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Allina Sports And Orthopedic Specialists

Tailored For Your Specific Needs

Allina Health the Official Orthopedic Partner of MNUFC

Life is about movement. If you have aches, pains or an injury that is changing how you live your life, the orthopedic specialists at Cambridge Medical Center can help.

Your complete orthopedic experience can be found on the Cambridge Medical Center campus, including consultation, diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation and recovery. No matter your starting point, were here to help you set goals and support you at each step. We serve patients who need:

  • General orthopedic care
  • Joint replacement
  • Arthroscopic and conservative treatments
  • Podiatry, ankle and foot surgery
  • Sports medicine .

Your care team includes orthopedic surgeons, nonsurgical/sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, nurses, podiatrists, physician assistants, certified athletic trainers and more. By choosing Cambridge Medical Center, you will also have access to many specialists and experts throughout the Allina Health system. Your doctor will help you determine your care options and refer you to a specialist, if needed.

If youre having a surgical joint procedure, our orthopedic nurse educator will spend time with you both before and after your surgery, explaining every step. Well support your unique needs for care, which may include:

If youd like more information about some of our most common orthopedic surgeries, review our online resources here:

Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists Is Now Allina Health Orthopedics

MINNEAPOLIS Allina Health has renamed our orthopedic specialty care to Allina Health Orthopedics. Formerly known as Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, this change reflects our commitment to providing an integrated care experience for our patients and helping them easily navigate the care they need across the Allina Health system. Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists was acquired by Allina Health in 2010.

Orthopedic patients often receive various types of care across the Allina Health organization from Primary Care to Urgent Care, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation and Penny George Institute for Healing, which is what makes care integration so important, said Dr.Aimee Klapach, orthopedic surgeon and Medical Director, Allina Health Orthopedics. We recognize that patients needing orthopedic care enter our health system in a variety of ways, and we want to make it easier for them to navigate. Rebranding to Allina Health Orthopedics means patients will continue to benefit from access to a wide range of highly skilled orthopedic generalists and subspecialists in convenient locations across the metro and virtually all clearly within the Allina Health system and brand.

The rebrand will include an advertising campaign, beginning this week, using traditional media like TV, radio and billboards along with digital advertising.

Learn more about Allina Health Orthopedics at allinahealth.org/ortho.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allina Health Orthopedics

What forms of payment are accepted?

Allina Health Orthopedics – Minneapolis accepts credit cards.

How is Allina Health Orthopedics – Minneapolis rated?

Allina Health Orthopedics – Minneapolis has 4.5 stars.

What days are Allina Health Orthopedics – Minneapolis open?

Allina Health Orthopedics – Minneapolis is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.

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Allina Health Orthopedics Minnesota Athletes In Sports Medicine Scholarship

Beginning in 2008, Allina Health Orthopedics, formerly known as Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, launched the Allina Health Orthopedics Minnesota Athletes in Sports Medicine Scholarship program. The purpose of the scholarships is to advance sports medicine and orthopedic care throughout Minnesota. Two scholarships are available annually to graduating Minnesota high school student athletes.

One of the scholarships is awarded to a male student athlete and is funded by Allina Health Orthopedics. This $2,500 scholarship is awarded annually to a male student athlete intending to pursue a career in sports medicine.

The second scholarship is awarded annually to a female student athlete intending to pursue a career in sports medicine. This $2,500 scholarship is funded by Allina Health Orthopedics.

Application Deadline: Must be post marked by

  • Dawson Clifton-Andover High School-West Point Military Academy, Major: Biomedical Sciences
  • Hannah Brashaw-Marshall School-St. Scholastica, Major: Exercise Physiology


  • Jameson Langer – Waconia High School, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Major: Exercise Science
  • Rachel Neu – Albany High School, University of Mary – Bismarck, Major: Exercise Science


  • Sebastian Swiggum – Apple Valley High School, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Major: Biology
  • Kelly Lehtola – Andover High School, University of St. Thomas, Major: Exercise Science




Doctor Says There Is A Rise In Teens Needing Hip Surgery

Orthopedics &  Sports Medicine in Minnesota

Some coaches and doctors are worried. They fear teens playing specialized sports could leave children more vulnerable to injury. Turns out, your grandparents arent the only hip injury patients. Dr. Ryan Fader, an orthopedic surgeon with Allina Healths Sports and Orthopaedics Specialists said he sees plenty of ACL tears but

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Allina Health Orthopedics Professional Level Scholarship

The Allina Health Orthopedics Scholarship, formerly known as Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists, is awarded to an athletic training student that is currently enrolled in a CAATE-approved professional degree athletic training program, preparing to graduate with their athletic training degree and sit for the BOC exam within the coming academic year. Application information can be found on the Minnesota Athletic Trainers’ Association website.

Orthopedic Surgeon To Know: Dr L Pearce Mccarty Of Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists

L. Pearce McCarty, III, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon at Allina Healths Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists in Minneapolis and affiliated with Minneapolis-based Abbott Northwestern Hospital, where he serves as chair of orthopedics. With expertise in shoulder and elbow injuries, Dr. McCartys additional specialties include sports medicine, rotator cuff and

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Hip Or Knee Joint Replacement

When a joint can no longer be repaired and other treatments arent enough to bring relief, a partial or total joint replacement might be the best way to eliminate pain and get you moving again. Buffalo Hospital care teams works together to guide you through replacement and recovery in a welcoming, healing environment.

From pre-surgery preparation to resuming activities, an orthopedics nurse educator spends time with patients before and after surgery to explain each step and helping set the patient up for a successful surgery and after recovery Topics include, need for care assistance at home, care of your incision, importance of healthy foods, when you can start activity and what type, pain management and when you should call your surgeon.

Robotic joint replacement solution

“With Mako SmartRobotics, I know more about my patients than ever before, and Im able to more preciously make cuts. For some patients, this can mean less soft tissue damage for others, greater bone preservation, said Dr. Dana Harms, Orthopedic Surgeon at Buffalo Hospital. Makos 3D CT allows me to create a personalized plan based on each patients unique anatomy before entering the operating room. During surgery, I can validate that plan and make any necessary adjustments while guiding the robotic arm to execute that plan. Its exciting to be able to offer this transformative technology across the joint replacement service line to perform total knee, total hip and partial knee replacements.

What To Expect

St. Francis Orthopedics

Your visit with a sports medicine provider is a collaboration. We know its important to understand how your condition happened and how it affects the quality of your life.

After listening to your concerns and evaluating your injury, your sports medicine provider will talk with you about treatment options. These can range from new and innovative healing therapies and techniques such as regenerative medicine to traditional treatments, including:

  • physical therapy
  • ultrasound-guided injections
  • sports nutrition and supplementation.

Our sports medicine and non-surgical orthopedic physicians work closely with our specialized orthopedic surgeons. If surgery is the best option for your condition, your sports medicine team will facilitate a consultation with a surgeon who has expertise in managing your specific injury.

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