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15 Foot Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Do Portable Wheelchair Ramps Work In Vehicles

Aluminum Telescoping Wheelchair Track Ramps

Yes, but unless you have a specially designed van or vehicle, we recommend using them for an unoccupied mobility device.

Portable wheelchair ramps are best for curbs, stairs, and thresholds, not vehicles. But they can be helpful for getting a mobility device out of a vehicle safely and then transferring the rider into the chair or scooter.

Use A Sturdy Flat And Precise Measuring Tool

You cant use a measuring instrument that has trouble measuring the floor with precision. Because of its flimsiness and length, a measuring tape is not an appropriate tool for measuring ramps.

You should use a reliable and excellent tool like a standardized industrial steel tape measure for precise measurements.

What Should I Do When I No Longer Need The Ramp

When the ramp is no longer needed, we can remove it for you and depending on the condition, we may buy it back.

Dont let a staircase, stoop, or raised entryway limit access to your home or building! Lifeway can help you find the ramp that fits your mobility needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn more about the availability and pricing of a used wheelchair ramp and to set up a FREE consultation!

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How To Measure For A Wheelchair Ramp

To determine the ramp length, you must first establish the measurements required for the steps to which the ramp will be attached.

The total vertical rise is the distance between the bottom of the steps to the top of the stairwell. The horizontal distance between the top of the steps and the bottom of the ramp is measured without obstructions.

Finally, the wheelchair ramp slopes are measured diagonally from the top of the steps to the floor where the wheelchair ramp ends.

If youre building a wheelchair ramp, however, you must also consider the measurement of the handrails on either side of the ramp segment.

The Effect On Ramp Design

Titan Ramps 6

The implications of calculating slope have a significant effect on ramp design for a handicap accessible house. Not every wheelchair ramp can fit on a straight run.

This is because there is no set standard for the height of a home’s landing. A wheelchair ramp slope might have to reach a 24-inch height, it might have to reach a 44-inch height.

Every home is different. Building your ramp is a unique project.

Ramps also need to be easy to access from the ground and provide adequate space at the landing. Many at-home wheelchair ramps use an angled or switchback design.

The ADA also limits commercial and public ramps to a maximum run of 30 feet before a rest or turn platform.

If you need a ramp for your home, a qualified contractor or manufacturer will be able to design an ADA-compliant ramp for you. And if this article helped you understand the wheelchair ramp slope, keep reading our blog for more.

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Features & Benefits Of Folding Aluminum Ramps

When venues and institutions are inaccessible to people using mobility assistance, portable wheelchair ramps become an essential accessory. Temporary wheelchair ramps often come in several sizes to accommodate specific needs. Our collapsible aluminum folding ramp is available in lengths between 2 and 6 feet and includes several features that are ideal for mobility aid users.

Select a Feature or Benefit Click on the arrows below to learn more.

Different Types Of Ramps For Mobility

Ramps are available in a wide variety of designs. Some mobility ramps are intended for permanent installation, while others are created for temporary use.

Many ramps are designed to be portable so that a person can bring their ramp with them to overcome accessibility issues as they travel or do errands.

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How We Reviewed The Best Wheelchair Ramps

We started our search for the best portable wheelchair ramps by looking at common problems wheelchair users and their caregivers face. For example, some ramps are too wide to fit into vans. Or theyre too short and create a steep, dangerous slope.

We also took a close look at common features like non-slip surfaces, portability, and weight capacity. The more weight a ramp could handle while staying portable, the better. Larger ramps can support enough weight to carry a heavy-duty electric wheelchair or scooter.

When we ran into questions about the products, we sought out customer service reps To learn more about our review process, check out our methodology page.

Ada Recommended Measurements For Wheelchair Ramps

Telescopic Ramps

The Americans with Disabilities Act stipulates that ramps for commercial or public usage must have a 1:12 ratio. The wheelchair ramp slopes should be 12 inches long for every inch of slope or elevation.

For instance, a wheelchair ramp for a 24 rise requires a minimum ramp length of 24. This enables a low 5-degree incline for convenience and safety.

Moreover, a slope ratio of 1:8 is appropriate for shorter ramps. Consequently, for a vertical rise of 1.5 inches, the wheelchair ramp must be a foot long.

Apart from that, a 2:12 slope ratio is used in most residential ramps with limited space or area. This is recommended for wheelchair users who want to be able to climb up without assistance.

Furthermore, a 3:12 slope is an excellent ratio to follow for those without residents who use wheelchairs.

Other recommended maximum slope ramp degrees include a 7-degree angle for users who can use the ramp independently or with light help, 10-degrees for users who require moderate support, and a 12-degree angle for users with powerful electric wheelchairs or scooters, or for those who need strong assistance.

The wheelchair ramp angle should be 1 of rise for every 12 of length for straight ramps.

Similarly, if youre looking to build or buy a wheelchair ramp length for 3 steps, consider that ADA recommends 1 foot of a ramp for every inch of rise.

READ MORE: How Much Are Handicamp Ramps?

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How To Find The Proper Ramp Length

To ensure that you order the correct size ramp, there are several key measurements you will need to know. For more detailed information on this topic, please read How to Determine Proper Wheelchair Ramp Length.

  • The rise, or height of the step you want to surmount.
  • The amount of space in front of the rise, as this might limit your ramp length.
  • The amount of space in front of the enterway, as this might limit your ability to turn.

Ramp Guide And Length Calculator

The Ramp People has the most comprehensive range of wheelchair ramps in the UK. Renowned for high quality & excellent value, our range includes economy and premium folding wheelchair ramps, channel ramps, fibreglass, threshold and modular wheelchair ramps.

Enabling you to maintain access and mobility, our range of ramps for wheelchairs will give you your independence back at home and on the road to allow you to easily overcome steps, kerbs and thresholds. As the ramps are mobility aids, all of our wheelchair products are available to buy VAT exempt. read more

We now have a wheelchair ramp calculator to determine the length you need.

Looking to make your business accessible to better serve disabled customers? Get all the resources you need including .

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Titan: Best For High Inclines

It weighs around 34 pounds, but like the Prairie View Industries model, its weight capacity changes based on the type of mobility device you use. If you use a two-axle wheelchair or scooter, the Titan can handle up to 600 pounds. But it can only take 300 pounds for single-axle devices.

Like the HOMCOM wheelchair ramp, the Titan folds into a suitcase design for easier transporting. Just be careful of the edges. One user enjoyed the Titan for its lightweight design and portability but warned others about the sharp metal under the ramp.

Diy Wheelchair Ramp Installation Vs Hiring A Pro

Multi Folding Wheelchair Access Ramps

Building a wheelchair ramp yourself costs roughly $35 per linear foot, depending on your chosen material. Because you’re likely building the ramp for a loved one with a disability, the work can have more meaning.

But make no mistake: Building a ramp is time-consuming and laborious. Simple mistakes can make for unsafe ramps or ramps that degrade over time. And wheelchair ramp repair costs are expensive$1,130 on average. Building a modular ramp as a DIY project can avoid some of those pitfalls, but otherwise, it’s advisable to leave ramp building to the pros.

When looking for a contractor to build a wheelchair ramp, make sure you hire a wheelchair ramp builder near you who’s experienced in disability renovations. These experts are more experienced in designing and constructing wheelchair ramps and can ensure top levels of safety and accessibility. Contact at least three licensed contractors to ensure you’re working with someone experienced in all aspects of your project and to get the best rate.

Consult a Ramp Contractor Today

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How To Choose The Best Wheelchair Ramp For Your Needs

While shopping for a wheelchair ramp, we want you to be as informed as possible about your options. Here is some key information you should know as you shop for a ramp to suit your needs. For more detailed information on this topic, please read How to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp.

  • The size and weight of your mobility device
  • The height of the rise
  • The location the ramp will be in the most
  • Whether it needs to be portable
  • If you want specific features, such as a grit coat, mounting holes, handrails, etc.

Prairie View Industries: Best For Small Inclines

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Prairie View Industries specializes in mobility ramps of all types, so its no surprise they earned a top spot in our lineup. The portable ramp weighs about 30 pounds at its heaviest. It also comes with a padded handle to make toting it easier.

The Prairie View Industries portable access ramps are the only ones we saw that dont offer options longer than 5 feet. Generally, the longer the ramp, the higher the incline it can handle.

Its short size isnt a total disadvantage though. Access ramps this size are ideal for home entrances, sidewalk curbs, or small stairs. And while the Prairie View Industries ramps are shorter, theyre also easier to carry and take with you to errands and appointments.

But, heads up, the weight capacity for this ramp changes based on the type of mobility device your loved one uses. If they use a single-axle wheelchair, the PVI ramp can handle up to 400 pounds total. If they use a double-axle wheelchair, the ramp can handle 800 pounds.

While we were researching Prairie View Industries, we noticed some disclaimers about weight capacity differing between mobility devices. So we hopped onto PVIs customer chat and asked away. The rep who helped us explained quickly and clearly that this difference is due to weight distribution. If you use a single axle mobility device, your weight is more concentrated in one spot. We love it when companies give quick and clear answers.

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What Is The Proper Wheelchair Ramp Slope Measurement

Are you looking to build your own ramp but want to make sure it is safe? Good! Every wheelchair ramp should be safe.In fact, there are ADA guidelines to make sure that wheelchairs, ramps, and pathways are safe.

One of the largest safety measures concerns the wheelchair ramp slope. Keep reading to learn more about this critical measurement.

Lemniscate Wheelchair Ramp 6ft Portable Wheelchair Ramp For Home Lightweight

Portable Wheelchair Ramps
  • Manufacturer: LEMNISCATE
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.74 Inches Width: 16.55 Inches Length: 50.43 Inches Weight: 37.7 Pounds `

The LEMNISCATE Wheelchair Ramp is a great addition to any home. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. The ramp is made of durable materials, ensuring that it will last for years to come. It is also designed to be slip-resistant, providing a safe and secure way for wheelchair users to access their homes.

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Wheelchair Ramp Rental Costs

For short-term needs, wheelchair ramp rental costs between $100 and $280 per month. The initial installation will be a one-time charge of about $300 to $800. The cost of rental and installation will depend on the specific configuration needed. Typically, the longer the ramp, the higher the rates. Many rental companies will allow you to use a portion of the rental fee toward a future purchase if you need it permanently.

The Uks No1 Wheelchair Ramp Supplier

The Ramp People’s disabled access ramps, scooter ramps and wheelchair ramps are among the UK’s best-selling disabled ramp and are used extensively in the NHS, healthcare and nursing home industries.

Lightweight, strong and durable, our portable wheelchair ramps are available at very competitive prices with free delivery within mainland UK. All our wheelchair ramps are manufactured using the very best materials, equipment and processes available to ensure our access ramps are amongst the best on the market.

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What Size Ramp For A Wheelchair Do I Need

When wondering how to size a wheelchair ramp, calculate the total rise and determine the slope rise youll need. Then, divide the inch rise by the slope to get the minimum ramp length.You can use the recommended ratios as a reference to determine which slope is best. Moreover, try out a ramp slope calculator to gather precise measurements and avoid any errors.

Cinnye 1 Rise Solid Rubber Wheelchair Rampthreshold Ramp Used For

GHP Aluminum Alloy 600lbs Capacity Mobility 8â² Wheelchair Threshold ...
  • Manufacturer: CINNYE
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.0 Inches Width: 5.9 Inches Length: 35.4 Inches Weight: 6.5 Pounds `

This product is perfect for anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues. It is made of solid rubber and is 1 high, making it perfect for thresholds. It is also lightweight and portable, so it can be taken with you wherever you go.

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Fachnuo: Best For Budgets

The HOMCOM ramp folds up into four compact panels. With the handles on the side, you can carry it like a suitcase from your vehicle to the curb. The hinge in the middle also adds a slight angle to the ramp, making it a little more flexible for stairs or oddly shaped obstacles.

If youre looking for a ramp for a loved one like a parent, it also stores neatly in closets or the garage for when they visit.

The HOMCOM ramp can hold up to 600 pounds and comes in sizes between 2 and 10 feet long. And while its pretty portable, the larger ramps will be tricky to take with you while folded up. These are best for long walkways or specialized vans.

How Much Does A Used Ramp Cost

These certified pre-owned units can be purchased at a nice discount when compared to the price of a new ramp.

The number of stairs you have, which is the rise, determines the length of the ramp needed to ensure safe access. Every staircase and entryway are different, which makes it a difficult to give a consistent price range. While the configuration can widely vary, on average, customers can save up to 15% if they choose a used ramp over a new one.

Lifeway offers the most competitively priced ramps!

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How Where And When To Install A Wheelchair Ramp

Homeowners may choose to purchase ramps if they or a loved one cannot navigate stairs. In addition to being suitable for business use, the ramps on these pages are also ideal for home use. From a basic threshold ramp to a full access ramp with handrails, there is sure to be a ramp available to suit your specific needs.

When choosing a ramp, you will need to decide what style, construction materials, size, and budget suit your needs. If outfitting a business to be wheelchair accessible, ramps can make an affordable, easy installation option. If you or a loved one depend on a wheelchair, then there are a variety of ramps that can make your home and areas you travel to accessible.

More significant access ramp systems are ideal for homes and businesses. When a building isn’t accessible because of stairs, ramps can be installed as an alternative way to access the building. If you are dealing with a large set of stairs or a steep incline, then a system of ramps paired with landings may be necessary to make a safe and accessible entrance.

A wheelchair ramp and other accessibility aids are the perfect solutions for friends, family, and patrons in a wheelchair. But, theyre not the only ones who stand to benefit from this courtesy. Even an individual using a cane may find that traversing an aluminum wheelchair ramp is significantly easier than going without one.

Consider any of our finest ramps today for your home or business.

Features Of Portable Wheelchair Ramps

âTop 10 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps in 2022 My Pro Scooter

The convenience of a portable wheelchair ramp is based on its ability to fold. Portable wheelchair ramps fold in a number of ways-you may choose a single-fold ramp or a multifold ramp. Many of these ramps can be carried like a suitcase, making them easily portable. Size varies widely as well. You can select a portable wheelchair ramp that is as short as 12 inches long, which might help you maneuver over a small step, or one that is 5 feet long, which helps you bypass several steps. These ramps may also be useful in helping you get your wheelchair from the ground to the car. Portable wheelchair ramps available at Walgreens have a number of safety features as well. Closure straps lock the panels together, while the surface of the ramps is made with an anti-slip, high traction surface to maximize safety. Security pins for the ramp are another layer of protection to ensure it remains intact and operates effectively. If maneuverability is a problem when you’re at home or out, consider purchasing a portable wheelchair ramp. With many sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

*The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

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