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Bench At Foot Of King Bed

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Find A Bedroom Bench To Add Stylish Seating And Storage

Your bedroom is supposed to be a place where you can comfortably spend time and wind down from a long, difficult day full of work and errands. That’s why Pottery Barn aims to make finding bedroom furniture you love simple and easy. With a bedroom bench from our collection, you can find a look you like and add a functional piece of furniture to your setup.

Use this guide to learn more about finding the perfect bedroom bench for your room. We’ve got dozens of styles that are ready for master bedroom suites, guest rooms and even those spaces that do double-duty like a combination home office and guest room.

Why Shop for Benches?

Benches bring form and function to any bedroom, ranging from the most modest space to ornately decorated master bedrooms. Here are a few reasons why you should look to add a bench to your bedroom:

  • Benches add style to your room. Depending on the model you pick, you can add a sleek look with a modern bench, or an elegant style with an upholstered, decorative bench.
  • Benches help tie different elements of your decor together. Blend your bedding with your rugs, accessories and window treatments by adding furniture that combines elements of all of them. Benches that match your home’s style are a great way to do this.
  • Some models come with built-in storage. Storage benches give you a new place to store everything from out of season clothing to extra blankets for super-chilly evenings. You can also keep extra pillows and throws handy.

Find Your Look

What Is The Bench At The End Of A Bed Called

Here is a question that we get asked quite frequently by customers: what is the bench in front of a bed called?

Well, rather disappointingly, the term most commonly attributed to this item of furnishing is bedroom bench. It really is as simple as that.

However, this does underplay the range of possibilities available to you when it comes to selecting an item of furnishing to sit at the foot of your bed.

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When Is A Bench Not A Bench

There is more than just one type of furniture that you can choose to sit at the foot of your bed.

One option that we often recommend to those who are looking for small bedroom styles which will enhance the feeling of space available is to opt for furnishings which serve more than one purpose.

Here at Grosvenor Furniture, we offer a selection of padded bedroom ottomans which serve the purpose of providing a comfortable place to sit as well as doubling up as a handy storage box.

This means that you can tidy up the clutter which so often accumulates in our bedrooms as well as serving the purpose of providing a comfortable place to sit and mentally prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

We work with only the best furniture manufacturers who we know will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of quality. This means that our bedroom ottomans are unusually comfortable, with dense padding which is covered by a variety of different types of upholstery including options with ultra smooth velvet.

It just goes to show that having a small bedroom doesnt mean having to settle for second best when it comes to the range of furnishings you can choose from.

These popular bedroom ottomans do tend to get sold quickly, so make sure that you snap them up as soon as they become available to avoid disappointment.

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Faux Fur End of Bed Bench: Luxe accents need not be prohibitively expensive. This affordable faux fur bench instantly elevates even the most modest bedroom decor themes. Choose between grey and white models, each finished with gold hairpin legs for a touch of glamour.
Gold and Black End of Bed Bench: Find the perfect high-end accent for your bedroom design with this versatile upholstered bench. This piece is available in a range of upholstery options, from dark neutrals to bright jewel tones and even blush pink. Even if your bedroom decor theme changes in the future, this piece is versatile enough for entryways and living rooms as well.
Chrome End of Bed Bench: Why not go bold with a sharp modern look? This end-of-the-bed bench captures the geometric trend with its architectural base, the tufted cushion providing a classic counterbalance for versatile appeal. This design is also available in black and gold.
King Size Upholstered End of Bed Bench: Looking for a king size bench made to suit a lower-profile bed frame, like a modern platform bed? This design measures at 71 long and just 17.5 tall, upholstered in simple grey polyester for easy interior coordination.

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The area at the end of the bed is a blank canvas for functionality. If you have the room, make sure those extra square feet don’t go to waste! In this guide, we explore a range of stylish home furnishings that fit neatly at the end of the bed. The classic bench is an obvious candidate a useful place to put on your socks when dressing, stashing your slippers underneath. But the end of the bed can also serve as a spot for an appropriately sized dresser, a storage chest, a TV stand, or other options. This list covers them all, and each selection is readily available to buy online right now.

Black and Acrylic Bench for End of Bed: For more glamorous tastes, this bench strikes a luxe modern impression. The ornate base is crafted from thick transparent acrylic for a lightweight look sure to keep your bedroom looking bright and breezy throughout the day.
Velvet and Brass End of Bed Bench: Brass and black velvet ensure this bench embodies a sense of timeless sophistication. It has just the right amount of glitz to complement dramatic decor while maintaining a streamlined profile that doesnt get in the way of simpler themes.
White End of Bed Bench: Understated with just a touch of opulence, this end of bed bench adopts a sculptural profile that readily stands on its own in any setting. The seat is upholstered in textural white velvet and stands on elegantly tapered brass-finished steel legs.

What Is The Best Design Of Bed Bench For A Contemporary Bedroom

Mixing contemporary looks with a traditional style, a simple and sleek bed bench might not have storage like the ottoman bench, but it still provides extra seating in the bedroom. You can also store things underneath the bench, even although it won’t be hidden away or contained.

This style normally consists of a cushioned top for sitting on, supported by a thin chrome or metal frame. The frame may be wooden although this is more typical of traditional benches rather than the modern style. Some bed benches are adjustable and you will find a mechanism at the side to adjust the bench accordingly.

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One Of The Most Practical And Therefore Traditional Pieces To Put At The End Of A Bed Is A Bench Sometimes Called A Bedroom Bench If Youre Searching For One Online

Bench for foot of king bed. How long should a bench be at the foot of a king bed. That is when bed benches can come to the rescue. For a queen bed pair it with a 45-inch wide storage bench.

Save up to 40 across pieces for every room. The cabinet bed benches have individual compartments and drawers within which you can store clothing books paperwork or makeup and jewelry. This means youll generally be looking at bed benches which are around 4-5 feet in length.

500 lbs Set Includes. Under the seat of these bed benches is a large storage chest where numerous items can be set. Ad The wait is over for our Summer Sale.

Shop fabric velvet or leather. Shop fabric velvet or leather. If you have a queen bed 60 wide make sure that your bench is at least 45 wide.

If you have a king bed 80 wide make sure the bench is at at least 60 but 65-70 is even better. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 47 out of 5 stars.

Founded atop four tapered legs its solid and manufactured wood frame leans traditional with beveled edges and a brown finish with woodgrain details. 19L x 48W x 165H Seat Dimensions. It has a gray blue finish with crystal accents and a tufted upholstered velvet fabric headboard and footboard.

This means if you have a bed thats a king size the right bench is 60 to 65 inches wide. The key here is having the bench be around 34ths the length of the bed. Save up to 40 across pieces for every room.

Comfy Contemporary Benches For The Posh Bedroom Bench End Of Bed Bench Bedroom Bench Modern

King Size Bed Benches

Bedroom Storage Bench

Chloe is a highly-regarded expert in all things vintage and antique. Shes excited to share her vast knowledge with readers and clients wishing to infuse their homes with a mixture of old-time warmth and modern comfort. In addition to her design work, Chloe regularly volunteers at her local community center, teaching DIY projects to adults and kids.

If you have a particularly large bed, a king size bed bench will allow you to achieve a balanced result from a decorative standpoint since a bench should be around three quarters of your frame width. Dont forget that the right design for you will depend on your rooms decor but also on the actual bed frame. To help you find one that ticks both boxes, our interior design experts have scouted for a varied range of large bed benches.

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++ Bench For Foot Of King Bed

A versatile addition to your abode this bench can be used to accent the entryway punctuate the foot of your bed in the master suite or act as casual dining area seating. Underneath the chair of the bed chairs is a large storage chest where numerous items can be placed.

Diy Simple End Of Bed Bench Bedroom Bench Diy Bedroom Diy Diy Furniture Bedroom

What Are The Features Of Cabinet Bed Benches

A king size cabinet bed bench is very spacious to allow easy storage of items. This at first looks like a TV cabinet or other shorter cabinet, but a foam or padded cushion along the top soon gives the game away that this can also be used for seating.

Most typically made from wood, these bed benches are almost the same length as the width of your king size bed. This means you’ll generally be looking at bed benches which are around 4-5 feet in length. The cabinet bed benches have individual compartments and drawers within which you can store clothing, books, paperwork or makeup and jewelry. Gold or silver door handles on each of the drawers add an elegant and stylish look to the bedroom, and you will find this style in a vintage shabby chic worn design if you’re looking for something a little unique for your home.


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What Is The Most Popular Design Of Bed Bench

Perhaps the most popular style of bedroom bench that you’ll come across is an ottoman bed bench. You may also find it being referred to as an ‘ottoman’ or ‘ottoman storage’. This popular style can be seen within beds too, when the base lifts to reveal plenty of storage inside.

  • Leather: A sleek look for any bedroom, this style is well suited for beds which have a matching leather headrest. There are four sturdy but short wooden or chrome legs which carry the bed bench, while the bench itself is often covered with a brown or cream leather and padded with comfortable stuffing. Open up the bench and you can store your bedding, clothing and other items inside the felt layered box.
  • Fabric: Comfortable to sit on and convenient when used as a storage box, the fabric ottoman bed benches can be seen in many different colors, including beige, blues, pinks and browns. A soft linen look which surrounds the bed bench enables you to create warmer hues within the bedroom.

What Were Looking For

bench at foot of poster bed

Material:When looking for an end-of-bed bench for your space, think about how a benchs material will suit your needs. Upholstered benches, for instance, will be more inviting for people to sit on, while wooden benches will often look a little sleeker or, if they have woven seats, more bohemian. Youll also want to consider what type of bed frame you have when choosing a bench. If you dont want your bedroom to look too matchy-matchy, Decorists Casey Hardin suggests contrasting the bench with the material of your bed to ensure that it adds visual interest for example, if you have an upholstered bed, try a wood bench alternately, a wood bed would pair well with a fabric bench.

Size: As noted above, its all about getting the proportions right. For queen- and full-size beds, which are typically about 60 inches wide, our experts suggest going for a bench thats between 4550 inches. King-size beds are typically around 76 inches wide, which is why Havenlys managing editor of design content Heather Goerzen suggests looking for an end-of-bed bench no smaller than 60 inches wide . Ive denoted the width of these benches so that you can make your own determination, as it really comes down to a matter of personal taste.

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What To Consider


Naturally, you’ll want to measure your bedroom bench before you buy. Because these pieces are typically placed at the foot of your bed, make sure that it’s a comfortable height and width so that it feels like a seamless extension bedroom benches shouldn’t be longer or taller than your mattress.

Another measurement to consider is the depth of the storage space inside. This can give you an indication of what you’ll be able to store here. Deeper chests can hold blankets, extra sheets, and bed pillows, while more shallow interiors may be better for clothing or accessories.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to bedroom bench material choices velvet, polyester, and faux leather are all popular choices. You may want to consider how easy a certain material is to clean and how well it coordinates with your color scheme before you buy.

Stylistic versatility:

While bedroom benches are smart storage accessories for your sleep space, you can certainly mix it up from time to time if you want!

Many bedroom benches also double as entryway perches, giving you a convenient place to sit or stash your out-the-door accessories when you’re in a rush. Certain styles of bedroom benches can also double as coffee tables or living room storage ottomans with the addition of a simple tray. If you like rearranging your home on a seasonal or yearly basis, this is a good thing to keep in mind.

  • Height: 19 inches
  • Available colors: 1

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