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Ankle Straps For Cable Machines

Ipr Fitness Flute Kickback Pro

Ankle Straps | Cable Machine Workout | Product Overview | DMoose

Best ankle straps strictly for kickbacks

If you are looking for ankle straps that are going to be used *only* for kickbacks, the IPR Fitness Kickback PRO is your ankle strap of choice.

The design of the strap, which could be more realistically considered a foot strap, is very smart.

It wraps around your shoe and closes with a thick Velcro strap that makes it easy to get in and out of while still locking in when fully secured. I really like how wide the strap on the heel is as well, as it evenly distributes resistance across the heel.

Gymgoers who fear the chafing that can happen with ankle straps will appreciate the foot-based fastening position, as the strap never makes contact with your skin, leaving you free to pound away on kickbacks without that pesky rubbing.

IPR Fitness sells these in five different colors, offer mens or womens sizing, and pricing varies by availability, size and the color you end up choosing .

Wide Range Of Gym Exercise Routines

The gym ankle straps for weightlifting can be used with most standard cable systems, functional and resistance trainers, and similar equipment. Use ankle straps and efficiently perform leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductors, and glute workouts to get a productive leg day! Ideal for a wide range of exercises and workout routines!

Best Ankle Straps For Cable Machines

Ready to put in some work on your glutes? Cable kickbacks are a killer way to develop a stronger and more toned backside. Heres a breakdown of the best ankle straps to get that bootie popping.

Ankle straps are one of my favorite tools for developing stronger glutes and improving lower body stability.

Hook them up to your local cable machine , and pop that bootie.

Ankle straps are also great as they:

Can be easily stored in your gym bag. Ankle straps are light, take up almost no room, and can be transported easily.

Low-cost. Ankle straps are a cheap piece of fitness equipment that are also highly durable. The right ankle strap will last years and most cost in the $10-15 range.

Versatile. They arent just for glute kickbacksthey can be used to strengthen adductors, improve athletic performance, core strength, knee and hip stability and so on.

Buuuuutt ankle straps are not all made the same.

When it comes to finding the right ankle straps for you and your workouts, there are some things to think about

Fabric, strap length, D-ring positioning, where the strap sits on your foot/ankle, price and more.

Take advantage of my 30+ years of training in the gym and coaching clients and get the full low-down in this ultimate guide to the best ankle straps.

Read on, find the right ankle strap for you and your training, and make that bootie pop.

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Benefits Of Ankle Strap For Cable Machine

The cable machine is well known for upper body exercises that hit muscles and joints in different ways. Exercises like the cable curl or face pull are great because they use the cable machine for its constant tension.

However, the exercises on the lower body arent as impressive or effective theyre often less useful than their free weight alternatives.

Ankle straps change this: they offer a way of training the smaller muscles of the lower body. They also allow you to strengthen the joints and build injury-resistance using unusual movement patterns you cant always train with weights.

The straps allow for better training of the adductors and abductors, which respond to lateral loading really well. This isnt easy with a dumbbell or kettlebell, so its a whole set of exercises you might not have tried before, with a whole new set of results!

Factors You Need To Consider When Buying Ankle Strap Cable Attachment From Online Stores

EULANT Ankle Straps Cable Machines Wrist Cuff strap for Leg Strength ...

Are you on the hunt for ankle strap cable attachment? Well, purchasing online needs some contemplation. To help your cover all the important questions, we have prepared a list.

Just go through the question list. Feel free to do your own research while purchasing the ankle strap cable attachment. Below are some examples you might deem right to ask:

  • Is the ankle strap cable attachment really worth the money?
  • What specific advantages does it offer?
  • Does the ankle strap cable attachment youre picking have any innovative features?
  • What are some of the best features of the ankle strap cable attachment?
  • Does your ankle strap cable attachment come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any con that might prove to be detrimental in the long run?
  • Where will you find enough information about ankle strap cable attachment?
  • Where can you find some of the best ankle strap cable attachments?

Probably, you have come up with way more questions than there are on the list. Do not deprive your curious mind of the answers. Research, research, and research, until you locate the answers to the factors.

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Shipping And Return Policies

Disclaimer: As with all children’s products, adult supervision is required. Products that contain small parts may pose a choking hazard and should not be used by children under 3. Sellers are responsible for following applicable laws and regulations, including posting items with accurate labeling and warnings. Etsy assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, labeling, or content of sellers’ listings and products. Always read labels, warnings, directions and other information provided with the product before using it. If you have any questions, message the seller. See Etsy’s Terms of Use for more information.

Grip Power Pads Best Ankle Straps For Cable Machines

Speaking of a heavier build, this is a product that competes directly with the DMoose product on build and stability. It also comes with the D-loop designs and the same long, stable Velcro fastening system for better adjustability and peace of mind.

As with DMoose, the deigns on this product are many and varied, with bright colors and patterns being offered.

However, theres clearly a very specific target demographic as many individuals find the sizing too large or too small implying its a cuff designed for a small-mid sized woman. This causes problems with the D rings, too, which are likely to damage the rest of the material and often rupture the straps entirely.

The lack of padding on the inside can be a problem, however, when compared with other products. Overall, the design and appearance seem great, but the performance of the product leaves a lot to be desired.

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Evoness Ankle Straps For Cable Machines

This product is almost exactly the same as the FitGirl product in terms of design and function, down to the problematic single-loop attachment.

This is a problem for some due to the fact that at end ranges it will dig into the shin at the top of the loop. This isnt a problem for everyone, but it does provide some issues if youve had negative experiences with this kind of design before.

There are some concerns with tightness since any looseness in the product will reduce tension at the end of the movement. Since this is where the glutes or adductors are most heavily recruited, its a big deal.

The band included with this product would be a nice bonus if it worked, but it is very weak and unreliable.

Benefit/s Of Using Ankle Straps

Brazilian Ankle Strap for Cable Machine – Best Exercises!

While we briefly mentioned the advantage of using ankle straps, lets go into greater detail about why you could benefit from them if you dont already use them for your gym or home sessions.

Cable exercises are some of the best pieces of training equipment because they offer constant tension through every phase of an exercise. However, they also typically allow for better freedom of movement than many machines. That means you can better adjust and use different angles to find the most comfortable training position for you.

Add in some ankle straps and you have a simple way to add variety to your lower body training.

Another benefit of using a cable machine and ankle straps is you can progress in increments. Unless youre using a specialized machine this can be difficult to do especially if trying to do bodyweight exercises for the hip muscles.

Cables allow you to start out very light and without having to support your body weight. Then if you get stronger, no problem, just increase the weight on the machine stack either by moving to the next weight up on the stack or using a machine weight or small weight plate to add more resistance in even smaller increments.

This also makes using straps quite safe as you build up your glutes and hips.

We also cannot forget their generally low price point and portability which make ankle straps perfect for really anywhere!

Check out our review of thebest cable machines that you can use at home or in your personal gym.

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What Is An Ankle Strap

An ankle strap is a training accessory thats commonly used with cable machines and resistance bands to train the muscles of the core and lower body such as the abdominals, glutes, hamstrings and hip muscles. Users attach the straps around their ankles and secure the buckles to the cables or bands.

They are typically made from a strong neoprene and/or nylon material and use velcro to fasten them around the ankles. They come in different shapes, designs and colors.

Well go more into detail after going through our favorite ankle strap picks for this year.

Vip 4 Pro Strapshaper

This pair should fit most mens and womens foot sizes comfortably. Theyre sturdy, offer a snug fit and feature five D-rings.

Pros: You can wear them with or without shoes. They comes in four colors and sizes. The brand also provides a free storage bag with your purchase.

Cons: They dont come with instructions.

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How Many Ankle Straps Are Included

So this one is sort of an extension from the last point because its important to know what youre getting before you click on the buy button.

Do you want a pair of ankle straps or a single strap?

There are advantages to both however if you know what you want then unknowingly choosing the wrong option can be very inconvenient and frustrating.

Some people dont want to deal with taking off and switching the straps between legs during their workouts. Thats why they prefer to have two straps. Make sure that you are getting two instead of one by double and triple-checking the product listing. You could even check the previously asked questions or reach out to the company to be sure.

However, weve noted this under each of our picks.

Fitgirl Fitness Padded Ankle Strap : FIGHTECH Ankle Straps for Cable Machines

As with the previous product, FitGirl straps are sold individually which makes them a little pricey. They dont come with the same heavy duty build seen with the previous product, however, though they seem to stand up well to regular use.

The only problems occur at the seams, which sometimes experience fraying and come undone, or in the Velcro which may come undone during workouts. However, these are rare complaints. The overall comfort and quality of the product seems to be suitable for regular kickback and adduction uses.

Wed recommend looking for something heavier-built if youre going to be using this product all the time or with significant weights. The build design is good but seams and Velcro wear and tear may be a problem for more intense users.

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Ipr Fitness Glute Kickback Lite Patented

This product is actually an interesting innovation as it is a sling rather than a cuff. It doesnt strap to the ankle itself, but slings over the heel of the foot/shoe.

This is useful since it avoids any of the problems associated with padding or fastening mechanisms that might tear at the skin of the ankle. This makes it a good choice for performing kickbacks, allowing for a relatively smooth and pain-free experience.

The pro model of this product has some stronger build quality, while this particular instance the normal kind feels a little flimsy. The D ring that attaches to the carabiner is a weaker, plastic design which is a bit hit and miss for quality and longevity.

There are 2 other problems with this product:

  • Its not very easily adjustable and be too big for those with smaller sized feet, or even just using a smaller trainer
  • They only work for kickbacks, which are not the best or only exercise for the ankle strap on a cable machine.
  • Overall, this serves a very niche purpose and not perfectly well. The Kickback might be the most popular exercise on Instagram, but its not the only exercise and a product that misses out on all the other alternatives isnt going to be the best choice.

    Benefits Of Training With Ankle Straps For Cable Machines

    Ankle straps or cuffs are a Swiss Army knife for training your lower body.

    They are low in overall load and stress on your body and you can achieve a lot of the same muscular and strength gains in your posterior chain and core.

    Some of the reasons I love training with ankle straps include:

    Low stress.

    For gymgoers and athletes who want to strengthen their lower body but dont want to use barbells or heavy weights, ankle straps and a cable machine provide an alternative that is safer and generates less stress on the body.

    Exercising with ankle straps on a cable machine is an excellent way to target the leg muscles without stressing your lower back, for example.

    Whether you are training around an injury or a total beginner in the gym, ankle straps are a fantastic alternative to the big lifts.

    Very versatile.

    For as simple as an ankle strap isstrap it around your ankle, add resistance, and off you goits extremely versatile.

    The number of exercises you can do with ankle straps is only limited by your imagination.

    Kickbacks are the big one, obviously, but whether you want to work your hip abductors, core, do leg extensions, or target your glutes, there is an exercise with ankle straps that matches your goals in the gym.

    Comfortable to use.

    Ankle strapswhen fastened properly, obviouslyare snug on the body and comfortable.

    Most quality ankle straps have a soft, wool-like inner layer that eliminates chafing and rubbing on the skin.

    Promotes better posture.

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    Editors Choice Dmoose Ankle Straps

    While we could honestly recommend any of the awesome options on this list, we chose the DMoose ankle straps because we know they make quality and functional products that provide a good value overall. It also helps that a lot of people have had an excellent experience using them and these are perfect for both men and women.

    One thing that we noticed first and foremost is the wide selection of colors/patterns and this will surely appeal to the stylish lifters.

    The straps are made from 7mm thick neoprene padding for support and you should expect that these will not twist around on your ankle during your workouts thanks to the improved fastening system. Made from premium stitching they should also hold up both functionally and aesthetically.

    At 10 inches long and adjustable, DMoose ankle straps are suitable for just about anyone and theyre adaptable to just about any cable machine. Stainless steel D rings are strong and should stand up to a lot of resistance.

    Note: Make sure to choose the proper quantity when ordering as they come in singles or pairs.

    Ankle Attachment Strap For Cable Machines Or Power Bands

    15 min Cable Workout – SUPERSETS | LOMI Fitness Ankle Straps for Cable Machines

    Turn everyday exercises into power moves with our official D8 Fitness Ankle Attachment Strap for Cable Machines or Power Bands. This heavy duty attachment is padded for comfort and comes with a velcro strap for easy on/off attachments. It attaches securely to a cable machine or power band via a metal clip. You can also use them on your wrists!

    Our heavy-duty ankle attachment strap is made of nylon webbing and is easily adjustable. Use them with a cable machine or power bands to increase resistance while doing a variety of everyday exercises. Get more out of every donkey kick, mountain climber, leg raise, crunch, lunge and more when you use this attachment.

    Key features of the official D8 Fitness Ankle Attachment Strap include:

    • Strong nylon webbing for longer life and durability
    • Sturdy D rings for attaching to cable machines or power bands
    • Padded for Comfort
    • Easily adjustable with velcro strap
    • One size fits all
    • Suits for both ankle and wrist
    • Size: 10cm x 29cm
    • Colour: Black/Blue

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    Iron Bull Strength Padded Ankle Strap

    Iron Bull Strength is one of my favorite all-time fitness equipment makers.

    I swear by their hip thrust barbell pad, battling ropes, and use their elbow compression sleeves on heavy upper body lifting days.

    Iron Bulls ankle straps are made of leather and have two sturdy D-rings to snap onto your local neighborhood cable machine. A thick Velcro strap gives a proper and secure fit, and the shearling interior helps cut down on chafing and unnecessary rubbing.

    In terms of pricing, they are middle of the pack, slightly more expensive than the DMoose straps but cheaper than the IPR Fitness Kickbacks at around $15 .

    Durable Comfortable Easy To Use

    We use sweat-resistant, breathable neoprene ankle cuffs that are easier on your body.Build stronger, leaner muscles in your legs, core, and butt with this ankle strap for sale from DMoose. The ankle strap gym equipment helps you sculpt your lower body with customized workouts and exercises. Buy ankle straps and progressively conquer your fitness goals!

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