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Ankle Compression Socks For Women

Athletes: Which Length To Go For

Copper Life 4pack Women’s Ankle Compression Socks

One of the benefits of wearing them is that they are more inconspicuous.

Sometimes wearing a knee high compression sock just feels like too much.

As an athlete, you may also be looking for a sock that feels less restrictive ankle support socks that provide ankle support and applies pressure to the foot and ankle may be ideal.

Are you preparing for a marathon? Or maybe youre just heading out for your first mile as an athlete or cycling perhaps?

While finding the right pair of shoes is important, compression ankle socks are an essential piece of equipment that can give you an edge over your mates.

Just like a great pair of shoes, a quality pair of these will protect your ankle with firm support and can prevent the development of blisters.

Whatever your needs are, ComproGear has you covered. A good pair of ankle high compression socks might be all that youre missing.

But not all compression ankle socks on the market are as durable and comfortable as they claim to be.

It might be confusing for a newbie to pick the right sock for the very first time. Lets review these three simple, yet essential things to consider while you shop for a pair for yourself!

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

What Do They Do

How do they help you to achieve better leg health? Well, its actually simple and straightforward.

They exert pressure on lower legs, often with the most pressure around the ankle, less towards the calf then the least pressure around the thigh or below the knee .

This is called a graduated compression.

This distribution of pressure provides the best and most efficient way to help accelerate blood flow by pushing the blood towards your heart, against the law of nature- gravity.

Now, you might feel confused by how on earth is gravity relevant to health at all?!

Well, let me reel you into our little medical science space you could learn about some medical facts related to your health. Never too late to learn something new, right?

What Are Todays Most Popular Ankle Compression Socks For Swelling Models

There are many ankle compression socks for swelling items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every ankle compression socks for swelling model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

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Let Us Help You Find Your Stride

Your feet are unique and so is our service. Our in-store specialists take time to get to know you, and our process ensures you receive a personalized service focused on optimizing your quality of life.

Get your free, personalized foot analysis today and learn how you can start benefiting from truly custom orthotics and complementary footwear.

What Should I Look For In Compression Socks TechWare Pro Ankle Compression Socks

When it comes to buying compressions socks, you should aim for ones that are slightly snug, but not so tight that theyd cut off your circulation, explainsLatoya Shauntay Snell, HOKA One One athlete, ultrarunner, and Runners Alliance ambassador.

Another thing to note is the look of the socks and where they deliver pressure, too. Great compression socks are segmented into small areas of the foot, as well as looser areas like around the toes and heels, Gentry notes. Good socks shouldnt leave your lower legs or feet freezing cold if you leave them on too long, either.

When shopping for compression socks, McEneaney recommends buying just one pair at first. “Don’t buy up six pairs and then find out later that they don’t fit right, or they’re too big and they slide down and then they dont want to wear any brand or style. Thats not helpful, so its important to get the right size at the beginning.” One you find something comfy, go ahead and stock up.

Another thing to keep in mind is that normal medical grade compression socks are 20 to 30 mmHg, and that much compression can sometimes feel uncomfortable for people at first, says McEneaney. “Unless someone has grossly swollen calves, I usually start people at like 10 to 15 millimeters mmHg those are half strength.” If you start there and find the compression doesn’t feel strong enough, you can always bump up to something stronger.

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How Do Compression Stockings Work

The pressure these stockings put on your legs helps your blood vessels work better. The arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to your muscles can relax, so blood flows freely. The veins get a boost pushing blood back to your heart.

Compression stockings can keep your legs from getting tired and achy. They can also ease swelling in your feet and ankles as well as help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins. They may even stop you from feeling light-headed or dizzy when you stand up.

Because the blood keeps moving, it’s harder for it to pool in your veins and make a clot. If one forms and breaks free, it can travel with your blood and get stuck somewhere dangerous, like your lungs. Clots also make it harder for blood to flow around them, and that can cause swelling, discolored skin, and other problems.

Some athletes, including runners, basketball players, and triathletes, wear compression socks and sleeves on their legs and arms. The theory is that, during activity, better blood flow will help get oxygen to their muscles, and the support will help prevent tissue damage. And afterward, the beefed-up blood and lymph circulation will help their muscles recover quickly. They won’t be as sore, and they won’t cramp as much.

Studies show the gear has little to no effect on athletic performance, but some people swear by it. Maybe thinking they have an edge gives them one. The evidence for faster recovery is better, but not enough to make a difference for weekend warriors.

Are Swollen Ankles Dangerous To Your Health

Swollen ankles and feet may cause discomfort, heaviness, and soreness. Still, they do necessarily signal a life-threatening situation. However, since these may have some other underlying cardiovascular, liver, and kidney disease, it is best to visit your doctor to get professional medical advice and follow what he or she says.

Some of the complications that can be potentially dangerous to your health include an increase in swelling area and magnitude, irritation, redness of the skin, chest pain, breathlessness, and nausea. Moreover, skin ulcers can form and become lethal if germs and bacteria infect them. In these instances, it is best to visit a healthcare facility.

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Who Wears Compression Socks

Anyone who wants to feel better! Compression socks are great for anyone who works long hours sitting or standing, especially airline pilots and personnel, nurses and medical professionals, teachers, retail workers, salon and beauty professionals, or drivers and construction workers.

But its not just a great idea to wear compression socks while youre working. They can benefit an array of people and situations during everyday wear, too.

  • Athletes like runners, soccer players, basketball players, cyclists and tennis players can aid performance and recovery
  • Pregnant women can help reduce swelling
  • Travelers can avoid leg pain and swelling from long hours on a plane or in a vehicle
  • Post-surgery patients can increase blood circulation and help prevent blood clots
  • People with various health conditions such as varicose veins can help relieve pain

Best Ankle: Iseasoo Copper Compression Socks For Men & Women Copper Compression Socks For Men & Women

Copper Life 4pack Women’s Ankle Compression Socks


Why We Love It: These moisture-wicking copper socks ensure all-day comfort and proper air circulation as well.

What to Consider: The ankle-length design wont help with swelling as much as a knee-high option.

Looking for an ankle-length compression sock thatll help with circulation in the feet and lower legs? The Iseasoo Copper Compression Socks for Men & Women offer gentle compression from toe to ankle thatll help reduce swelling and promote blood flow throughout the feet and even into the legs as well. This option is made with a copper-infused anti-inflammatory material and offers a moisture-wicking design thatll ensure your feet stay dry and well-ventilated even during long-term wear. We also like that these socks are made with a stay put cuff that helps ensure they wont fall down or slip into your shoe while walking.

Price at time of publish: $26

Sizes: S-XL | Material: Nylon spandex | Compression rating: 15-20 mmHg

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Best For Promoting Blood Circulation: Paplus Ankle Compression Sock

The PAPLUS Ankle Compression Sock is a thin, moisture-wicking, and highly comfortable pair of socks ideal for everyday use. It is ideal for ankle swelling, improving blood circulation, reducing fatigue, and faster injury recovery. The socks are made from nylon and spandex. They allow a full range of comfortable movement and joint flexibility while preventing blood pooling and foot pain.

The socks provide sturdy and strong targeted compression of 15-20mmHg and are designed to promote consistent oxygen flow to your feet to prevent cramps and help in quick muscle recovery. They keep your feet secured at the right angle to reduce sports injuries while providing ankle support. The fabric keeps your feet dry and cool, which makes it a great choice for those who are active in sports, gym workouts, yoga, running, or are into other outdoor activities. Check out the review of this product on YouTube to know why it is one of the best out there.

Key Specifications:

The TechWare Pro Ankle Compression Socks fit your feet like a second skin. These compression socks can be used if you suffer from a sprained ankle, Plantar Fasciitis, swelling, fractures, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, and other foot fatigued issues. These compression socks brace the splint area to relieve ankle, heel, and arch pain.

Key Specifications:

Key Specifications:

Key Specifications:

Key Specifications:

Key Specifications:

Key Specifications:

Key Specifications:

Why You Should Trust Us

To learn why people wear compression socks and figure out what makes a good pair, we sifted through hundreds of customer reviews and chatted with a dozen Wirecutter readers who wear them regularly.

We spoke with Ajit Chaudhari, associate professor of physical therapy, orthopedics, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering at the Ohio State University, who studies the effects of compression on exercise. We also talked to Bruce Katz, a professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, about when and why he advises some patients to wear compression socks.

Former senior staff writer Shannon Palus is a distance runner and a frequent flyer, and, living in New York City, she spends a lot of time on her feet.

Eve ONeill is a senior staff writer on the travel and outdoors team at Wirecutter, and she has studied and deconstructed the finer points of great socks while examining at least 200 different pairs in her time writing reviews.

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How To Choose The Most Popular Ankle Compression Socks For Swelling

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

How To Get Rid Of Swollen Ankles

Buy Serenily Plantar Faciitis Socks

There can be several causes or even some underlying diseases to your problem, and unless properly diagnosed and treated, your condition will not improve. Light or very mild swelling can go away on its own, without any treatment or medication. You can use the following simple remedies, however, to control and treat swollen ankles.

  • Massage the affected area
  • Massaging your limbs can relieve your swollen ankles to a certain degree. However, if the swelling is severe, this may not be a good idea, as it may cause more pain and augment inflammation.

  • Elevation technique
  • Elevating your legs can draw the fluids and blood away from your feet and ankles back towards the core of the body.

    You dont need to be an expert for this remedy to work. Simply place pillows beneath your feet or lie on an inclined surface to elevate them. Then, let gravity do its work. The elevation technique is a quick temporary fix for your condition.

  • Oral medications
  • Diuretic drugs like furosemide can also help remove excess body fluids through urine. Self-medication, however, can be very dangerous, so make sure to follow what your doctor says.

    It may be a better option to choose socks for swollen feet.

    Physical activity and exercise can promote blood flow towards your limbs and improve overall blood circulation. Regular exercise is also beneficial for your overall health and general well-being.

  • Improving your diet
  • Compression therapy
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    Best Stocking: Lin Performance 20


    Why We Love It: This open-toe stocking was made to offer firm compression for those who experience major swelling or blood pooling issues.

    What to Consider: The open-toe design isnt great if youre going to be wearing sneakers or closed-toe shoes.

    The Lin Performance 20-30 mmHg Compression Stockings provide ample compression from foot to thigh with a graduated pressure that becomes lighter at the top. This is a great option for those who experience significant swelling or blood pooling when sitting for long periods of time but it might not be the best option for those looking for gentle compression for all-day wear. Youll also want to keep in mind that this option features an open-toe design which might not be the best choice if you plan to wear them outside of the house or hotel room.

    Price at time of publish: $14

    Sizes: S-XXL | Material: Nylon, spandex | Compression rating: 20-30 mmHg

    The Final Word On Shopping For The Best Compression Socks

    Keeping your tootsies happy can help you stay on the move when your feet start to get tired. The best compression socks allow your blood to flow and reduce swelling without pinching or cutting off circulation. They also make great gifts. You may need a sock without toes or an ankle compression sock to support your arch. If you have a medical condition that requires a compression sock, talk to your doctor to determine the right pressure and sock style. These socks can express your personality with bright colors and patterns, or they may blend in with your natural skin tone. If you need a pair, theres a design out there that will work for you.

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    Why Sockwell Compression Socks

    Because Sockwell cares about kindness, support and style. At Sockwell, we use the finest Merino wool sourced right here from America. Our Merino, Lambswool and Alpaca blends are the ultimate in performance fiber, wicking away sweat to keep your foot and your shoes dry. Our blends also naturally help prevent bacteria growth, keeping your feet healthy. This helps prevent blisters, control odors, and regulate temperature for a great experience all-around.

    We dont believe in ugly socks, either. In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we design our socks with your fashion sense in mind. Gorgeous patterns and captivating colors combine with a wonderful fit to keep you looking and feeling your best whenever you slip into your Sockwell socks. Whether you want a kicky crew sock, a sexy anklet or a knock-out knee high, weve got you covered! See why Sockwell compression socks are your ticket to comfort and style today!

    Best For Athletes: Paplus Low Cut Compression Running Sock With Ankle Support

    Copper Life 4pack Women’s Ankle Compression Socks


    Why We Love It: This pair offers a breathable material with a supportive sole for runners and athletic types.

    What to Consider: They are probably the least compressive socks on our list.

    Sure, there are endorphins and endurance and all kinds of plusses that come along with running, but it can still be pretty hard on the body. The Paplus Low Cut Compression Running Sock with Ankle Support was designed with runners in mind and helps to decrease swelling in the ankles and feet that can sometimes occur on long and strenuous runs. The Paplus sock also features a breathable but supportive sole to help cushion the impact on the concrete. The moderate compression is gentle enough to wear for long periods of time but firm enough to ensure proper circulation and prevent swelling.

    Price at time of publish: $26

    Sizes: S-XL | Material: Nylon, polyester | Compression rating: 15-20 mmHg

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    Best Overall Compression Socks

    With over 42,000 positive reviews on Amazon, you can easily say that these compression socks are the best of the best. Not only do they look sleek, but theyre easy to slip on and off while still providing enough pressure on your calves. Theyve even got segments up your heel and into your arches and toes to support areas susceptible to overuse injuries.

    Compression: 20 – 30 mmHg

    Material: 70% nylon, 30% spandex

    Length: Knee-high

    Rave Review: I’ve had a hard time finding compression socks that don’t completely cut off my circulation, but finally found a pair. I am taking a high blood pressure medicine that causes fluid to build up in my ankles. I flew from Arizona to New Orleans and walked for hours and my feet and ankles didn’t swell. The socks were actually comfortable as well.


    • supports areas susceptible to overuse injuries


    Best Zippered: Lemon Hero Health Zipper Compression Socks For Women


    Why We Love It: The smart zippered design makes it easy to pull on and pull off this pair of compression socks.

    What to Consider: They tend to leave temporary indentations on the skin.

    Putting on and taking off compression socks isnt for the faint of heart! It can be difficult to yank the tight-fitting stockings from your ankle to your knees and even more difficult to pull them off once youve been wearing them for a full day. Thats exactly where the Lemon Hero Health Zipper Compression Socks for Women come into play. The fully zippered socks are easy to put on thanks to the built-in zipper design that runs along the side of the sock. The only downfall is that this pair tends to run small so you might want to go up a size or two larger than what youd usually wear to ensure an optimal fit.

    Price at time of publish: $19

    Sizes: M-6XL | Material: Polyester, spandex | Compression rating: 15-20 mmHg

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