Its an all-in-one, great impact protection package that gives you everything youd expect and nothing you dont.

    The thick outrigger cushioning keeps your feet feeling as light and free as possible, while the bounce technology ensures increased compression on impact without any of the suffocation that comes with traditional ankle supports.

    The shoes main appeal is its traction thanks to its thick rubber outsole. The herringbone pattern lets you get into the field be it an indoor court or an outdoor one. Even though the fit is a little long and narrow, the lockdown feature keeps your feet in place, preventing them from sliding around without compromising on comfort.

    When you look at the Adidas Dame 5s price tag, it doesnt reflect its under-the-hood specs. However, youll see that the shoe is made entirely of synthetic leather and suede. This is key because while it maintains a thin and low profile on the court, it still allows for great feel and impact protection, making it the ideal shoe for any position or maneuver.

    Believe it or not, that would also make the Adidas Dame 5 not only one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support and wide feet out there, but also one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet as well.

    How We Selected The Ankle Braces

    When selecting the best ankle braces, we spoke to orthopedic experts and spent hours researching the best options on the market. We looked for ankle braces that were designed using breathable materials like nylon and spandex and had padding to provide cushioning and support. We also considered sizing options, as some people may need a smaller or larger size than average.

    To narrow down our list, we looked at adjustability and whether the ankle brace was machine washable. We also considered how easy it was to put on and take off, as many users have difficulty reaching their feet. Finally, we looked at the price point to decide which ankle braces provided the best value. Based on these factors, we compiled a list of the best ankle braces on the market.

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    Mcdavid 195 Ankle Brace

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    Afraid of ankle sprains? Want to get optimum protection from an ankle sprain? If so, you should try McDavid 195 Ankle Brace as it delivers you ample protection from sprains, and if you are suffering from common ankle sprains, it will help you recover from them too.

    It is featured with figure 6 strapping that functions to simulate the effect of athletic tape. It delivers a snug fit to the users, and this provides enhanced support to them. It is found that when a person is using this ankle brace, he is almost three times less likely to fall victim to injuries.

    Moreover, it offers level three protection to its users, and this is the maximum level of protection available. It is composed of polyester fabric, and to give you maximum support and minimal weight, this brace has featured only a single layer of this fabric.

    Furthermore, the padded lining of the brace enhances the comfort offered by it to its users. It is breathable, and this property is accredited to the ventilated tongue of this brace. You can adjust this brace without unlacing the brace and without removing your shoe.


    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


    Iii What To Look For When Choosing A Brace

    Best Basketball Ankle Brace of 2022 – Review Crunch

    Dont overcomplicate this one just a few things to know

    There are only a few things to know about the different ankle braces on the market. Do not try to overcomplicate the process of getting one for the job as youll end up wanting to pick THE PERFECT ONE which likely doesnt even exist.

    Lets break a couple of the components down when it comes to choosing a brace.


    Ankle braces come in a few different types.

    The most common choices are ankle sleeves , strap-based braces , lace-up braces , and hinged/hard-shell braces .

    Ankle sleeves are commonly referred to as level 1 protection, while strap-based braces are level 2, lace-up variants are usually level 3 protection and the most hardcore braces that use hard-shell inserts could be referred to as level 4 protection, although thats rarely used as a term.


    The rest about ankle braces are merely just the stuff you CAN know but dont NEED to know. As long as you know about the protection levels and which one could be the best-fitting for your situation youll be good to go.

    Like most sports apparel/equipment, actual user experience is king. The most expensive level 4 brace you can find doesnt guarantee satisfaction for YOU. Perhaps youve got thicker ankle bones or your skin particularly gets irritated by certain materials of that brace.

    This is where I come in. Check out the best ankle braces below

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