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Ankle Support Shoes Men’s

Adidas Mens Dame 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Top Basketball Shoes for ANKLE SUPPORT!

Starting with none other than Mens Dame 5, the sneakers deserve all the attention in the world.


Because youd feel comfortable in them. And Adidas has made sure that they could keep you away from ankle injuries all the time. Featuring Damian Lillards signature design, the shoes are perfect from almost every angle.

To start with some basics:

Mens Dame 5 comes with a textile and synthetic construction. Both these materials keep them lightweight and enhance their durability as well. Youll feel comfy and confident enough while wearing them.

Knit upper with visible pores enhance support and breathability!

Not to forget, the shoes will keep the inside quite ventilated. Therefore, youd not feel any sweat while playing the game against some ferocious opponents.

Adidas offers Bounce Cushioning in Mens Dame 5!

To put that into perspective, the sneakers keep the feet quite comfy and supportive. Plus, the response is well up to the mark. With shock absorptive properties, your ankle muscles will feel relieved enough.

Zonal Herringbone Traction for Immense Grip!

The sneakers wont let you take any wrong steps. Thanks, to the zonal herringbone traction pattern, youd move confidently on the court with improved footwork.

I, for one, loved the shoes from every angle. Theyve been helping me relieve the ankle pain for quite some time now. Moreover, I do rely on them while playing against my friends outdoors. A 10/10 performance with impeccable ankle support!

  • Limited size options.

Best For Skateboarding: Vans Sk8


  • Lack of orthotic support

If you often have to suffer from foot pains or sprained ankles during physical activities, these Vans Sk8-Hi are one of the best shoes for ankle support that can help save the day. These high-top designs will provide all the support needed in the ankle and feet and the padded collars and breathable, soft Canvas uppers. They will surely comfort your feet and maintain the support and protection throughout the day.

One of the most important things about these skate shoes that will help much with the ankle problems is the padded collars. With the high topline, the collars offer a snug fit and improve the joints mobility and flexibility to allow you to move freely and naturally.

As the Vans Sk8-Hi Skate Shoes are designed for such athletic activities like skateboarding, they not only provide excellent stability and mobility but also come with strength and firmness. Plus, the Canvas uppers are super stretchy and breathable, as well as mold to the feet well that offer extra comfort for all-day wear.

What To Look For In The Best Shoes For Ankle Support

Simple ballet flats and regular dress shoes will have you screaming by the end of the day with a weak ankle.

If youve been suffering joint pain, tenderness and difficulty walking, its time to start taking care of you.

The best shoes for ankle support can dramatically reduce the risk of further injury and help prevent pain throughout your day.

Heres what you should consider:

  • Supportive outsole.

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Best For Arthritis Ankle: Saucony Womens Progrid Integrity St2 Walking Shoes

  • Well-made walking shoes for daily use
  • Feature extra padding for support and comfort
  • Non-marking outsoles provide excellent traction
  • Suitable for high arches and plantar fasciitis
  • Broad and deep toe box
  • Shoes are true to size that offer a perfect fit


  • Shoes need more arch support

In case you want to purchase the best shoes for ankle support to help with some foot problems, these Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoes can help. These shoes are not only supportive and durable but also comfortable to wear. They are suitable for all usual occasions. You can wear them to work, to hang out or take part in outdoor activities.

The Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoes feature low-top design, they can provide support and stability for neutral-arched feet and medium ankle support. The full-grain leather uppers with high durability can handle types of physical activities. As these shoes come with extra padding with the padded collars and tongue, they will keep your feet and ankles comfy and cushioned.

The rubber outsoles of these shoes feature Walk-Trac comfort technology that prevents them from leaving marks on the floors when being used and offering excellent traction and slip-resistance. Plus, these best shoes for ankle support available in four neutral colors. You can choose ones that are suitable for your preferences.

What Is The Cause Of Weak Ankles

Slazenger Mens Risk Fitness Trainers Soft Inner Ankle Support Shoes ...

There can be multiple reasons why someone may have weak ankles. Outside of genetic components that can influence ankle strength, lower body injuries can also lead to weak ankles.

More specifically, if you injure something like your knee and youre not putting your bodys full weight on the injured leg for an extended period of time, then you can run into some loss of strength in the ankle.

This is due to the lack of daily stress that youre placing on the joint. The lack of movement through the ankles normal range of motion in addition to the lack of loading can cause muscles to atrophy and become a bit weaker over time along with the tissues surrounding the ankle.

In the case of injuries, they happen and theyre not the end of the world. If you can get ahead of knowing that your ankles may have become weaker due to a lower-body injury, then you can use the correct gear and program to help you get back to your normal strength levels.

For example, if you know your ankle may have lost strength, then using a cross-training shoe with more ankle support to help you transition and re-build strength can be a really good strategy call.

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Why Do My Ankles Hurt After Running

Sore ankles can occur for a variety of reasons after running. It could just be the pounding on your feet and ankles, or it could be a symptom of arthritis, muscle strain, a minor ankle sprain, tendinitis, or tight muscles.

Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, who specializes in running injuries, identified the six most common reasons for ankle pain: Achilles Tendonitis, Anterior Shin Splints, Ankle Impingement, Chronic Ankle Instability, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and Peroneal Tendonitis.

Best Work Shoes For Ankle Support: Propt Mens Lifewalker Strap Shoes

  • The finish is a bit dull
  • Velcro straps easy to become loosen

The Propét is famous for its footwear for medical conditions and foot problems. However, this reputable shoe brand manufactures the best shoes for ankle support and motion control as well. These Propét Life Walker Strap Walking Shoes are one of their best products, which are very comfy, cushioning, supportive, and of course, orthotic-friendly.

Feature dual hook-and-loop strap closure, the Life Walker Strap allows you to adjust the fitment freely. Their padded tongue and collars combine with durable leather uppers create a snug fit and maximum ankle protection. The double straps will help keep your feet firm with the shoes and make it convenient to put on and take off every time. Besides, there are cushioned EVA midsoles for extra comfort and a sturdy heel counter in the rearfoot that offers more stability and mobility.

Like every other footwear for medical conditions, these shoes feature removable orthotic footbeds to allow wearers to replace them with their orthotics for the needed support. Finally, non-slip rubber outsoles will provide excellent traction to keep you safe when walking on the slippery surfaces.

By the way, Ive written another article about the top 15 best shoes with orthotic footbeds, which will support your foot injuries. They are designed with custom orthotics and comfort.

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Shoes Are Just A Part Of An Overall Treatment Plan

Before we go further, however, I want to make clear that while the correct shoe can help reduce symptoms associated with ankle conditions, it is rare that a shoe alone will eliminate these conditions. In most cases the shoe is simply a part of an overall treatment plan that might include rehabilitation exercises, proper orthotics or arch supports, training modifications, shoes and other treatments. Below I will recommend specific shoes and arch supports, but if you try these and dont have relief within a couple weeks, then be sure to see a sports medicine oriented podiatrist near you. If you are in the Seattle area make an appointment to see us.

Understand that while I recommend the shoes below on a regular basis with good success, no shoe works for everyone. Also, heres an important disclosure about the products recommended in this article.

What Basketball Shoes Have The Best Ankle Support

Type of Shoes You Should Wear With Plantar Fasciitis

Any basketball sneaker with either a mid-top or a high-top design offers the best ankle support. Some of the standouts include Adidas Mens Pro Bounce, Nike Lebron Soldier XIII, and Nike Kyrie 6.

All these sneakers either have a mid or high-top type, and they offer a comfortable cushioning at the same time.

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Top Pick: Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2

The Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 is a good womens cross-training shoe to look into that has a fair amount of ankle support. As opposed to the prior model, the Nike React Metcon Turbo which featured a softer boot, the Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 has a reworked heel.

This models heel comes up slightly higher than the React Metcon Turbo and it has a rigid structure to it. The more rigid material blended with the internal heel cup gives this shoe a nice level of ankle support for different types of training.

If you like to blend lifting, HIIT workouts, short runs , and things like class-style training every week, then the Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 should be a good fit for your performance asks.

This model features Nike React foam in its insole and has a Zoom Air packet for additional versatility and bounce when training on the forefoot. The fit of this model is also pretty stellar for women due to its lower upper volume and formfitting last.

  • Best For: Lifting, HIIT, and CrossFit-Style Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: Likely 4mm
  • Weight: 12.5 oz
  • Removable Insole: Yes

Run With Ease While Minimising Ankle Pain

Understanding your foot type is essential when wanting to minimise any pains you may get after running. Its important to perform the recommended stretches, invest in supportive running gear and give your body the time it needs to recoup. A good place to start is to find suitable running shoes with ankle support.

Please note: This blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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Dr Scholls Mens Sync Oxfords

Best Ankle Support Shoes for Standing All Day

If you stand all day at work, these Dr. Scholls mens oxfords offer great comfort and style. They come in wider widths for those that need it and supply ample arch support and cushioning. One rave review said, This shoe really shines in term of ergonomics. It feels like Im wearing a running shoe instead of a formal office shoe. My knees and ankles dont hurt anymore and Ill probably buy Dr. Scholls shoes as my work shoes for the rest of my life.

How Should I Treat My Sore Ankles After Running

Slazenger Mens Risk Fitness Trainers Soft Inner Ankle Support Shoes ...

There are a variety of different things you can do if you experience sore ankles after running. Youll need to find the ones that are best for you. I personally like to stretch both before and after my runs, ice my feet, incorporate strength training on my non-running days, and make sure that my rest days are real rest days .

Icing your muscles after you run is important to enhancing muscle recovery, and this is certainly true of sore ankles. In fact, a cold showeror even better, an ice bathwill work on a larger area than just localized icing. Ice baths are definitely ideal for a preventative measure to avoid injuries.

Dont rule out heating, but also use it with caution. Heat can be helpful if you are tight, but remember that it expands and further inflames the muscles, so you dont want to do more harm than good. Alternating cycles of heat and ice could be a good option.

Stretching is key to helping prevent sore ankles and other injuries. Dynamic stretching tends to be more helpful than static stretching, particularly before a run. Try to avoid being lazy either before or after you run, and get that stretching in. Yoga on your off days can help too.

Strength training is another great way to improve your performance and prevent injuries. This is especially true for older athletes. If you find yourself with a lot of ankle pain, you should consider weight training, functional strength training, and core work to alternate with your running days.

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The 15 Best Shoes For Ankle Support In 2022

Footwear with right ankle support will relieve foot pains during activities. Check out this list of 15 best shoes for ankle support and pick your preferred products.

If you have a habit of walking a long distance for exercise, taking part in some sports activities, or just hanging out with friends and family regularly, then you may have to suffer foot pains or sore feet from wearing your footwear for long hours. Therefore, finding a solution to these problems is essential.

The best thing you can do is wearing shoes that feature the right arch and ankle support. These functions will help reduce stress pressure on the ankles and other parts of the feet and prevent injuries and foot pains so that you can experience the comfort of wearing all the livelong day.

But as usual, it is quite tough to choose appropriate ankle support shoes from thousands of products on the market that suit your taste, purpose of use, and meet all the requirements. Therefore, Im here to help you with the buying by sorting out the 15 best shoes for ankle support available on Amazon now, which definitely will serve your needs well. Take a look at this article and make your choice.

  • Sizes are easy to go wrong
  • Only mild ankle support offered
  • Sizes run a bit large
  • Only mild ankle support offered

Each of the steps will be lighter and cushioning with these shoes on thanks to the BioMoGo DNA soft cushions. Plus, the non-slip outsoles offer high traction on every surface.

Vionics Walkers Best Orthopedic Shoes For Ankle Support

If you are looking for walking shoes with good ankle support, the Vionic Walkers shoe is can be your choice. The shoes provide substantial arch support that keeps your feet aligned with your ankles while reducing the strain as well.

The shoes have an EVA footbed that is covered by a textile cover. It allows a smoother heel-to-toe transition by keeping the stress at your heels to a minimum level. The shoes have a rubber outsole that acts as a shock absorber and provides an excellent grip.

The shoes have Active Motion System technology that provides a lightweight, breathable textile upper mesh and flexible cushioned midsole. The technology also includes a podiatrist-designed heel cup that is biomedically engineered to enhance stability and substantial arch support.

Please read my guide on shoes for knock knees. There, I have reviewed Vionics Walkers in detail.

What I Liked

These are some of the best basketball and walking shoes for men that support weak ankles. The shoes midfoot has Shank System that extends mid-top from your arch, thus providing good heel support and preventing your ankles in the process.

The shoes encompass AnaFoam in the lateral forefoot wall and around the heel side of the shoes. This allows your feet to fit easily in the shoes without slipping and secure your ankles. The shoes have a charged cushion midsole that absorbs the impact and reduces the strain on your ankles

What I Liked

What I Didnt Like

  • Quality is not good according to the price

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How We Test Basketball Shoes

To ensure the validity of our claims and eventual assessments, no review was written without us playing in the shoe first. Our experience on the court served as the major determinant of the basketball shoe’s fate in our rankings. In addition to this, we include the following:

  • We say no to freebies.

Don’t get us wrong, free shoes are nice and we will always be grateful for them. However, the sponsorship arrangement may cloud our judgment. As reviewers, we feel it’s the best if we keep sponsors at bay.

  • The experience of other testers are valid, too!

Before we finalize our reviews and our picks, we make it a point to refer to the experiences of other basketball shoe experts/testers. We don’t see them as competitors instead, we consider them our partners in giving you a more comprehensive appreciation of what a basketball shoe can offer.

Best For Ankle Injury: New Balance Womens 928v3 Shoes

How to Tie Shoes for Ankle Support
  • Come in a wide range of sizes


  • A bit stiff and inflexible

The New Balance shoe brand is well-known in the footwear industry for manufacturing the best shoes for ankle support widely trusted by many customers. The New Balance 928V3 Walking Shoes are among the top products of this brand that provide sufficient support for feet and ankles as well as excellent motion control and stability.

These shoes feature durable and breathable full-grain leather uppers for comfortable wearing throughout the day. They also feature enhanced technologies to improve the comfort and stability system, such as the ABZORB system. It includes shock-absorbing midsoles that help reduce stress and provide extra cushions, as well as a Rollbar stability system that helps with the motion control in the rearfoot. All of these combine with the Walking Strike Path that helps to guide wearers feet carefully through the gait cycle when walking.

Besides, The828V3 Walking Shoes have a seamless and odor-resistant liner that will keep feet comfortable and fresh all day. And finally, the sturdy NDurance rubber outsoles come with excellent traction and durability for long-lasting use.

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